Sumlin Trial Delayed till March

A frail-looking William Sumlin was in Third Judicial (Lincoln, Union Parishes) District Court this morning in Ruston for a hearing where a defense motion asked that the former Louisiana State Representative’s trial be delayed until next March 20.

Division B Judge Tommy Rogers granted the motion.

Sumlin was arrested last October of indecent behavior with a juvenile. In December, a Grand Jury returned a Bill of Indictment on the charges.

A December 13 hearing for two defense motion was also scheduled.

Sumlin’s attorney, LaValle Salomon, had filed a motion to suppress, and a motion for exculpatory evidence.

Representing the state was First Assistant District Attorney Laurie James.

9 Responses to “Sumlin Trial Delayed till March”

  1. SocialJustUs Says:

    Was a reason given for the delay? Could it possibly be due to ill health (and maybe…)?

  2. Oldman Says:

    “and maybe”????? What?

  3. Oldman Says:

    The man is getting old and a lot is at stake. Don’t forget he’s innocent until proven guility.

  4. Olderman the Magnificient Says:

    I watched the debate last evening and was quite elated that the Donald got his clock cleaned but good! Faux News was proclaiming victory for the Donald but one has to believe that they are living in that same alternate world were the Donald resides. He was the same old bully that he has always been – interrupting Hillary constantly and making faces and later claimed that his microphone was not working properly. Make America Great Again by sending that clown packing.

  5. Oldermann the realist Says:

    That’s Donald Marion Fowler, Oldman.

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