Dumpsters, Roads Discussed @ LPPJ

Relocation of a dumpster and abandonment of road dedication were the most discussed issues at last Tuesday’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ).

The Solid Waste & Recycling Committee voted to re-place a dumpster on Hickory Street that had been removed and consolidated with another site several years ago. The motion passed unanimously, but only after an unfriendly amendment was added on a three to two vote.

That amendment specified that a dedicated servitude from the landowner must be obtained by the jury prior to re-placing the dumpster.

Voting for the amendment:

Walter Pullen (District 6)
Jody Backus (District 7)
Sharyon Mayfield (District 11)

Voting against the amendment:

Randy Roberson (District 4)
David Hammons (District 5)

Nancy Wilson (District 10), in whose district the dumpster site is located, said that several elderly constituents had said the lack of the dumpster worked a hardship on them because they didn’t have transportation.

Said Wilson, “Now, this is within walking distance. You don’t have to have transportation in order to dump your trash.”

Pullen worried that re-locating a dumpster would set the wrong precedent to the jury’s goal of consolidating dumpsters when feasible.

Said Pullen, “I would just really like to ask you to consider that if we put it back, the precedent its going to set.”

The Public Works Committee agreed to hold a public hearing at the August jury meeting to discuss removal of several roads from those maintained by the jury’s road crew.

The roads, it was claimed, don’t meet the legal definition of serving a public purpose.

See here the law and the list of roads.

The full jury agreed to post a 35 mph speed limit on Holliman Road. Previously, the road had no posted limits.


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