About Those Red Light Cameras

Ex-CEO of company that operates redlight cameras in Lafayette sentenced to prison for bribery scandal

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP/KLFY) — The former CEO of a Phoenix-based traffic-camera company, Redflex, has been sentenced to more than a year in federal prison for her role in a scheme to bribe public officials in Ohio’s capital in exchange for city contracts, the Associated Press Reports.

A federal judge in Columbus, Ohio, sentenced Karen Finley on Wednesday to 14-months in prison.

Finley pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy to commit bribery and she now awaits sentencing in a similar corruption case in Chicago.

Ohio lobbyist John Raphael was sentenced in June to 15 months in federal prison for extortion in the scandal.

Authorities said Raphael extorted money in the form of campaign contributions for elected officials from the traffic-camera company Redflex for contracts awarded by the Columbus City Council.

According to the Lafayette Consolidated Government, Lafayette’s red light camera program, SafeLight, is operated by Redflex Traffic Systems INC. Redflex is responsible for the administration of the entire program.

2 Responses to “About Those Red Light Cameras”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The entire traffic camera scam is an illegal operation from its conception.

  2. Cowboy Says:

    I get so sick of hearing whining liberals demanding red light cameras and all the other nanny state nonsense they favor with their lame excuses of it being all about public safety when it’s really ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!!

    These schemes all exist to extort money out of the public and enrich the liberals in power and their cronies! Donald Trump has done more than anyone to expose the hypocrisy and corruption of the establishment Republicans, the Democrats, and the media all conspiring against us Americans! It doesn’t get any more crooked than the Clintons and their corrupt Foundation which is nothing more than a racketeering scheme designed to shake down countries in the Clinton crosshairs.

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