Sales Tax Collections Wane @ School Board

Collections of sales taxes in Lincoln Parish for July, 2016 were significantly lower than the money collected in the same month of 2015, Business Manager George Murphy told last night’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish School Board (LPSB).

For July, 2016, collections were about $1.6 million, vs $2.7 million in July, 2015. This year’s number is, however, higher than July, 2014’s $1.3 million and July, 2013’s $1.2 million.

See here the tax report.

Murphy said that sales tax collections have always been volatile, and the abnormally high collections over the past several years has been due to extensive oil and gas exploration and production activity in Lincoln Parish. That activity has slowed dramatically over the past year, Murphy said.

But, Murphy added, the district’s fund reserves have built up recently, and should be adequate to handle revenue shortfalls. For example, the district did not pay a “15th check” for 2016, as was done in 2015.

Said Murphy, “Over the years, we have built up a $35 million fund balance. Why did we build up $35 million fund balance? Because, we knew this day would come.”

Indeed, taxpayers shouldn’t shed too many tears over the district’s financial issues. The revised 2015-2016 budget shows total expenditures of almost $84 million. Ten years ago, in 2005-2006, that total was $51 million.

During that ten-year period, the district’s enrollment has remained relatively static, averaging about 6500 students.

Earlier in the meeting, District 7’s Trott Hunt asked Superintendent Mike Milstead about the district’s policy on allowing home-schooled students to participate in extra-curricular sports.

Asked Hunt, “Do we allow the home-study student’s to participate in athletics and extra-curricular activities?”

Milstead said that Lincoln does not, due to insurance and accountability issues.

Asked if the district had a written policy on the issue, Milstead replied that no such document had been prepared.

Interestingly, research reveals that several states have laws that require home-schooled students be allowed to participate. Tim Tebow, a college Heisman winner, was home-schooled and played football at a Florida high school.


7 Responses to “Sales Tax Collections Wane @ School Board”

  1. D'Arbonne Says:

    Why would we allow home schooled children to participate in extra curricular activities?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Because their parents or guardians pay the same property and sales taxes that you do. They should however be forced to provide proof of insurance and a waiver of release.

      • Anonymous Says:

        They so have to provide that per LHSAA guidelines.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Should a public school in Lincoln parish allow a student at Cedar Creek, Bethel, or New Living Word to play sports if that sport isn’t offered at that student’s school?

        • Anonymous Says:

          There is a difference between electing to send your child to a private vs a public school. Hopefully you know what extra curricular activities the private school you choose offers before you ever send your child there. If you feel you can give your child a better education at home and are using extra curricular to broaden your child’s social interactions that is a different story. There are a great number of life lessons that can be learned from participating in team sports or being involved in group activities.

  2. I'm your huckleberry Says:

    Lincoln Parish School Board, Along with the superintendent, And assistant superintendent, Are the anus of Louisiana’s education system! They are the most corrupt of any system I have ever known. With them, It’s “who” you are that matters. Doesn’t matter if you’re highly effective or not! If they get it against you, you’re out! But it’s someone else’s gain when you s#it on a teacher, And then the teacher moves to another parish, Becomes Principal,Then turns the school around ! At the same time LPSB works tirelessly trying to create a job for a deadhead “want to be “principal that just happens to “know” somebody. I have a good idea, Why don’t we come up with a new tax proposition, Expand the school board office, Add a few more rooms for the next round of failed principals.(sarcasm) I can’t wait for them to ask me to support them in the next tax proposition! It’s coming! I’m ready! Go ahead! Make my day!

  3. On the Outside Looking In Says:

    Just for the record, my children (who are grown) attended public school and my grandchildren are attending public school. With that out of the way, I see no problem with allowing home-schooled children to participate in extra-curricular activities. This will benefit not only these children, but the school as well since the parents (who own property pay taxes to support the schools) will pay to support the extra-curricular activities their child/children are involved in. Just my opinion.

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