Iberia Sheriff’s Trial 10/31

Iberia sheriff’s civil rights violation trial set Oct. 31 in Shreveport

By Gary Hines

The trial of Iberia Parish Sheriff Louis Ackal, who is charged with directing the beatings of prisoners by his deputies, will be held in Shreveport because of extensive publicity surrounding the case in Acadiana.

The trial will begin Oct. 31 at the United States Court House. It is expected to last two weeks.

Scheduled to be tried along with Ackal are a top supervisor in the sheriff’s department and a former captain. All have pleaded not guilty.

Nine other deputies have pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with the federal investigation alleging a series of beatings inside the Iberia Parish jail’s chapel.

Prosecutors said inmates were beaten there because there were no surveillance cameras. Ackal allegedly directed the beatings, telling deputies to “take care” of certain inmates. The indictment against Ackal also alleges some inmates were beaten because they were accused of making improper comments toward deputies, while one inmate had complained about jail conditions.

One Response to “Iberia Sheriff’s Trial 10/31”

  1. Oldman Says:

    . Only thing the sheriff done wrong was get caught. Most inmates now days think they run the place. They need to learn not to break the law and then they will not be in jail in the first place. After they are found guilty they have very little rights until they finish their time. Maybe they will learn a lesson and not be back. We are too easy on them now.

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