Weyerhaeuser Offices Return to Ruston

Weyerhauser, a Seattle, WA base wood products company will be consolidating several satellite offices around North Louisiana into a soon to be constructed buidling on a one acre lot at the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Hwy 167.

Weyerhauer formerly occupied the old Willamette Industries regional office building on Reynolds Drive, after its hostile takeover of Willamette in 2002. After downsizing in the late 2000’s during the recession, Weyerhaeuser located its remaining personnel into offices at Dodson and Taylor. Last year, it bought Plum Creek Timber, and the decision was made to build an office in Ruston.

Last night, the Ruston City Council approved sale of the city owned lot to Weyerhaeuser for half the appraised price, conditional that the company create at least 20 jobs within two years of the sale. If that condition wasn’t met, the company would be obligated to pay the full price, City Attorney Bill Carter said.

Asked Jim Pearce (Ward 4), “These 20 jobs created, they have to last the duration?” Carter said there was no time limit on the agreement.

The sale price was $140 thousand and the lot appraised for $280 thousand.

The council approved several budget amendments for the fiscal year ended 9/30/16.

Budget Amendment Ordinance
Requests for Budget Amendments

Finally, the council introduced an ordinance that may prove to be contentious with many Ruston homeowners. Among other things, curbside garbage pickup would be cut from twice a week to once a week.

See here the proposed ordinance.

A public hearing and final vote on the matter will be held at the December council meeting.


7 Responses to “Weyerhaeuser Offices Return to Ruston”

  1. SocialJustUs Says:

    Why the $140 thousand giveaway? This had no bearing on their desire to locate in Ruston. It is an insignificant amount of money in a corporate decision such as this.

  2. On the Outside Looking In Says:

    And once they build this office and “create” 20 jobs, they will have no problem moving to another location and eliminating these 20 jobs and others thus creating a tax write-off. As ‘SocialJustUs’ said, $140 K is nothing to them, so why give them this break to start with?

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. Anonymous Says:

    do your homework on wy. they have a history of good things for a town. I would want them in my town.they own 80% of the lumber in Canada. they are a good company.the town will get back that 140k. why don’t you put 20 people to work with a 401k and medical ins. there are more jobs there than 20 people. you shound like trump. talk talk talk

  5. On the Outside Looking In Says:

    That 20 jobs they will add doesn’t even come close to the 1000+ jobs they eliminated when they got Willamette via hostile takeover.

  6. On the Outside Looking In Says:

    OH, and another thing. This job creation they mentioned. Are these actually additional jobs or just transfers from the Dodson (Wy) and Winnfield (Plum Creek) offices that are about to close. I know of two people that were transferred out of Dodson, one to Arkansas and one to South Louisiana due to this acquisition. Yes, Wy does good things for a town, but they have no problem bailing when it appears they can make an additional buck by relocating to another town/state.

  7. Francene Tanton Says:


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