Property Tax Roll Forward on Ruston Council Agenda

Taxpaying property owners in Ruston and Lincoln Parish have one more hurdle to clear if they are to escape higher taxes paid to local governments.

Ruston’s Board of Aldermen will vote on increasing millages to 5.88 mils from the 5.24 that has been established as the “roll back” rate.

See here the proposed ordinances.

Last week, the Lincoln Parish Police Jury defeated a roll forward attempt on four of the six taxes it collects.

The Lincoln Parish School Board and the Lincoln Parish Sheriff did not properly advertise by July 15 their intention of raising property taxes, so they are barred by law from proposing a roll forward.

The meeting will be at 6:30 PM, Monday, August 15, Ruston City Hall, 401 North Trenton, first floor courtroom/council chamber. The Personnel/Finance Committee will also meet.

Here are the agendas:

Council Meeting
Personnel/Finance Committee

6 Responses to “Property Tax Roll Forward on Ruston Council Agenda”

  1. Shady Bill Says:

    Local Government does not have to do any thing such as roll back,roll forward or stay the same on millage rates. Makes no difference as long as the assessor increases property values for most property which she will. The money will be there.

  2. SocialJustUs Says:

    The assessor cannot arbitrarily assign a higher value to property; there is a defined process to assess property. Any assessment can be challenged and ultimately receives scrutiny in Baton Rouge.
    Also remember the assessor faces voters every four years and so is ultimately accountable to the people. Difficult but not impossible to defeat.

  3. Shady Bill Says:

    Socialjustus says. Is full of bull a proven fact.

  4. SocialJustUs Says:

    did you try or are you just whining?

  5. Shady Bill Says:

    No whining being truthful

  6. jackson5 Says:

    Arbitrarily, ((1) based on one’s preference,notion,whim. (2)absolute,despotic. Ask some property owners on north side of Wynnwood Ave what she did to them. I will tell you. She raised their property value (tax) after the review date to bring into line with a property on the south side of Wynnwood which was assessed at a much greater value per square foot than theirs were originally. She did this because the southside property owner was contesting the assessment before the LPPJ. LPPJ agreed with Mrs Bordelon.
    what she did to those north side property owners should be against the law and if not it’s for sure unethical..

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