Cox Wins 2nd Circuit Judgeship

Cox defeats incumbent for seat on appeals court

By Gary Hines – KTBS-TV3

In a rare challenge of a sitting judge, Bossier-Webster District Judge Jeff Cox defeated incumbent Jay Caraway on Tuesday for a seat on the state appeals court representing much of north Louisiana.

Cox had 57 percent of the vote to 43 percent for Caraway, with 98 percent of precincts reporting.

Cox heavily outspent Caraway in the race, which also had its share of acrimony. A Caraway campaign ad pointed to the number of times Cox’s rulings in civil cases have been overturned on appeal. The Cox campaign criticized Caraway for reducing the bond that had been set for a man accused of rape. A judicial campaign oversight committee said both candidates misrepresented some of the facts.

The judgeship is on the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeal. Voters in parishes from Bossier to Lincoln voted in the election.


2 Responses to “Cox Wins 2nd Circuit Judgeship”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Think about this, Cox spent more than $700,000 to win a job that pays about $150,000. He out spent Caraway by a measure of 3-1 and that doesn’t include the the money he spent on Christmas card billboards in 2015 before he ever announced his candidacy for the office. He bought this office plan and simple. Troubling in his campaign expenses is the $33,000 he spent with two “community organizers” in Webster parish to have his name added to a push card supporting Hillary Clinton’s run for President.

    This election gives me real pause to wonder if we are selecting and electing members of our judicial system in the right way.

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