St. James Parish President Indicted

AG Jeff Landry Gets Indictment Against St. James Parish President Timothy Roussel

BATON ROUGE, LA – Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry has secured an indictment against St. James Parish President Timothy Roussel on six counts of Malfeasance in Office for allegedly defrauding the St. James citizens in excess of $70,000.

“The public should be able to trust that their government works for them in an admirable and respectable way,” added Attorney General Jeff Landry. “My office will not stand for corrupt officials, elected or appointed.”

Following a joint investigation between the offices of Attorney General Jeff Landry and District Attorney Ricky Babin, Mr. Roussel was indicted by a grand jury in St. James Parish. Mr. Roussel’s Director of Operations Blaise Gravois and Assistant Finance Director Ashley Poche were also indicted on corruption charges.

In his capacity as Parish President, Mr. Roussel allegedly authorized the construction of approximately 4500 feet of a natural gas line, a 10,000 unit gas meter, and additional supplies to a private company. He then allegedly authorized parish employees to install said gas line and meter on private property. Additionally, Mr. Roussel allegedly authorized a public employee to arrange the hiring of a private company to drive approximately 24 piles on private property and allowed St. James Parish to issue a check from the parish treasurer to the company for their pile driving work.

Furthermore, Mr. Roussel is accused of authorizing Mr. Gravois to use public employees and public equipment for the removal of a shed from private property, the demolition of a private mobile home on private property, and the removal of a playhouse and debris on a private lot. Mr. Roussel also allegedly authorized the use of public employees and public equipment to enhance and/or improve private property for the sole benefit of its owners.

“We are committed to bringing those who abuse the public’s trust to justice,” concluded Attorney General Jeff Landry. “Our LADOJ will lead in the prosecution of Mr. Roussel, and we will assist in the prosecution of Mr. Gravois.”

31 Responses to “St. James Parish President Indicted”

  1. Oldman Says:

    More dishonest government crooks.

    • Olderman the Magnificient Says:

      I realize that is has been 31 days since you posted this brilliant piece but I just had to respond. Oldman the vile and vulgar you seem to be every where and you are demonstrating your inherent stupidity to all who read these blogs. Trumpie is losing and is may an ass of himself in the process. Hillary set a trap for him and he took the bait, hook, line, and sinker and for five days he as been talking about not about the issues but Miss Universe. I almost feel sorry for the jerk Be sure and vote and don’t cry too much when your LGBT to be partner comes up the loser. He will say, without fail that the election was rigged. ARF ARF ARF amd TA TA.

      • Oldman Says:

        Trump making America great again,it’s going to be nice having a president for a change.

        • Olderman the Magnificient Says:

          I fought for the liberties that you and the rest of the Americans have today. I even fought for those who fled to Canada or elsewhere to avoid service as that is their right of expression. America has always been great despite who might hold the presidency. He speaks before nearly all-white audiences and tells the blacks and Hispanics how bad they have it. Vote for him he says, “WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE.” At the moment, he has his head stuck in the Miss Universe pageant of 20+ years ago. Rudy TWIN TOWERS Giuliani has voiced his opinion that Trumpie should skip the last two debates. That’s some good advice coming from one of Trumpie’s trusted advisors. Did you know that Trumpie, Newt, and Rudy each has been married three times? Two ex’s and a current wife. And to think that Trumpie wants to bring Bill’s indiscretions in to the debate. BILL AIN’T RUNNING and Hillary dealt with Monica, Paula, and Gennifer 20 something yeas ago. Unless Trumpie gets on topic, Hillary is going to clean his clock again and Giuliani’s advice to skip the third debate just might be a viable tactic. ARF ARF ARF and TA TA and auf wiedershien.

          • Oldman Says:

            We need a white male president now in the worst way. Someone to straighten this mess out before it’s too late.

            • Olderman the Magnificient Says:

              I know that you proclaimed in a previous post that you were not a racist, yet in this post you talk about us needing a “white male now in the worst way”. You, my misguided friend, are nothing but a dyed in the wool racist. You probably keep all of your state and national tax documents, so I challenge you to go back to 1975 and total up what you have paid in federal taxes for those 20+ years (don’t worry about refunds – just what you paid). I don’t care to know the total, I just want you to realize the you paid more federal taxes than Trumpie who paid ZERO federal income taxes for each of those years. Is it fair for a multi-billionaire to pay nothing while a working stiff like you and me have to pay the kitty? For my share of the timber sale, I paid almost $35,000.00 to the federal government (I got a letter from the IRS telling me that I had paid $234.00 to much and they sent me a check for that amount. The “white male” that you support is a dangerous man with absolutely NO EXPERIENCE IN THE PROBLEMS OF THE WORLD THAT WILL FACE HIM. Ask yourself this one question – WHY ARE SO MANY RE[PUBLICANS ARE GOING TO VOTE FOR CLINTON INSTEAD OF THE NOMINEE OF THIER OWN PARTY? Not only are you a racist but your true feelings seem to be that a woman can’t do a man’s job. Did your wife ever work outside of the home? ARF ARF ARF and TA TA and auf weidershen.

              • Oldman Says:

                No I am not a racist person ,just telling it like it is. A white person has something other races don’t have,the know how to get things done. A woman’s job is in the house taking care of her family. Show me a successful that’s run by someone other than a white.

  2. Olderman the Magnificient Says:

    “may” in the 5th line should be “making.”

    delete the first “about” in line 7th line.

    in the 7th line, second word should be “has.”

  3. Oldman Says:

    Trump did not write the tax laws and did not do anything illegally. Your democrats wrote the tax laws to help their buddies and not the little folk. Tax laws are unfair to everyone except the big shot. $35,000.00 is not much to pay when you sold out for close to a million is it. The last time I sold timber I bought a ATV without paying any taxes. I believe I payed about $3,000.00 total on close to a $100,000.00,so you see everybody can do the same thing without breaking the law. No you are right the tax laws are not fair to the little man. To be fair everyone ought to pay 10% big and little pay the same,no deductions,just 10%

    • Olderman the Magnificient Says:

      To say that the democrats wrote the tax laws is a gross misunderstanding of how our government works. All laws relating to money originate in House of Representatives where both democrats and republicans vote on it and if a simple majority is obtained it goes to the senate where they may or may not make changes (if changes in the bill are made it must go to a conference committee to work out the differences) and then it goes back to the house for another vote. If it passes the house it sent to the senate to vote on again. It then goes to the president to sign or veto. It is not the democrats alone who wrote these tax laws, it is everyone – democrat and republican. 10% of my income would be a big bite into what I have to live on; 10% of a millionaire or a billionaire’s income would only be a drop in the bucket and they would still have plenty to live on. A graduated tax rate in the only fair system. In other words as your income increases, so does your tax rate.

      Oh, by the way, four people shared in the revenue from out timber sale and each paid about $35,000.00 making the total tax bill just a little north of $140,000.00

      With your 10% tax rate for everyone, I bet that you were a Herman Cain supporter in the 2012 election. You do remember his 9-9-9 plan, don’t you? ARF ARF ARF and TA TA TA and auf wiedershen!

      Post Script: Where were when I was in the area, going here and there hoping to run into you? It will be about another month before I return to hopefully transfer the title to my RV and get paid for it.

  4. Oldman Says:

    Thank you for the history lesson. And no I was not a Cain supporter. Our tax system is not fair by a long shot,it’s going to take both parties to agree on the same thing for it to change. Hillary is not the answer and I know that. My question is “what needs to be done”?

    • Olderman the Magnificient Says:

      My choice for the democratic nominee was Joe Biden, a straight shooter if there ever was one but a personal tragedy caused him not to run. Hillary got the nomination and as a lifelong democrat, I support her. She is far better than DJT who lies with every breath he draws. If you think that he is going to be good for little people like you and me, think again. His tax cut plan is for the wealthy and will not benefit the middle and lower classes. Four years of DJT and we will be praying for the return of God to straighten out the mess. He is a selfish phony out for himself and himself only. Like I sad in my original post, a graduated tax system is the only thing that will work and that means that little people like us will may a minimum tax and as people gain more income their tax rate will increase until the people who make the most money will pay more taxes. Only system that will work.

  5. Oldman Says:

    Shotgun Biden ,if there was ever a reason for gun control he is one. Remember what he said about shooting his shotgun in the air? Also what he said about rape? He almost makes obuma look good.why in the world would you vote for hillary,what has she ever done but lie? She caint be that good of a person,she married bill. Why would you be a life long democrat,I thought you were supposed to vote for the best person for the job.By the way what has the democrat party ever done for the black race? I thought the Republican Party were the ones that got them out of slavery. The democrat should be named the entitlement party. Blacks and most people vote the democrat ticket for what they can get,don’t get me started on that. The other name for the democrat party is the socialist party. So I stand by what I said” we need a strong white man for president in the worst way” if you want a strong country vote a republican president and a republican congress in office then you will see a change for the better. Do away with all entitlement programs,put people to work then American will be great again.

    • Olderman the Magnificient Says:

      I definitely disagree with you when it comes to entitlements. Mine were gained through service to my country and I will fight tooth and nail to keep them. Of my almost seventy-six years on this planet, I have worked for more than forty years. Can you match that? I seriously doubt it. It was a Republican president that freed the slaves in eleven states and all states after the War Between the States was concluded. Blacks, when they got the vote, voted mostly for republican candidates but at the years wore on and the democrats gained more leverage in Congress, black voting swung around to the democrats for various reasons. As blacks gained wealth, those with money turned to the republican party, which was and still is the party of money. Check it out – rich blacks vote republican while the disadvantaged blacks vote democratic. If DJT were to win the White House and republicans continued to hold control over both house of Congress, to use an old expression “the shit will hit the fan”. The nation will experience four years of total chaos from which it will take decades to recover. TRUMP IS THE MOST UNQUALIFIED CANDIDATE EVER PUT UIP BY AN AMERICAN POLITICAL PARTY. How can you tell Trumpie is lying? His lips are moving. Do you think that DJT will ever release his tax returns? The man is hiding something illegal and doesn’t dare make his tax returns public record. Today the AG of New York state issued an order for the Trump foundation to quit collecting donations in New York City. I suppose that means that Trumpie can not raid the till of his foundation and pull out thousands of dollars to purchase large paintings of himself. I vote for my party’s candidate and have voted democratic ever since my first vote, which was for JFK. I am certain that many will disagree with my views but I do make an effort to be informed by reading a variety of publications and watching reliable news sources (of which Faux News is not one).

  6. Oldman Says:

    Donald I’m not talking about entitlements like social security and other retirement programs. I’m talking about entitlements that are handed out just to buy votes and other ones were it’s just free money. Like free phones,rent,food stamps and other ones like that. The person should work for what he gets unless he’s disabled or a woman with young kids. All of this free stuff has to stop. I had a young black woman refuse to work for the town because she could make that much without leaving the house.
    Good nite

  7. Olderman the Magnificient Says:

    Social security, medicare, and medicade are prime targets for Trumpie. He wants to privatize them, especially social security. I don’t know of a government program that gives the needy free phones or rent. Please give your source so that I can check it out for myself.

    Watched the entire vice-presidential debate last night and I agree that overall, Pence carried the day. However, six times he said that Trumpie did not say something (for example that Putin was a better leader than Obama, that the world would be better off if Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and other nations had nuclear weapons, that Trumpie never said that Mexicans were killers and rapist and a few other things). Personally, the debate helped neither Clinton or Trumpie. Will probably watch the debate Sunday night although there is going to be a good pro football game on at the same time.

    Taking away benefits (entitlements) from some of the poor will leave them without anything. Where are the jobs going to come from? I bet that in the Jonesboro-Hodge area there are few jobs available and that there are more needing jobs than are jobs available. What happens to those that can’t find a job? Are the good Christian citizens of Jackson Parish going to come to their aid or just say “tough”?

    Just to get under your skin with a fact – when I die my wife (if she is still living) will continue to draw my full retirement, my full disability, and my full retirement from the Judson Independent School District. That’s about $69,000.00 she will draw each year. She will not be able to draw my social security because hers is larger. So I guess that the gravy train will continue to make a stop at my house until my wife dies or gets married again.

  8. Oldman Says:

    Donald check the internet and you will see were the gov gives out free phones,free rent,free food, and a bunch of other things without working for them. I don’t mind feeding and putting up a bunch of people,but for gods sake at least make them work for it. The housing authority in Jonesboro has to go thru and almost rebuild when a client moves out,I’ve been there and seen the mess and damage that has been done. Free medical care is a joke on the hard working class. People that have insurance and pay have to wait long hours to see a doctor in the emergency room,I’ve been there. Non-paying people go to the emergency room for such little things as a headache and then complain because they do not get pain meds. Also what about free medicine,free rides,and a whole list of things all without working at all.The hard working man pays for all of this. This is one of the reasons Trump s doing as good as he is. All of this has to stop. Look at obuma care,nobody can afford insurance anymore. All of this has to stop..

    Trump for president
    Make America great again

  9. Oldman Says:

    Donald,look at the veterans that are dying while waiting to get medical care and they should be the first ones to get medical care. But no you have all of these sorry-ass people who will not work getting first class medical care. Veterans first and then hard working people,then if there’s money left care for the needy. People who don’t work and will not work I do not feel sorry for. I am not a racist,I just don’t like non-working sorry -ass free loaders,black or white. All that Hillary will do is the same obuma done,nothing to help the people that needs helping. Go ahead and vote the democrat party,all you are doing is bringing our great country down to a third world level. Don’t say there are not any jobs,at least they could be picking up paper on the hwy for their benifits. I bet they would be hunting a job then. Nothing free,somebody some were has to work for it.

    • Olderman the Magnificient Says:

      I call up the VA to get an appointment and have no difficulty getting one. I didn’t die waiting to get into see a person about my eyes or ears (I get my glasses at the VA and I get my hearing aid at the VA). I waited only two days to see someone about my disability and within a month I was drawing disability pay. I know that some veterans have to wait extended periods of time to see a doctor but the reason for the wait IS THAT THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH DOCTORS IN THE VA HOSPITALS. The number one reason that there are not enough doctors and nurses at VA hospitals is the pay. Doctors and nurses can make way more at a civilian hospital than the get at a VA hospital. About eight years ago I needed a stem cell transplant and an aeortic (sp) valve replacement. It was done in a civilian hospital and my insurance company at the time refused to pay for them ($800,000.) I had to sue them and eventually they paid for the procedures and then dropped me like a hot potato. I now have Tri-Care for Life which pays every penny that Medicare doesn’t. All my treatments (except those relating to my cancer) now are done in SAAMC (San Antonio Army Medical center) for which there is no cost.

      In some ways I sympathize with your comments about the “freeloaders” but mostly I can not agree with your comments about the poor and downtrodden. Does it hurt you (other than you can’t stand to see another person get something that you can’t)? You ought to check on how to obtain some of those “freebies” and you might find out that you qualify for them yourself. I can see you now, telling all of your friends how you got a free telephone and secretly wishing that you had served in the military so that you could get some of the benefits that I get.

      A third world country? Only a dufuss who supports Trump would even think to say that. The United States of America has been and still is the greatest nation in the world! Remember that among white males Trumpie does best among the less educated. That includes 9th-grade dropouts. A vote for Trumpie is a wasted vote, sort of like pissing into the wind.

      I like what the first grader in South Carolina said loudly to her friend while Trump was within earshot: “See! I told you that his hair wasn’t orange!” It might not be orange but his hair covers an empty space. It is Trump for Trump and nobody else. ARF ARF ARF and waste your vote on Trump.

  10. Oldman Says:

    Fowler you are starting this crap talk again,I’ll wait till it blows over. You are supposed to be educated white man so please act like it. By the way you don’t know if I served in the military or not,do you?

    • Olderman the Magnificient Says:

      What “crap talk”?

    • Olderman the Magnificient Says:

      I forgot to add this to my comment above: “Several people who claim to be your friends and say they know you well have told me that you never wore the uniform of our great country.” Now, I know that they could be lying (a republican thing) or telling the truth (a democratic thing). Which is it or will you adhere to your past policy of never answering a question that I ask?

  11. Olderman the Magnificient Says:

    Oldman, Oldman come out from wherever you are. I promise not to mention your 9th grade education, your constantly lying, and the accusations you made about me and my granddaughter.

    For all the years that we have had this on-going feud, I have tried to get my son [Michael] to tell me anything about you but his standard answer is “Dad, I don’t want any part of your online arguments. Just keep me out of it.” He stops me short when I bring up the subject of you accusing me of having sex with my granddaughter.

    There just might others that are still working or have worked at Alexander’s that tell me things. If you were in the army, what was your military occupational speciality [MOS]? Did you ever go overseas? Where to?

    My MOS’ were 294.1, 294.1H [instructor], 31n.4H [instructor], 31z4H [area communication chief and instructor]. My security clearances were Confidential, Secret, Top Secret, and Top Secret (Atomal). I also was cleared for Eyes Only Traffic. There are other things for which I was cleared that I can not discuss.

    Now, I know of your silly aversion of not wanting to answer any questions so I don’t really expect any answer. So good day oh silent one, ARF ARF ARF and that’s all folk.

    • Oldman Says:

      Do you always go around telling people how great you are,well you need to stop lying and tell the truth for a change. I think we ought to start calling you superman by the way you talk.

  12. Olderman the Magnificient Says:

    Bragging? I just told you what my job titles were in the army and what my security clearances were. You didn’t answer my question about whether you were in the army are not. So, I guess that what your friends have told me is true – you didn’t serve. That’s alright. We (the US Army) were fighting for your freedoms also and If you want to call me superman (it would be wrong for I am not possessed of superpowers) go ahead. You can’t get anything correct. My belief is this – THE ONLY SUPERHEROS ARE THOSE BRAVE MEN AND WOMAN WHO WEAR DOGTAGS. I still have mine. Did you ever get any dogtags? ARF ARF ARF

    Donald J. Trump seems to be having a bit of trouble at the moment. Republicans are jumping ship by the dozens. Are you among them? He says that the tape is 11 years old and he is not that kind of person now. I can’t wait for Mark Burnett to release the tapes that he has from the Apprentice. Those that were there say those tapes are worse than the one of 11 years ago. He doesn’t deserve to be president so he should go off in some corner and QUIT.

    Please tell me about all the lies that I have told. You can’t!!!!!!!!

    • Oldman Says:

      I cannot see why any full blooded American would even think about electing the clinton bitch for anything. But what ever if the “bitch” is elected then I believe that America as we know it will be gone forever. She will start a war with Russia or China in no time,it might start another civil war or worst. What has she got that would make her a good president? She wants an open border that will let muslim,iss, and mostly sorry people in ,boy it is going to get scary with her in office. People think obuma was bad just wait,you ain’t seen nothing yet.
      You had better vote Trump
      To make America great again

      • Olderman the Magnificient Says:

        You are the sorry person in this discussion . Apparently you did not watch the debate last evening because if you had you would have seen Trump the Grabber get his ass handed to him. He prowled around the stage like he was stalking Hillary and I guess that he was trying to upset her. It failed. She had been leading DJT by single digits nationwide but after last night her number is 54% to DJT’s 43%. I’m betting that DJT skips the last debate because he doesn’t want to be humiliated right before the election.

        You are just the type of voter that DJT is playing to – THE LESS EDUCATED who will believe whatever someone tells them be it the truth or not. You are one sorry ALLEGED American citizen if you think that “America as we know it will be gone forever” if we elect Hillary. You are one sorry ALLEGED American if you think that “she will start a war with Russia or China”. If I were you I wouldn’t worry about war because you are a COWARD and would use your age to just sit back and watch some other person do the fighting.

        You are hoping for a civil war so that you can break out all of the Confederate S – – t that you have stashed away in your home. I feel great sorrow for you, Donald Billie Davis.

        You should read the inscription at the base of the Statute of Liberty. Then read the first Amendment to our Constitution.

        Please be advised that it is you that is the SORRY AMERICAN.

        You ought to check out DJT’s language and discussion of women on the Howard Stern show. ARF ARF ARF!!!!!!!

  13. Olderman the Magnificient Says:

    Donald Billie Davis (aka Oldman the vile and vulgar), just what job did you have in the army (if you actually served? Taking Beetle Baileys job is just shameful pure and simple. ARF ARF ARF and don’t forget the Flonase.

    • Oldman Says:

      Please shut up you talk too much

      • Olderman the Magnificient Says:

        The sure fire way to shut me up, Donald Billie Davis, is to answer any one of my questions, Do that and you will never have to worry about me getting under your skin with the truth. Here are some of the questions:
        1. Were you ever in the armed forces of the United States?
        2. If so, what was your job title?
        3. Did you ever so overseas to a combat zone?
        4. What lies have I told on this blog?
        5. Who did I bully in school?
        6. What bad “things” do you know about me?
        7. Why did you say that I had sex with my granddaughter?
        8. Tell me what is so great about Trump.

        This blog protects you from ever having to face those that you lie about. A cowardly act no less, but the actions of a coward define you to a T. I saw some of the signage that one of your sons (I don’t really know if you have more) put up around Jonesboro and they are neat. I would think that with his success there is a firm indication that he completed his education, unlike his ole pappy.

        An uneducated person (like you) believes everything that they hear or that they are told. Oh, by the way, there are more videos showing Trump using bad words (as you would call them) against women. He says that IF MORE TAPES ARE RELEASED, HE WILL GO AFTER BILL CLINTON LIKE NEVER BEFORE. You ought to write him and tell him that Bill Clinton is not running for president; Hillaary is. DUMP TRUMP has a nice ring it, don’t you think. If you ever attend one of his rallies, don’t take your wife. You know where he likes to grab the women!!!!!!ARF ARF ARF DUMP TRUMP DUMP TRUMP DUMP TRUMP DUMP TRUMP

        I still have more to say but will save it for later because I know that you haven’t the courage to answer the question I have listed above.

  14. Oldman Says:

    By the way I did not make the post @ 10:11 am. That was not me. But go ahead and toot your horn you must not have else to do,just being an old senile man you are. Always trying to stir up trouble. So do please do like the 10:11 post,Shut up we are tired of hearing you rant and rave like a sick man,you are. No.8, because he is the best of the two,we can not go another Clinton in office,the country cannot go that route and survive. Ok please shut up I have answered one of your questions so do not bring up any of these questions again,I have your word that is if your word is good,we will see.

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