Gallot Named GSU Prez

26 days after last president resigns, board selects new Grambling State president Rick Gallot

BY REBEKAH ALLEN | Jul 26, 2016

Attorney and former Louisiana lawmaker Rick Gallot was chosen Tuesday as the newest president of Grambling State University, a mere 26 days after the former president resigned.

The quick turn around was met with mixed reviews by a crowded room of Grambling State alumni, some who traveled from out of state and as far as Chicago to attend the University of Louisiana System Board meeting, where the decision was made.

While a few alumni said they were supportive of efforts by the board to quickly fill the leadership position, many others were frustrated that the board would seemingly put so little time and energy into selecting the president for Louisiana’s second largest public historically black university, particularly because the university has had a revolving door of presidents in the past two decades.

18 Responses to “Gallot Named GSU Prez”

  1. Shady Bill Says:

    Was there ever a dought.

  2. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    No there wasn’t.

    There may have been a dugout, or a drought, a doughnut, or maybe even a doubt but there certainly wasn’t ever a dought.

    Perhaps you are thinking of a dough. That would be a mixture of flour, water and a couple of other ingredients.

    Maybe you completed the English portion of your education at NLU/ULM.

    • Oldman Says:

      Bob you are funny,I let that one get by

      • Anonymous Says:

        I doubt if you let it get by because you can’t even spell “where”. You spell it “were”. You couldn’t proof read a first grade book, Oldman the very dumb person.

  3. D'Arbonne Says:

    If this yahoo is still President of GSU on New Years Day 2020, I’ll buy us all a round at Sundown.
    Wait. Never mind. I could care less who runs that joint. It doesn’t matter anyway.

  4. Oldman Says:

    A bottomless money pit,money better spent some were else.

  5. Shady Bill Says:

    No English @ Lincoln high only for whites @ ruston high

  6. vee Says:

    For more on Rick Gallot and his ethics, see Tom Aswell’s post for July, 29, 2016 at:

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Stop being racist pigs.

  8. Oldman Says:

    Not racist just stating facts. By the way blacks are the most racist folks there are. You want what the whites have without doing your part and working to pay your way. You do not hear the whites playing the race card,it’s always the blacks. Get out and pay your way and then things will change.

    • Donald M. Fowler (the San Antonio Amigo) Says:

      When did David Duke start posting on this site? If people like you would just shut up and try to get along with everyone not like you, the world would be a better place. Try sticking out the hand of friendship and see what results you get. Of course, Oldman the vile and vulgar racist AH, you could never do something like that for you have been taught from birth that blacks are inferior to whites. Like father, like son. I know thousands of blacks that are far superior to you. THOUSANDS!!!!!! ARF ARF ARF You will have to figure out the little woman wants now for I don’t read early morning dog talk,

    • Anonymous Says:

      Hot dang you all I swear! Now we all know that Oldman is not a racist. He just writes like one and I believe that it is coming from his heart. He thinks that he is better than blacks. Tsk! Tsk!

  9. Fred Amata Says:

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