LPPJ Overrules Assessor in One Case, Upholds Others

The Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ), acting as the parish’s property tax Board of Review, agreed with property owner Bryan (Keith) Huffman, saying that Lincoln Parish Tax Assessor Sheila Bordelon valued his property too high in this year’s quadrennial re-assessment.

We were unable to attend last night’s meeting, but a correspondent relayed to us what took place.

Huffman told the jurors that the properties used to compare against his home were significantly newer than his, and should command a higher price per square foot. He provided several examples to bolster his case, the correspondent told LPNO.

This is the first time we’ve ever heard of a local board of review voting to not uphold a property tax assessment.

Two other property assessments were almost overturned, failing with a 6-6 tie vote. Others received at least one vote to overturn.

It was quite a lengthy process, with the meeting lasting until 9:30 PM. Several property owners showed up to speak at the public hearing.

In other business, the jury cut the library millage to 3.5 mils from 4.62.

The proposed millage rollback listed on the agenda was 3.25, but when Theresa Wyatt (District 1) made the motion, she proposed 3.5, and that was passed on a 11-1 vote.

One Response to “LPPJ Overrules Assessor in One Case, Upholds Others”

  1. Oldman Says:

    One only one,you are kidding are you not? That’s pretty funny isn’t it ?

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