Significant Budget Boost for Ruston PD

The Ruston Police Department (RPD) will receive a significant budget boost for the 2016-2017 budget year, Chief Steve Rogers told Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO) at last night’s Ruston City Council Meeting.

Rogers said the increase would be a little over $200 thousand, about a 5% increase over last year’s total of about $4 million.

Also, significant pay raises were included for the personnel, it was learned.

Said Ward 5 Alderman Bruce Siegmund, “I am glad to see the raise for policemen. I believe we should have the best police force around – part of that means they need to get paid for it. We’ve got some vacancies now – we need some new folks in there, and so I think that’ll help.”

The department has been short-handed LPNO had recently reported, and recently had to curtail vacations to keep sufficient manpower on patrol.

In other business, the council unanimously voted to rollback property tax rates to accommodate increase property valuations. The council also voted NOT to roll forward the rates to the maximum allowed.

This means, on average, a property owner should pay no more in property taxes than last year.

25 Responses to “Significant Budget Boost for Ruston PD”

  1. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    Oh Yes! More duplicity in our over militarized police force. You know there was a day when they were called peace officers and now they are the police force. Slight variant in verbage, huge variant in attitude.

    Disband them and have LPSO take over policing in Ruston. I mean, really how many up-armored HumVee’s and military equipment pieces do you need in Lincoln Parish anyway?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I say disband the whole lot. People don’t seem to respect officers. Let them get another job. We have guns and rifles and can protect ourselves. Kill someone just call the medical examiner (or whatever he/she is called) and let them haul the body away. Elect a permanent all white jury (must have a Confederate flag currently displayed somewhere on their vehicle or property) to try cases that somehow make it into the judicial system. There will be no appeals – do the crime, serve the time starting on the day of conviction.

    The police force is not OVER MILITARIZED. Most of the time, what the police have is inferior to what the bad guys have. Spend the money to even the playing field. Otherwise, the bad guys will win more often than not. Don’t complain about the men in blue; you might not like them when things are going smoothly, but let trouble rear its ugly head and you love when the boys in blue arrive. If you don’t agree with me, oh well.

    • Oldman Says:

      I agree with you 100%. We are going to have serious trouble until we get back to enforcing all the law. Bring back capital punishment and enforce it,you will see a change then. Do away with entitlement programs and work or go hungry and you would not have time to get into trouble.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        Oldman the brainless one – If people are going hungry that is one of the reason they steal. Personally, I don’t believe that entitlement programs have a whole lot to do with crime (I draw disability, retirement from the army and JISD, and social security and you don’t see me robbing any place or person). There are 24-hours in a day and the normal work day is 8 hours so that leaves the bad guy 16 hours to do his dirty work. As far as the death penalty is concerned (I may be wrong) I think Louisiana still has it on the books. Studies have shown that the death penalty is not a deterrent. It’s worthless unless you are a believer in the Old Testament only. Bring back hard labor to our prisons; bring back bread and water punishments; bring back time in the “hole” (solitary confinement); stop allowing visits by family; stop parole hearings and early outs. Let prison be a place of punishment and not a country club with libraries and exercise rooms and televisions. Then the crime rate might drop. But those are just my bad ass opinions. Lastly, for those that get life without parole, build a maximum security prison out in the middle of the desert with no civilization within 100 miles in any direction and take your time installing an air conditioning system. ARF ARF ARF Better get on home, your wife is calling. It’s either for dinner or there is an empty space at the fire hydrant. TA TA and auf weidershen dumb one.

        10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
        Just wanted to remind you of the grade you never reached.

        • Oldman Says:

          Nice that you have changed your ways,real nice.
          Making America great again

          • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

            Haven’t changed my ways, Oldman of the 9th Grade. If you need a lie, call Trump. I really do fear what will happen if he is elected President. The man is a nut (he spoke in Michigan yesterday and was speaking about the African Americans but there were few in the audience). ARF ARF ARF it’s dinner time or fire hydrant time for you. TA TA TA and auf wiedershen, you old dog, you!

        • Anonymous Says:

          Fowler,cat got your tongue?

          • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

            Not hardly. Been on vacation.

            • Anonymous Says:

              Smarty butt is back

              • Oneoftheoldcrew Says:

                I think that could have been said better as- ” smarty ass is back”

              • anonymous78209 Says:

                Most people on this blog (or whatever you call it) are intelligent and express coherent thoughts. But not Oldman the 9th Grader. “Smarty butt” (Oldman quote) and “amarty ass” (another Oldman quote) sort of describe me for I am far superior to Oldman is every way and that includes his so-called supporters (or fans). The man doesn’t know the difference between “polish” and “Polish”. So I will accept that I am a smarty butt or smarty ass (such adolescent expressions that it reminds me of when I was four or five and when things didn’t go my way {and also other kids}) we would call each other “smarty britches” or something similar. If only Oldman would grow up and acknowledge that there are millions of people that are smarter than he is. Hey, Oldman! Mexico on the Pacific side is really great. Oldman the 9th-grade loser, I bet that you couldn’t find Mexico on a Mexican map!!!! ARF ARF ARF your wife is calling. Better go and see what she wants. TA TA TA and auf weidershen, fool.

                Trump for president of Oldman’s LGBT Jonesboro chapter. Just look at Trump’s lips – perfectly suited for that presidency.

                • Anonymous Says:

                  Fowler go somewhere else with your crap.

                  • anonymous78209 Says:

                    Oldman, you should be more polite when addressing your superiors. It ought to be “Mr. Fowler, Sir, why don’t you take your intelligent observations to another place.” I don’t want to for I garner much pleasure from letting Oldman know he ain’t close to getting under my skin. Trump for president of Oldman’s LGBT organization in Jonesboro. He would have to receive that honor by acclimation because from what I hear, Oldman is the only member. Trump and his unique lips would make two. TA TA TA turnip seed.

  3. bill2 Says:

    Build more jails with real air condition, pup tents and hard labor prison population in lincoln parish will reduced by 90% and very few repeat offenders

  4. Oldman Says:

    Fowler did you ever get paid for speaking at the LGBT in New Orleans. Did you do that while you were parking cars? LGBT speaker,car Parker,hick schoolteacher,deadhead army, seems like you have been a government paid deadhead all your life. Have you ever had a real job? Yes I have gotten under your skin and I am enjoying it,playing with a educated dummy. Put you out in the real world and you would starve. It’s getting past your bed time so maybe it’s time Francis puts you to bed. With a new set of depends maybe you will make the nite.

    • anonymous78209 Says:

      No matter how much you beg, I ain’t gonna join your Jonesboro chapter of the LGBT folks. Talk nice to Trump and he might join your single member (you) organization. He needs the votes and he has be targeting the less than smart (people like you) because they will not only believe what he says but also will sniff his farts to see just what he means (just how do rich people’s farts smell). You seem to be exhibiting a large degree of jealousy about my association with the Alamodome and Wolff stadium. You must remember that I was the SUPERVISOR and from personal knowledge know that that was a job a water meter reader could not handle. For your limited brain cells to digest, as teacher I ALWAYS got three or more (out of nine) EQ’s (exceptional qualities) of which there were just nine to get (I once got seven!). If you want to call me a government deadhead you need to do a personal check of your life. Never served your country which can only mean that your true color is yellow. You haven’t even come close to getting under my skin but your stupidity has provided me with a million laughs. It is you that would starve in the real world for you water meter skills reading skills just aren’t available any more.

      ARF ARF ARF is that your wife calling you to lunch or is it to the fire hydrant because there is a new dog in line.

      10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
      11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11
      12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12,12,12

      college college college college college college college college

      Those are the grades that you quit and gave up on. Was reading a water meter worth it? Just out of curiosity: what was the highest amount of money you ever made (before taxes)? Right now I am getting just a bit over $80,000,00 a year and I don’t have to bother doing any work. My yard man is doing my lawn right now. ARF ARF ARF She;s sounding real upset so you had better go and see what is up. One of the books that I am reading right now has a saying in it that fits you to a “T”. He’s dumber than a can full of rocks. TA TA TA

  5. Underyourskin Says:

    You don’t have the education to be a “water meter reader” and that is the truth. At least I don’t lie about parking cars. I really am getting under your skin in a big way or you wouldn’t be telling all these lies and bragging about what you’ve done and how much money you have. Stay out there with all those wet backs and leave us white boys along,we don’t want or need your kind in Louisiana. You are lying about being asked to speak for the LGBT crowd,about parking cars,about your great teaching days and about things you done while in the army. You brag about killing someone,you are for abortion”killing unborn babies”,you are a hillary supporter, other words you are a sorry human being,sorry. I’ll bet it smarts to let a “ninth grader” like me get under your skin,don’t it? So little boy get over it like they say”if you cannot run with the big dogs stay on the porch” or “if you don’t like the heat stay out of the kitchen” little boy.

    • anonymous78209 Says:

      Brainless one (that’s dumber than a can full of rocks), you aren’t no where near getting under my skin, but I must be hitting home with some of the comments I make about you. What lies have I told? You lie about not being prejudiced and then call the Mexicans out here “wet backs” and I bet ten dollars to an empty soda can that you use the “N” word to describe all African Americans (you’ve already said that you were against whites marrying blacks because you wanted to keep the “races pure.”) Spoken just like a true David Duke supporter and all that are in the KKK. Are you a member of the KKK? I wouldn’t put it past you (does that sentence remind you of what you said about me and my granddaughter?) It should because that is what you said but deny it. With the slanderous statement about me and my granddaughter, I would be careful when you LIE about me being asked to speak at an LGBT meeting. In case you don’t understand what I am alluding to, that’s another slanderous statement you worthless piece of dried snot. You’re damn right I brag about killing someone in war, a war you somehow avoided (it was probably the yellow streak that you showed that kept you out of Vietnam). I was a great teacher, an above average soldier (finished first in every school they sent me to). Reading water meters is a job for a person without skills while my SUPERVISING the parking activities at the Alamodome and Wolff Stadium required an ability to assign 20 plus people to their positions, give them a sufficient amount of tickets to sell, and collect their money at the end of the shift. I had to verify that the number of tickets sold matched the money turned in. I have told you this before but I will say it again – I am against gays and lesbians and I am against abortions but if a person is a gay or lesbian, that’s their choice and it is not my place to condemn them for their lifestyle. If a woman wants an abortion, that is her choice and you will not hear me raise my voice against her choice nor will you find me protesting at the abortion clinic. That’s her choice to have the procedure. So. AF, don’t go proclaiming that I am for abortion. I most definitely am not. Now I feel a bit of sympathy for the lack of growth in your chapter of the LGBT club in Jonesboro but you are lying when you say I was asked to speak at one of their meeting. I would be careful about ALL the LIES that you tell because it reflects poorly on what’s left of your character. If you have read this, you wife is probably calling you to the fire hydrant. If you suffer from a stuffed nose after sniffing, try Flonase – 6 > 1!!!! TA TA TA you habitual lying piece of dried snot. If you would try telling the truth, it’ll set you free!!! GO HILLARY!!!!!!!

  6. Oldman Says:

    I don’t have to say a word about you,all the people have to do is listen to you rant and rave. You would be better to keep your mouth shut. They can listen to one post you make and know without doubt that you are a first class fruit cake,a first class crazy nut. So little boy it’s best to keep your mouth shut. Getting under your skin ha,ha.
    Hillary goes to jail
    Trump becomes president

    By the way this has gone on long enought don’t you think.
    Let’s both keep our mouth shut and let these nice people have their forum back. Ok

    • anonymous78209 Says:

      It will end, Brainless Nabob, when I get what I want:

      1. who did I bully in school?

      2. what lies have I told?

      3. what bad things do you have on me?

      4. I want an admission that you said those things about me and my granddaughter and an apology for saying them.

      Then I just might end this. I don’t think that you have the gonads to tell me to my face to shut up. You are the dried piece of snot that hides behind the anonymity of not giving your name on the blogs so I will do it DONALD BILLIE DAVIS.OF 127 LINDELY LANE. See, that wasn’t so bad now was it. A little worm like you can never get under the skin of an intellectual superior like me. If asking you for answers makes me a fruit cake, then that’s what I am. Do your “friends” know about all the lies you have told about me? ARF ARF ARF your wife sounds angry. Better head for the bushes or home. Did the Flonase work? I hope so. Seeing buggers hanging from one’s nose is bad enough but DOG POOP? TA TA TA loser. See you next time on the medium for you can’t resist answering me.

  7. Oldman Says:

    fowler what kind of footing are you on with your God when you go around bragging about killing someone? You are making yourself out to be a fool if you think it’s all right to brag about killing anyone.

  8. Donald M. (I killed enemy soldier in Vietman who was trying to kill me and I am proud that I killed him) Fowler Says:

    My God and I have a wonderful relationship. I talk to him each and every night ask him to (1) watch over all of family and (2) guide the doctors and scientist to treatment and cures for the millions of babies around the world so that they may have a full and happy life.

    As for you and God, I don’t see a good relationship because all of the lies you have told about me, especially the one about me having sex with my granddaughter. I don’t think that God could ever forgive such and enormous lie.

    There have been millions of men and women killed in the wars that stretch from BC time to this day. Are they fools? I is alive’ he ain’t. That’s the goodest way that I can put. I will brag about that kill until I die.

    Did see any answers to my questions. You’re such a coward – you tell one lie after another but won’t own it when you are called on it. You are the fool AF.

    Trump for water meter reader!!!!

  9. Oldman Says:

    You and hillary are a lot alike,as long as what you say or do its ok. I wish I could buy you for what you are worth and sell you for what you think you are worth. I would be very rich. I don’t even know why you keep bringing all this crap up after you have already forgave me for what you said I said. Your word must not be any good,is it? I think you are old and don’t have any thing else to do,so you try to keep all this crap stirred up,well sir you are making an ass of yourself. But I don’t have to tell people that,they already know. Why don’t you straighten up and try to act like a white man instead of some crazy fool,if you can. I’m getting tired trying to defend myself against all this crap of yours,so please shut up,we do not want to hear anymore of your craziness. Good day

    • Donald M. Fowler (who signs his name to most of his posts unlike Donald Billie Davis) Says:

      The more I thought about it, the madder I became, So, I retracted my forgiveness of you. The person that you say I bullied is of little consequence for that never happened – just figment of your warped mind. The lies that you say that I told don’t matter for you can not go through all of my posts and find a line – just your warped mind working overtime. The bad things that you say I have done lack credibility for I have never done anything really bad – another warped mind accusation in hopes of casting a bad light on me. BUT your note where you accuse me of having sex with my granddaughter goes past common decency and shows that you are nothing but a foaming at the mouth AH. For that one statement I will forgive you when you admit making the statement and apologize for making it. I am not trying to keep this stirred up; I just want people there in Jonesboro to know what kind of demented jerk you are. By the way unless you have at least $500,000.00 on hand, you can’t even make a decent offer to buy me – that’s property value and cash on hand. I spent some of your money last night with a visit to the emergency room with a fever of 104 degrees. I need to thank you for your generosity. Thanks, fool. Who is the “we” in we don’t want to hear anymore of your craziness? See, there you go with more lies, Oldman the vile and vulgar. I do talk like a white man (and I see that statement as another of your racist remarks.) Tell me how does a black talk or a Hispanic or any other ethnic group that you and Trump want to keep out of the United States. Have you ever been to see the Statue of Liberty? If you had seen it you would have seen those words “Give us your tired . . . .” but I suspect that all you have ever seen of our GREAT COUNTRY, is the Jimmy Davis Tabernacle or perhaps the site where Bonnie and Clyde were killed. I have lots to do every day so don’t pity me as an elder who just sits around waiting to die. I have to use a walking can to get around and I keep thinking what a wonderful weapon that would be to use on some low life hick that tells me to shut up. You don’t possess the intelligence to hold a civil discussion with an intelligent person. By the way, what is a four letter word that means “intercourse”? For a man who is dumber than a can of rocks, that question might be to hard. ARF ARF ARF your wife is calling. Two hours before dinner it must be a fire hydrant opening. Remember to use Flonase afterwards. TA TA TA oh mighty leader of the LGBT group in Jonesboro.

  10. Donald M. Fowler (the San Antonio Amigo) Says:

    Trump for water meter reader and president of Donald Billy Davis’ LGBT group of Jonesboro. Whoops! I shouldn’t have said that for DBD warned me to shut up. Oh! What the heck, I don’t listen to an idiot that can’t compete with a can of rocks. DBD, let’s hear some of your intercourse. I still don’t understand why you are posting on the Ruston blog. Are you running from someone in Jonesboro or were you trying to hide from me? TA ARF TA ARF TA ARF, oh leader of the LGBT group in Jonesboro. You really a piece of work!

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