Notice of Values for the 2016 Reassessment to be Mailed

From the Lincoln Parish Tax Assessor’s Office

Lincoln Parish property owners will receive a Notice of Value next week if their value has increased more than 15% from the previous value. Louisiana law mandates a reassessment of all properties as well as a mailed notification of assessed values every four years. The notice is NOT a tax bill, but a form to show the value of your property for 2016.

The assessed value for residential property is 10% of its Fair Market Value, and commercial structures are assessed at 15% of their Fair Market Value. The notice mailed will show the market value and the assessed value and the homestead credit if applicable.

The property values are open for public inspection each year for a period of fifteen days. The 2016 period is from August 15-August 29. All property owners have the right to inquire should they think the market value placed upon their property by the Assessor is in error. Owners should contact the office prior to August 29, 2016 if you have questions. Louisiana law provides that valuation appeals after this date shall not be considered by the Assessor.

Taxpayers that own and live in their home may be eligible for homestead exemption which exempts parish taxes from the first $75,000 of market value on the home. Mobile homes also qualify for the homestead exemption if you are the owner and live in the mobile home. You must bring proof of ownership (registration/title or bill of sale) to qualify for homestead on a mobile home.

Other taxpayer benefits available include the “Over 65 Freeze”, “Use Value” for timber land or pasture land with three acres or more, “Disabled Freeze” for permanently totally disabled persons determined by a final non-appealable judgment of court, and the “Disabled Veteran Freeze”. To qualify, the combined adjusted gross income of federal tax returns for the 2015 year must be $71,491 or less. You must provide all proper documentation to qualify by September 15, 2016.

Please call the office to see if you may qualify for some type of exemption. The Assessor’s Office is located on the first floor of the Police Jury Complex at 307 North Homer Street and the office number is 318-251-5140. All values are available to view at

6 Responses to “Notice of Values for the 2016 Reassessment to be Mailed”

  1. Cowboy Says:

    The LPPJ bears a strong resemblance to the SCOTUS in that there is segment of purely liberal members willing to advance the progressive agenda by judicial fiat, and a small faction of conservative members doing their best to adhere to the principles of limited government as envisioned by the Founders when they conceived the Constitution. Lincoln Parish residents need to start paying a lot more attention to the candidates they elect to the LPPJ. Louisiana is a poor state and if we’re not careful, we’ll be paying taxes like we lived in New York or California!

  2. Over taxed taxpayer Says:

    Everyone please examine your new assessment. If you just got one in the mail it means your assessment just went up at least 15%. In my case it went up 20%. I thought it very high and did some checking with persons that work with real estate. I found that the max value we could come up with was 10% lower than the assessor had assessed my home. I consulted with the assessor and she thought it was a fair amount. I am appealing. Everyone in the same situation should appeal and we will fill the jury room. You must have your appeal form to the police jury office no later than 5PM Sept. 6 to be on the agenda the next meeting. Pick up an appeal form at the assessors office. Do your homework before then and let us pack the jury room. Each of us only has to prepare for one person ( our self) and the assessor has to prepare for each of us.
    So, the more the better.

  3. Shady Bill Says:

    Do you really think LPPJ will disagree with assessor. LPPJ knows nothing about value of property so they agree with assessor. If you want to appeal further you will have to go to BR for possible reduction of a few dollars. It’s not worth the expense. It’s a losing proposition and LPPJ and the assessor knows that. The assessor is their money tree!

  4. Shady Bill Says:

    To Over taxed taxpayer says. While you are at your appeal hearing you might ask Mrs Bordelon about her fathers excess homestead exemption for the last 4 years.

    • Over taxed taxpayer Says:

      Thats the problem, everybody thinks it’s to much trouble and nothing will change so they just give up. That’s what they count on. If hundreds of people contested it at the police jury meeting and many more there for support something would happen. That would get the attention of the jury and it would stress Shelia out and make her do a lot of prep. for it. I will go to the La. Tax Commission for appeal if need to. I’m not going to pay taxes on assessment above actual value of my property without a fight and I would hope that everyone else would do the same. I think it’s pathetic that an elected official will assess property above actual cash value. That means you are paying taxes on something you do not own.

    • Over taxed taxpayer Says:

      As far as the excess homesteads, what she has done is legal as far as I know. If your homestead is under $75000 you can add other property to be covered up to $75000 total. The problem I have with this is the house these other properties are attached to be covered under homestead. It is a nice brick home with 4600 + square feet and assessed at $63000. That’s $13.70 per sq. ft.
      I know her dad has the 65 freeze but, come on, he would have to be about 150 years old to have frozen it at that figure.

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