Shadoin: “There’s not enough money to go around”

Voicing a lament common from governments at all levels since time immemorial, Louisiana State Representative Rob Shadoin (District 12) told last night’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish School Board (LPSB), “There’s not enough money to go around folks, and I know there’s some candidates that are spewing ‘well we don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.’ I disagree with that.”

He also decried the partisan atmosphere in Baton Rouge thus: “I saw early, early, the breaking out of certain people in both parties that seem to be more loyal and pledged allegiance to an ideology of a political party rather than Louisiana first.”

The legislature last spring enacted several new taxes, over the objection of the more conservative house members.

Shadoin voted mostly for the taxes, he said, because the alternative cuts would have been too drastic. He seemed also to be disillusioned with the process, saying “I think we age in dog years down there. I wanted to come home.”

Next year’s session would be tough, Shadoin said, because the new taxes have a sunset provision and will have to re-voted again in the future.

Also at the meeting was Rep. Patrick Jefferson (District 11) who indicated that he would have voted for even more taxes.

Said Jefferson, “Many people said that we took several tough votes this past session. Well, you can repeat this, I didn’t take one tough vote.”

Shadoin and Jefferson were on the agenda to give a legislative update.

In school board business, the board voted to unanimously adopt the proposed 2016-2017 budget. In response to a question from this reporter, Business Manager George Murphy said that about 75 to 80 percent of the $80 million yearly is spent on payroll.

Assistant Superintendent Mary Null reported on the opening of school, and noted that total enrollment is right at 6 thousand students. That represents a decrease of almost 400 students that are now attending Grambling Laboratory Charter School.

The decrease in students will result in a decrease in Minimum Foundation Plan (MFP) funding from the State of Louisiana.


10 Responses to “Shadoin: “There’s not enough money to go around””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Other People’s Money.

  2. Oldman Says:

    A liberal democrat never has enough money to go around because it’s your money that they are spending. There would be enough money to go around if it were spent right. Maybe ” gasp ” we could cut salarys and benifits,then the schools would have more money. It would be interesting to know what all salarys and benifits were for each and every employee. They do not want you to know that. Thats $64,000,000 for salarys and benifits and $16,000,000 for the students,somethings wrong.

  3. On the Outside Looking In Says:

    Just being curious. but I wonder how many Central Office jobs have been “created” in the last one, three, and five years. I may be incorrect, but it seems that the staff in the Central Office of many parishes school systems increases each year.

  4. SocialJustUs Says:

    Lincoln parish would be better off sending all the kids to Cedar Creek where a child can get a great education for half the cost.
    Oh, wait: Cedar Creek does not let the kids run the school. They do not put up with troublemakers, either: parents nor students. Period.
    Well, wouldn’t that be a big improvement??

  5. SocialJustUs Says:

    Amazing how politicians fold up when there isn’t “enough” money (to waste, that is).
    How about prioritizing what is there, doing the most important things first, and efficiently?
    No, can’t happen, because government makes decisions for political rather than technically correct reasons.
    Can you believe it? $80 million a year for Lincoln Parish schools’ budget?

  6. Angry Taxpayer Says:

    Donald Trump has released a $20 billion plan to break the government education monopoly and put an end to this constant whining about not having enough money! Now that’s something right there I’d love to see happen!

  7. Oldman Says:

    Right now with our country in the shape it is in,I believe Trump is the best man for the job. Better than the crazy the democrats are running,no comparison. The democrats put obuma in office and you see what happened.

    • If you don't know by now . . . . Says:

      Oldman (Donald Billie Davis), you seem to pop up everywhere with your inane comments. To quote “Forest Gump” “Stupid is as stupid does.” Just what has Obama done? During his time in off the stock market has risen to its highest total in years. Growth (although slow) has been steady, [more than 60 months in a row, albeit just one or two percent each time, but growth non the less). 20,000,000 are now insured through the ACA [that DJT wants to abolish and leave 20,000,000 citizens without insurance.] You rail against entitlements [I get almost $80,000 each year] so I challenge you to show your disdain about entitlements by returning your next retirement check to the government or wherever it comes from to show your support of doing away with those nasty entitlements. To show support to DJT, quit using medicare. Pay your own way, oh stupid one. MY guess is that you have been drawing social security since you turned 62. To show your support of DJT, return the full amount that you have drawn over the years. That would go a long way in convincing me to believe in Donald Billie Davis, who blindly supports DJT. ARF ARF ARF and TATA

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