Ascension Parish Update

Two councilmen question Matassa’s political future

By: Trey Schmaltz & Natalia Verdina

GONZALES – There is dissension on the Ascension Parish Council amid allegations the parish president was involved in a bribe.

This week, the WBRZ Investigative Unit reported audio recordings purportedly captured Parish President Kenny Matassa paying Wayne Lawson not to run for a seat on the Gonzales City Council. Matassa’s attorney said Wednesday, Matassa gave Lawson a loan and free political advice. There was no bribe, attorney Lance Unglesby said.

Thursday morning, Ascension Parish Councilman Aaron Lawler told WBRZ, he’s pushing for Matassa to resign immediately. He called the accusationsan “embarrassment.”

Also Thursday, Councilman Daniel Satterlee announced on Facebook he’d ask his colleagues on the council for a vote of no confidence in Matassa. Satterlee said he would like to call for the vote at the council meeting Thursday evening.

“I believe he involved himself in serious unethical behaviors, irreparably hurting [Ascension Parish],” Satterlee posted. “As my colleague, Councilman Aaron Lawler, stated in his press release this morning: ‘The actions of our President have embarrassed Ascension Parish, eroded the public’s trust in the elected officials of Ascension Parish, harmed our ability to attract new business, impaired our ability to hire qualified employees and become a distraction.’ I concur with these thoughts and many others as well.”

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