Tax Cut, Millage Appeals on LPPJ Tuesday Agenda

It looks to be an active Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ) meeting Tuesday night (9/13, 7:00 PM) at the Lincoln Parish Courthouse.

Here is the agenda.

There are twelve appeals to the jury (sitting as the Board of Review) for the just-released property tax assessments for 2016. Of those 12, eight appear to be from individuals.

While companies often appeal their assessments, we can’t recall this many individuals contesting their tax bills since we began reporting in 2009.

Also, the jury will consider cutting the tax millage levied for library operation and maintenance from 4.62 to 3.25 mils. If adopted, property owning Lincoln Parish taxpayers will save nearly $600 thousand.

Last month, there was a controversy when juror Randy Roberson (District 4) tried to amend a motion and allow the several millages to be considered separately.

Prior to the jury meeting, several committees will meet, beginning at 5:00 PM.

Finance Committee – 5:00 PM


Solid Waste & Recycling Committee – 6:00 PM


Public Works Committee – 6:30 PM



One Response to “Tax Cut, Millage Appeals on LPPJ Tuesday Agenda”

  1. Robertine Thomas Moore Says:

    I am a residents on Peevy Rd. I have complai to the parish road work department several times, but I have gotten conflicting stories about the maintance on Peevy Rd. I have also taken this matter to the alter man. Those in charge of the maintain has neglected the road so bad by not clearing the drainage, debride has become part of the road. The road is washing away so bad due to the lack of up keeping. It has gotten so bad that the postal driver left a not 9/12/16 stating that we the resident would have to move our mail boxes due to the continous washing away of the road and poor maintenance. We as tax payer should not be subject to such unfair road conditions.

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