Booze @ Ruston “Community Events” Allowed if Ordinance Passes

It was a relatively short meeting (less than twenty minutes) of Ruston’s Board of Aldermen, but a couple of important ordinances were introduced that will be voted on at the August meeting.

One deals with alcoholic beverages, and enacts several changes:

Restaurant closing hours extended from Midnight to 2 AM.

Consumption of alcohol allowed on sidewalks adjacent to the serving restaurant.

Open containers allowed during permitted community events.

Mayor given authority, rather than the council, to administer the alcohol laws, and to grant or refuse permits.

See here the complete document.
See here the existing ordinance.

Also, an ordinance was introduced to set the property tax rates for tax year 2016. As this is a reassessment year, to council can either “roll forward” or “roll back” the rates.

See here the proposed ordinance.

For 2015, the rates for the two property taxes were set at 5.88 mils, and 2.92 mils.

At the August meeting, public hearings on both proposed ordinances will be held to allow public comment prior to the council’s final vote.

107 Responses to “Booze @ Ruston “Community Events” Allowed if Ordinance Passes”

  1. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    I didn’t see anywhere that the beverage has to be served in “temple cup”

  2. D'arbonne Says:

    That noise you hear is my ancestors spinning in their graves at Greenwood.
    This doesn’t necessarily mean I oppose the drink ordinance.

  3. Oldman Says:

    A small beginning to a larger problem. Why would the mayor be the only one with the say so?

    • Oldermann Says:


    • D'Arbonne Says:

      Interesting. Why are our Aldermen abdicating their authority? I don’t care , really, about the drinking—-it already happens quite frankly, but I dislike bundling legislative (the Council) powers into the Executive.
      Sort of defeats the purpose of splitting power up to begin with.

  4. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    Ps 104:15 And wine that maketh glad the heart of man, and oil to make his face to shine, and bread which strengtheneth man’s heart.

    It’s really just governmental endorsement of religion.

    • DooHickey Says:

      Huh? Governmental endorsement of religion? How’s that?
      Intoxicants and drunkenness are condemned in the Word of God.
      Here are two witnesses: OT (Proverbs 20:1) “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.” NT (Galatians 5:21) “Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.”

      • Bob Sherunkel Says:

        it was irony…
        Clearly drunkeness is a sin but thats not the point. Drink is no sin. Gluttony too is a sin but not food. Extra marital sex is a sin, but not sex within the prescribed parameters.

        Sex within guidlines,
        Food without piggin out,
        and drink without being drunk

        but I digress…
        The real question here is Where does the local government get off telling me where I can consume alcohol?

        As to my “endorsement of religion” comment, I was meaning that the government is overstepping its bounds by mandating the time and place of my consumption and by default is establishing moral law (religion). By that standard, could not the local law prohibit communion before 10 am, and on a sunday, at a place that isn’t a restaurant?

        The militantly devout believer,

  5. ( bitching and moaning ) oldman Says:

    Bitching,moaning,bitching and moaning seems like all we ever do,why is that? Cannot we do something but bitch and moan? I think bitching and moaning is just the first step of many steps to getting things changed. Keep it up at least we are together on this.

    • D. M. Fowler Says:

      Why don’t you try answering some of the questions that I have asked of you – you know, like where did you get the information that I had sex with my granddaughter; like what bad things do you have on me, You need to quit fighting the dogs for the use of the fire hydrant. You are one sorry individual. I will be in Quitman soon to pickup my rv from Clay’s – had to have a new top put on it; two new slide out curtains; work on one slide out and service on my generator. Nearly 20,000 dollars. Do you wish to pay for it? TATA sorry one.

    • Donald M. Fowler Says:

      As I guessed, Oldman the vile and vulgar refuses to address the comments that he made about me. Gutless wonder. Like I advised, let the dogs have their turn at the fire hydrant, Oldman. It’s just a nice thing for White Trash to do. TA TA old worthless one.

    • Donald M. Fowler Says:

      Still no answers to the questions that I asked. It seems that you can just toss untruths about and let them stand as truths. You are a lying piece of dried bugger who fights the dogs for the use of the fire hydrant. Are the members of your family just as worthless? Probably. TA TA [too bad that you weren’t in Nice, France last week. Too bad!]. I think that the mayor of any town should be responsible for the use of alcoholic beverages [on subject!].

  6. Anonymous2 Says:

    You alls mayor must be kin to Obama,wanting to be the one with the say so. Wonder if he will be any better,wait and see. Were do these people come from?

  7. Any Mouse Says:

    Can’t understand why a person runs off at the mouth, telling one lie after another but refuses to answer questions about the lies. I guess that his parents taught him to lie so that he could get by with that 9th grade education. Like father; like son. Better run for the dogs are gathering around the fire hydrant. TA TA old worthless one.

    • Anonymous Says:

      ” loser”

      • Any Mouse Says:

        I’ve never been a loser. Success in grammar school; success in high school; super success in college [with great honors] success in the army; success as a teacher; success in retirement. Success for you is to get to the fire hydrant first (do you smell it to make certain that it is yours) Answer some of my question to show that you can be a man instead of a mouthy little twerp who lies every time that he opens his mouth. TA TA Did you ever think about going to Brussels or Nice? You should.

  8. Donald M. Fowler Says:

    I sign all of MY posts with my name, unlike the brainless Oldman. I have no idea who Any Mouse is and personally, I don’t care. Oldman is DONALD BILLIE DAVIS in case you don’t know. He lives on Lindely Lane and his telephone number is 259 9292. I guess that he is so ashamed of his ignorance and stupidity that he feels that he can hide behind OLDMAN. Just to be fair I live at 813 Terrell Road in San Antonio and my telephone number is 210 239 8259.

    Oldman (Donald Billie Davis) has:
    1, accused me of having sex with my granddaughter (a lie of the first caliber that will get his admitted to hell when he dies).
    2. accused me of bullying people while in school (in school I weighed 125 pounds and whenever I tried to bully someone I would get my rear end kicked).
    3. he claims to have “bad things” on me but offers only Lamonte Massed and Bobby Culpepper to back up his accusations (both are dead!)
    4. says that I lie all the time but can offer up no examples of my lies. I graduated from JHHS. served 20 years in the US Army (he got upset when I talked of killing a man. He didn’t understand that it was him or me!), taught school for 20 years and retired. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with stage 4 mantle cell lymphoma which is in remission at the moment,. Fortunately (I guess) my mantel cell lymphoma was caused by exposure to agent orange and I draw 100% disability (about $80,000 a year when you add all of my retirements). If you can find a lie there I’ll kiss a pigs rear end in front of the Jonesboro court house.

    The biggest lie that Donald Billie Davis tells is anything he says while using that OLDMAN name, Using that name he can say anything and believe it. He is a liar first class and would not recognize the truth if it bit him in his rear end. He is worthless!!!!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      ” loser”

      • Donald M. Fowler Says:

        Lying little twerp. That itch that you feel in your rear end is the truth biting you. YOU ARE NOT MAN ENOUGH TO ANSWER MY QUESTIONS, LITTLE ONE.

        • Oldman Says:

          Good evening mr. fowler,don’t get your panties in a wad. It’s going to get better.

          • D. M. Fowler Says:

            Oldman,, the lying little twerp, all you have to do is answer my questions – you know concerning all of the lies you have told about me. You are worthless as is every member of your family it seems. Do you understand me? You are a lying little snot who doesn’t put much credence in the truth. I hope that you understand that I just called every member of your family liars. Goodnight, Donald Billie Davis, may nothing but bad and evil things follow you wherever you go. BY THE WAY 2:58 IS AFTERNOON NOT EVENING.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Fowler all you do is brag,brag,brag.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        As the old baseball player Dizzy Dean said, “it’s bragging when you can’t do but if you can do it, it ain’t bragging.’

  9. Oldman Says:

    You need to quit calling people bad names,it shows where you come from. Surely your parents taught you better,I hope so. But then a punk will always be a punk no matter how much education or upbringing,just a punk. And sir you are a first class punk. Better change your ways as hell is going to be full of punks. You came on here and said you were going to jack me up and pull my strings and make life rough on me. It did not work out the way you wanted did it,well I’m sorry. You will be treated the way you treat people and all you do is run people down and it’s coming home now. You have made a mountain out of a mole hill with the things I have said. My main problem was in replying to the crap you put out. Now sir I’m going to wish you a good nite and hope you get up in the morning with a better attitude. Good nite ,sir.

    Trump for president
    Make America great again

    • D. M. Fowler Says:

      Tell me a bad name that I have called you. You are a liar and you get it from your white trash family. ANSWER MY QUESTIONS AND I WILL LEAVE YOU ALONE. You are not worth the time I spend typing these notes. When I was healthy, if someone called me and my family liars, I would have been all over them like stink on a day old horse apple. All you do is just sit back and take it. (the action of a yellow-bellied coward). My wife and I are going to Mazatlán the first of August to see some friends we haven’t seen in years. Perhaps you and your lovely (?) wife can meet us there. ANSWER MY QUESTIONS YOU PIECE OF DUNG. MAKE THAT “A LYING PIECE OF DUNG.”

      • Oldman Says:

        good nite sir

        Trump for president
        Make America great again

      • Anonymous Says:

        Fowler I’m not a yellow belly coward,I considered the source of all this crazy talk and I don’t see any danger in you. You are just a loud mouth crazy who likes to call people names. But you had better watch what you say somebody else might take you the wrong way and stomp your ass. Stop this crazy talk and act like a white man,you do not have to be this way. You are getting to be the laughing stock of Jonesboro and you really make my day. Thanks for the laughs
        Good day,
        Make America great again
        Trump for president

        • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

          Donald Billie Davis, are you proposing to stomp my rear end just because I see you as a coward? Not only a coward but white trash. There is no crazy talk coming from me. I have asked you four questions which apparently tax your minuscule brain to its limit. I am a white man (whatever that has to do with what I say) and a better man than you will ever be. I am not attempting to project danger – just get the answers to the questions that I have asked. I am not asking for any names of those who might have told you something about me for I know that you have made all of your bs up and I am calling you on it. Man up little boy and tell me who I bullied, what lies that I have told, what “bad” things you have on me, why you made up the tale (and it’s a whopper) about me and my granddaughter, You are nothing but a loud mouth lying piece of doggie doo. How does your wife call you to meals – ARF ARF ARF and is it true that you plan on entering your wife in the statewide dog show? TA TA WHITE TRASH

  10. Donaald Marion Fowler Says:

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    1. Who did I bully in school?
    2. What lies have I told?
    3. What “bad” things do you have on me?
    4. When did I have sex with my granddaughter?

    You are the laughing stock of Louisiana because you refuse to answer my question, white trash. How does it feel to be at the bottom of the human totem pole, boy?

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  11. Oldman Says:

    Fowler,I’m not going to say anything else. You have never got under my skin not one little bit. I have never been the laughing stock of Louisiana nor am I at the bottom of anything. My parents were hard working people who raised their kids well,not like you were raised. Your parents did not know how to raise children or you would not be calling people names like you do. As to the lies you said I have told,no they were not lies that I know of. When somebody tells me something and not to repent it I do not. Unlike you I try to keep my mouth shut on the things I know,somethings are better not told. fowler you are a nothing not now or have ever been. Now I have gotten tired of playing with you so please just shut up and go play with your self or whatever you do. This little 9 th grader is telling you to shut up like it or not.fowler I will not respond to any more of your crap so find you somebody else to play with,ok. Fowler you are a nothing and I’m going to treat you like you are nothing. I will not respond to your crap no more.

    Trump for president
    Making America great again


    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      You do reside at the bottom of the Jackson Parish totem pole with all the rest of the worthless white trash. I am not talking abut lies that you told, I am speaking of the lies YOU SAID THAT I TOLD; I AM SPEAKING OF THE BULLYING THAT YOU SAID THAT I DID IN SCHOOL; I AM SPEAKING OF THE “THINGS” YOU SAY THAT YOU HAVE ON ME; AND LAST, BUT CERTANLY NOT LEAST, IS THE LIE THAT YOU TOLD ABOUT ME AND MY GRANDDAUGHTER. YOU ARE NOTHING BUT WHITE TRASH, YOU WERE RAISED BY WHITE TRASH AND I WOULD SUSPECT THAT YOUR CHILDREN ARE BEING RAISED BY WHITE TRASH. You hear something, true or not, you have to repeat it, just like the old washerwoman. I have been under your skin from the beginning and I have enjoyed saying some of the trash. LET ME REPEAT – YOU ARE A SORRY PIECE OF WHITE TRASH AND A COWARD AT THAT I BETTHAT YOU SLEEP WITH A LIGHT ON BECAUSE YOU ARE AFRAID OF THE DARK. DON’T TELL ME TO SHUT UP YOU ILLITERATE PIECE OF WHITE TRASH. If you aren’t a coward and piece of worthless white trash, then MAN UP AND ANSWER MY QUESTIONS. I better let you go so that you can get a good spot in the fire hydrant line. Being last all of the time will cause you nose to become clogged with brown transwer. TA TA STUPID. [Oh, by the way, both of my parents were well-respected in Jackson Parish and raised two fine outsanding children.]

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Why are you posting on the city of ruston? Are you trying to escape those of us who know you and just how dumb you are?

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      As I would expect a white trash dog of a coward to do, you make an effort to put the blame of others. I am not asking for you to VIOLATE any privileges by giving me the name of the gossiper who told you about my bullying or the lies that I HAVE TOLD, or the “bad” things you have on me or MY HAVING SEX WITH MY GRANDDAUGHTER. Simple answers are all that I want. I am not accusing you of telling any lies for I know that when you open your mouth, a lie will follow. I read an article several weeks ago that said “smelling farts” would cure cancer. Why don’t you and that dog of a wife you have go to bed, get under the covers, and cure cancer. I would certainly appreciate it for I don’t have many more weeks of remission and I only have enough stem cells on ice for one more transplant. Then it’s good night, Irene and I don’t want to die before you for I have a full bladder just for your grave, you worthless piece of white trash.

  12. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    I am sort of hoping that Trump wins the White House just to show what the uneducated can elect. In his own words he is more dependent on the uneducated than he is on the educated (who can see right through his bs.)

  13. To the Friends of Donald Billie Davis Says:

    Donald Billie Davis is a lying piece of white trash, if you don’t already know it.

    He claims that I bullied people in school but won’t say who.

    He claims that I lie all of the time but will not give any examples.

    He claims that he has “bad” things on me but won’t say what.

    He says that I had sex with my granddaughter.

    He is just a piece of sniveling dog-booger white trash that feels if he lies enough, people just might believe him. I have asked him for going on three years to answer those questions and he refuses because they are lies. He has lived near those railroad tracks for so long his mind has become addled. I really feel sorry for the old boy who has to lie to have any fun.

    Like I said: he is just a lying piece of white trash and I challenge him to answer those four questions if he has the guts.

  14. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Trump asked Putin to hack the DNC and make public all 33.000 Clinton e-mails. THAT IS, PURE AND SIMPLE, an act of TREASON by the Donald and he should be removed from the republican ticket and jailed. We are getting closer and closer to the election and the Donald hasn’t made his financials available to the public. That’s a yuuuuuug over site and leads one to believe that the Donald feels that he is above all laws (including the Constitution).

    For Oldman the leader of the White Trash in Jonesboro

  15. Anonymous Says:

    This quietness sounds so good.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      I pause from time to time to give Oldman the vile and vulgar dog a chance to answer those important four questions that I have asked him over and over. He never does but I won’t give up. He and his entire family are plain white trash and just spew out one lie after another. I’ll leave him alone if he would just answer those questions but he is a worthless cur and I know that he hasn’t the courage to answer the questions. Sorry to spoil your quietness. I’ll try to be more considerate in the future (although I have a strong suspicion that you are the cur Oldman).

  16. Hodge across the tracks Says:

    The Oldman must have really got under your skin for you to be acting like you do. Oh the shame you must feel.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      I feel no shame what-so-ever. He made some false accusations against me and he ain’t under my skin. He is a worthless piece of white trash that can not own up to the lies that he told and until I get the answer that I wish, I will stay on him like stink on a day old horse apple. I believe that his entire family is white trash who line up at the fire hydrant daily and sniff the bung hole of the dog in front of them. I get the feeling that “Hodge across the tracks” is Oldman himself. He writes under more names than he has brain cells. I still think that his wife calls him to meals by saying ARF ARF ARF, I mean she has to be a real dog to be married to OLDMAN.

  17. Thisistheoldman Says:

    Fowler wether I said what you said I said is besides the point. You forgave me of all things you said I said. Well now you are going back on your word,what kind of man goes back on his word? Only one kind does that, a sorry man or not a man at all. So get over this crap you are talking and act like a man if you can. I don’t think you have it in you,I think you like to talk this crap. I’m beginning to think your are a girly man the way you act. You can sit there and lie but I have gotten under your skin bad and you do not want anybody to think I have gotten the best of you,a old uneducated 9 th grade boy,well I have. fowler shut up talking about my wife. One more time shut up and quit talking this crap. Mr. Fowler have a good day
    Remember vote Trump and make America great again.
    Now let’s see what kind of man you are.
    Quit talking crap.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      ARF ARF ARF it must be supper time and your wife is calling you to your place or, she could be letting you know that the fire hydrant is emply and you two can sniff all you want to. White trash boy, the day that you get under my skin or begin to feel that you have gotten the best of me will be a day to behold. I feel sorry for you, you dumb blowhole and I will continue to memtion it for all to see just what kind of sorry person you are. You can’t even compare with me for I am a man who served his country while you sat around bragging about his 9th-grand education. Why didn’t you fight for your country when you had the chance? Me thinks that I will pester uou for an answer as to why you never served your country. Trunp’s excuse was an in-grown toe nail. Can you rise to the level of your hero? An in-grown toe nail beats that yellow streak you have running the length of your spine. I have never done this before but I dedicate the North Vietnamese that I killed to you so you won’t be left ut of the manhood struggle.

      ARF ARF ARF! Your wife sounds mighty upset so you need to run along little white trash dpggie. She might get angry if you cause her to lose the place at the fire hydrant.

      I didn’t go back on my word, white trash. I just decided to check and see if you were many enough to own up to your own words, The answer Is no – once a coward and loser and white trash, always a coward and loser and white trash. 259 9292

  18. Therealoldman Says:

    Trumps the man.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      The man for you to have and to hold forever and ever. Sounds like love to me and it doesn’t surprise me. With you living so far out of town, alternative life styles are a common occurrence. You get married, life becomes dull and boring and a person seeks out other means of satisfying his carnal desires. I hope that you and DJ have and exciting life together. WAIT!!!! You’ve never met the man and you know nothing about him and maybe he just won’t like to associate with curs and white trash. I’d hold back on my love for him if I were you. I don’t like you but I would had to see you get your heart broken. TA TA dumb one!

  19. Therealoldman Says:

    By the way has the LGBT group asked you to speak for them again. I have not heard from your good buddie,the one that always asks you to speak in a long time. How do they pay you for speaking or do you just take it out in trade? I need to quit getting under your skin,you being an old sick man. Good nite mr. Fowler maybe the LGBT group will call tomorrow and then you will be on top again.
    Good nite
    Trump is the man

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Do you and your white trash family visit often with the Cur family since you and Catahula were married? Probably not for the Cur’s seem to be very exclusive in their relationships with others. All I can say about your marriage to Catahula is, YOU LUCKY DOG. YOU. The good buddy that always brings you the lgbt news is non oher than yourself and that leads me to believe that you are as queer as a three dollar bill. Does your wife, Catahula Cur Davis know about what you are doing when you disappear for long periods of time? I can not understand why you haven’t formed a chapter there in Jackson Parish. Maybe you have for your address (127 Lindely Lane [forgive me if I misspelled your address] spunds mighty queer to me).but who am I to judge. Did you tell your butties abput the North Vietnamese that I killed in 1965 and have now passed him on to you through a sincere dedication? I’m sorry but there is not a grave where you can send flowers for we just piled them (12 killed that day) up and burned them. Can’t win them all can you, my brainless little feller. ARF ARF ARF I hear your wife barking out a call for you. Must be meal time or bung hole sniffing at the fire hydrant. You are jjust a guless little twerp that hates all people that are different from him (blacks, gays, abortionist, and the list goes on and on) Today is Sunday and maybe if you go to church tonight and asked for forgiveness you just might get it from your preacher or whatever you call the leader of your congregation). I went to early Mass this morning and I said a prayer for you. Don’t everr wish me a good day for, even with this cancer, all of my days and nights are great. DUMP TRUMP WHO GOT A DEFERMENT FOR AN INGROWN TOENAIL.Back in 1965 the armed forces kept those of a different “sexual persuasion” out of the military. Is that the excuse you used, naughty boy? TA TA AND AUF WIEDERSHEN

      • Hodge across the tracks,remember me? Says:

        You sound just like Dan,must be brothers.

        • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

          Oldman (married to Catahula Cur Davis), you use too many different names. Things would be less complicated if you used just one. I have no brothers, so keep looking for “dan”. So, Oldman, I will let you get back to the fire hydrant and join your wife (ARF ARF ARF) sniffing whoever shows us. Don’t forget to wash your nose from time to time. TA TA and auf wiedershen.

          • nootherthanOldman Says:

            Fowler that’s the difference between me and you,I had rather sleep with a dog than sleep with a pig.oink,oink,oink.
            Just saying.

            • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

              Dipstick, you can have them both, if that’s what turns your crank. ARF ARF OINK OINK

      • nootherthanOldman Says:

        By the way quit bragging about what you did while in the army. Somethings like that are not to talk about or brag about. It could have been the other way around.It shows what kind of person you are,bragging about killing someone. Sometimes it’s something you have to do but do not go around bragging about it. That was a human being you killed,think about it. You are showing your true colors now.

        • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

          Dipstick, bragging would be to tell you about the trophy I took from the body. It was a North Vietnamese regular army colonel that I killed and even though it was drenched in blood and whatever, I took his belt because it had the hammer and sickle emblem on it. I am looking at the belt as I type and while the blood has dried (and often crumbles off as I show it), I did wear it to class several times to show and tell days. I just might bring it to Quitman with me and wear it one day to Wal Mart. I bet that would be a real attention getter. What exciting thing have you done in your white trash life? Oh, I forgot about the dog and pigs, ARF ARF ARF OINK OINK OINK


  20. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    I guess that I will close for tonight. I was waiting for a reply from Oldman the ARF ARF OINK OINK and the I remembered that he lives in the country and country folk go to bed at about sundown. Oldman the ARF ARF OINK OINK, may your nightly repose be miserable and the ‘morrow bring you nothing but misery. I don’t like you and I’ll be damned if I will wish you sweet dreams.

    • Hodge across the tracks Says:

      Good nite sweet heart,dream about the old time. Kiss,Kiss

      • Oldman Says:

        Ha,Ha funny, I don’t think I have laughed this hard in a long time.Ha,Ha Mr. Fowler explain this one,if you can.

        • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

          Oldman, only an idiot would laugh at something that he wrote. Long ago I identified Hodge across the tracks as you. This little gadget that I bought sure is useful when it comes to identifying those who try to remain anonymous. It being you is the only explanation necessary. The RNC has in its bylaws a way to remove Trump as their candidate and move Pence up to the top spot. It probably won’t happen and the RNC is nothing but a bunch of lily-livered cowards but it’s possible if they man up and show their gonads. Have you noticed how many republicans are voting for Hillary instead of their party candidate? He insulted every Gold Star family and won’t apologize. Like a little kid (you should know something about this) he said “they insulted me and all I did was get back at them.” TA TA and aufwiedersehn white trash loser!

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        Oldman, you should stick to what you know – NOTHIING. ARF ARF WOOF! Sounds like someone new is making time with your beloved Catahula Cur Davis. Better run hone and check it out. Someone might be sniffing your wife. TA TA auf wiedershen.

  21. Oldman Says:

    “Sweetheart” ha,ha

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      As I said above, you need to stick to what you know which is NOTHING. You are an IDIOT who attempts to say things on this blog that are GERMAINE but his lack of a working brain cell makes that mission impossible. Oldman the lover of dogs and pigs, don’t try to join the big boys; stay where you belong – with the children at the small table. TA TA auf wiedershen fool. There are questions pending that you could answer [if you were a man].

  22. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    I forgot – more republicans are giving up on DJT. He just doesn’t know anything about the world and certainly doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. Sounds just like Oldman, doesn’t it.

  23. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Oldman lover of dogs and pigs, read the following about your boy Trumpie:

    Republicans unable to countenance Donald Trump as the next commander in chief are increasingly lining up behind Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, saying they are putting patriotism above party.
    The roster of sudden converts ranges from retiring pols opposed to enabling a first-time candidate “deeply flawed in endless ways” to public officials who have championed conservative values since the early 1980s.
    On Tuesday, the first sitting GOP congressman, Richard Hanna of New York, announced he would vote for Clinton.
    George W. Bush administration vets John Stubbs and Ricardo Reyes have not only broken ranks out of disgust with Trump, they are actively recruiting others to get on board with Clinton — while still voting for GOP candidates further down the ballot.
    “His proposal to fortress America and design our foreign policy around isolationism is utterly reckless,” Stubbs warned.
    The pair traveled last week to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia to build upon the nascent “Republicans for Clinton ” campaign.
    Much like fellow defector, former South Dakota Sen. Larry Pressler , both Stubbs and Reyes said working to return a Clinton to the White House would have been inconceivable were it not for the “existential threat” Trump poses.
    “The Republican Party, at that point, will have been eaten away by the parasites,” Reyes said of a Trump win in November.

    Make America greater – DUMP TRUMP

    • The anonymous oldman Says:

      You had better be thinking about your kids and grandkids when you vote. That Hillary bitch will finish off what’s left of our great country quick.very few white people will vote for her. You great grand kids will be able to tell everybody that their grandparents had a hand in bringing America down.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        It is idiots like you that loudly proclaim gloom and doom for the United States of America, the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. I don’t remember talk like this when George W. Bush was dragging the country down into a cesspool. Your faith in Donnie Trrumpie is commendable but I ask you to tell me what he has done, politics-wise, during his life. He wears ties made in China; suits made in Mexico;; and the furniture in his home is from an Asian country. He claims to be good friends with Putin but he has never met him or had any type of correspondence with him. He proclaims that Russia will never enter any part of the Crimea (?) but the Russian have been there since 2014. He says that John McCain is not a hero because he was captured (he doesn’t like people who were captured, this coming from a man whose deferment was for an ingrown toe nail.). I could mention the companies that he has bankrupted (4) but I won’t because I don’t want you to start feeling like I am picking on the dipstick. He is more worthless than Oldman and that is saying a lot. I guess that is why Oldman is voting for DJT. The worthless people have to stick together. My great-grand children will be well off in the future thanks to the money my wife and I put away for them. They will speak highly of their great-grand parents. What will yours say about you (assuming that you have any great-grand children and have taken care of their future.)? Oh, I forgot your prediction that the USA will just be a thing of the past because Ttrumpie didn’t get elected president. How could I forget that, words of wisdom from the 9th-grade dropout who can’t even spell the adverb “where.”

  24. Oldman Says:

    I think America WAS the greatness at one time,and that was before Obama. You are for all of the entitlement programs, big government telling us how to live,what we can eat and drink,open borders,all of the social programs,free phones,free rent,free food,obortion,government in the schools,gun control,murders going free with little time served,taking from the rich and giving to the poor without working for it,and making America the trash dump of the world. Back when America was formed those ideas would get you hung or worst. Then sir you are one of the main problems we have in America. The Indians trusted the government and look what happened. I have forgotten were it happened and how many lives were lost when our government murdered a large group of Indians because they wanted the Indians land. It was the largest mass murder our country had up until 9-11. Do you want and trust our country with your grandchildrens lives and being able to live good and free life. You Sir are one of our country’s biggest problem.
    A ninth grade a hard time but this is the way I feel and frankly my dear I don’t give a damn for the direction our country is headed

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Spoken like a TRUE AMERICAN!!!!! Not!!!!! For your edification, it was Wounded Knee. Been there and read a lot of the history and it was certainly a black eye for the US Government Pray tell, Oldman, how I am one of the problems. Programs have been initiated by our government to help those who have trouble helping themselves. To paraphrase the Bible, we are supposed to help the downtrodden but I guess you don’t read the Bible that often, You are a hypocrite and I don’t think that God could change your selfish ways if he tried. Keep up the good work of put AMERICA down; idiots like you are needed so there can be a balance between the intelligent and the stupid. You are in the stupid category. In your futile attempt at conversation, you project a jealousy for not being able to collect the benefits that others have earned, I would gladly give you the $80,000 that I collect for my disability if I could have good health and live for a few more years. Perhaps you should have served in the military and you might be eligible for these benefits, They certainly don’t dole them out to cowards so that rules you out, As a last request, tell me just exactly how I am part of the problem I earned every penny that I get, By hiding behind your mammy’s coattail, you lost out on that which you now begrudge those who served and earned their share. YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A COWARD AND THAT EXPLAINS THE HUGE YELLOW STREAK RUNNING DOWN YOUR BACK, I don’t like you and never will. You are just a white trash coward, PERIOD!!!!!!

  25. Oldman Says:

    Fowler if you like for the government to have control of your life that’s fine with me. We have the weakness armed forces we have had since ww11. We could not even go get our sailors when Iran captured them in international waters. We had to send a plane load of money for their release,something like $400,000,000.00 and they were in international waters. Obama has spent more money and brought our country to its knees like no other president before him. The way it’s going you your grandchildren won’t even have a country to claim. Obama is the sorriest pres we have ever had bar none and Hillary will be no better. No Trump is not the best but he is the best we have running. If you care for your grandchildren and America vote anything but Hillary. About the program’s what does the Bible say about sitting on your ass and waiting on somebody to feed you? And do not call me a coward you might just find out for your self. If I am a idiot,I’m a ninth grade idiot and you are a highly educated idiot ,which is worst? fowler you are a dumbass of a high caliber.

  26. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    You are a coward and don’t you ever try to threaten me. Which is worst? The 9th grade idiot or a person who carried his education all the way through college? With out a doubt the 9th grade dropout who stopped his education half way through school is dumber. Because of my advanced education there are things that I know that baffle you (Like the Battle of Wounded Knee). I need for you to show me where the USA paid $400,000,000,00 for their release and where you discovered that they were in international waters. No payment was made and the one boat had drifted into Iranian waters. When my great grand children’s children are born there will be an USA. Only a dumb fool (you) would believe that the USA is doomed to fall by the wayside and no longer exist. You do not possess the ability to gather information and make judgements from what you have learned. You hear something and in your mind it must be true for someone told you. I feel that George W. Bush is the sorriest president ever. He got us into a war that is still going 8 years after he got out of office. I am baffled as to why I even write to you – You are an idiot with idiot ideas and my preferece is to have an educated person on the other end of my correspondence. That you are not but I get pleasure reading your pathetic responses. For you to call me dumb*** of a high caliber does not express a description of me – just say that I am educated and you aren’t. WOOF WOOF WOOF ARF I hear your wife calling but it sounds as though a gang of mystery dogs have taken over. TA TA and auf wiedeshen.

  27. Anonymous Says:


    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Oldman, if that’s your opinion of me, so be it but the only fool on this blog has been the man from 127 Lindely (?) Lane, Jackson Parish, telephone number 259 9292.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Fowler what does the bible say about sitting on your ass,not working and letting somebody else feed you

  29. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    OLDMAN of the Brainless tribe, the $400,000,000.00 was Iranian money that had been under litigation at the Hague for years and the USA just paid it back (Iranian banks are frozen by the USA and other countries and there was no way to wire it to Iran). The fact that four Americans that had been held by Iran were released at about the same time was just coincidence. The $400,000,000.00 had nothing to do with the sailors who wandered into Iranian waters and were taken prisoner.

  30. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    I find it very interesting that there are Republicans who are plotting a way to DUMP TRUMP. The method to use is in the RNC bylaws. It’s just a matter of who has the gonads to do it. Lord have mercy if they succeed in get rid of Trump. He’ll sue everyone that he can. He already is preparing for his departure by saying that the election is rigged.

  31. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Oldman, read the following and if you can’t understand it, get someone to explain it to A California Democrat on Wednesday launched a petition calling for Donald Trump to a undergo mental health evaluation.

    Rep. Karen Bass, who was a physician assistant and a clinical instructor prior to her political career, said the Republican presidential nominee may have narcissistic personality disorder, which could severely influence his actions as commander in chief.

    “Donald Trump is dangerous for our country. His impulsiveness and lack of control over his own emotions are of concern. It is our patriotic duty to raise the question of his mental stability to be the commander in chief and leader of the free world,” the petition states.

    “Mr. Trump appears to exhibit all the symptoms of the mental disorder Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Mental health professionals need to come forward and urge the Republican party to insist that their nominee has an evaluation to determine his mental fitness for the job.”

  32. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    This is for all those people who think that I am being unduly hard on Oldman the human lying machine. What follows is why I keep after him to provide some answers but his brain is stuck on LYING WHITE TRASH.Donald Billie Davis is a lying piece of white trash, if you don’t already know it.

    He claims that I bullied people in school but won’t say who.

    He claims that I lie all of the time but will not give any examples.

    He claims that he has “bad” things on me but won’t say what.

    He says that I had sex with my granddaughter.

    He is just a piece of sniveling dog-booger white trash that feels if he lies enough, people just might believe him. I have asked him for going on three years to answer those questions and he refuses because they are lies. He has lived near those railroad tracks for so long his mind has become addled. I really feel sorry for the old boy who has to lie to have any fun.

    Like I said: he is just a lying piece of white trash and I challenge him to answer those four questions if he has the guts.

  33. Oldman Says:

    To be fair let’s ask Trump and Hillary both to have a mental evaluation and the ones that fail can not be president, How does that sound? We do not need another Clinton as president,one was enought.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      To be fair, let’s evaluate the one that is exhibiting all the signs of a mental disorder (Trump) and if we can get them to do it in the Shreveport area, maybe they can evaluate you also. Wait! You have already shown the signs of stupidity so there is no need to evaluate you.

      Pray tell what did Bill Clinton do that was wrong while he was president.

  34. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Trump backs off his lie about the $400,000,000.00 he “saw” being off-loaded from a plane. Maybe he will back off the story he told about seeing people jump out of the World Trade Center on 9/11 even though he lives “4 miles” from the site. Maybe he will back off the story about seeing “1000s” of Muslims cheering the WTC as it fell to the ground. I’ll stop there for there are too many Trumps tales for him to back off of. He is pathological liar no doubt and he believes that when he says something that it is true. I hate to say this but I feel sorry for the guy and it worries me no end that he could be elected president of my country. That is frightening!!!!!!

  35. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Oldman, as you go to bed and curl up with the dogs and pigs that you like so much, here is something for you to think about – Trumpie is behind Hillary in every poll except the one taken by the folks a Duck Dynasty. Don’t sleep well and may tomorrow bring you nothing but woe and misery. TA TA and auf weidershen white trash loser/

  36. Oldman Says:

    Good nite mouth,we will see. Trump will be president and hillary will be in prison. With your crazy ideas I caint believe they let you around children much less be a teacher. No wonder the USA is in such a bad shape. Fowler you might be book smart but you are everyday dumb. fowler shut up and go to bed,old people need their rest.nite

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      As a 73 year-old buzzard, you certainly spew a lot of rear end material. Only an idiot would tell his SUPERIOR to shut up. As a matter of fact I was a great teacher and still hear from a lot of my former students. I have one who is a heart surgeon in San Antonio and I have a few that like you quit in the 9th grade. Book smart? Yes! Every day dumb? No! Don’t try to compare me to you. I am so far above you that your nose would bleed if you tried to reach my level!!!!! What books have you read (if you can) lately? Comic books and Playboy don’t count. Right now I am in the middle of “Anatomy of the Nurenberg Trials” which is a reread for me as I like go back over history. You have a large pair of gonads to dare to call someone less than you for you are down right stupid in all areas and at 73, there is no hope for you. Nitey nite. Don’t let the fleas and pigs bite you white trash loser.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Parking lot attendant. I gave Don a dollar to park my car a few times.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Oldman, I don’t know what it takes to get through your brain that in all of my life I have never been a parking attendant – I was the SUPERVISOR of 20 some-odd men. Your miniscule brain can not comprehend the simplest of facts so I’ll just quit talking about this subject. All you understand is dogs and pigs and other barnyard animals. You hae wasted you mind on the insignificant and are burnt out. So sad. TA TA and auf weideeahen white trash.

  38. Oldman Says:

    Fowler that was not me. While we are on this subject tell what jobs you have done. I know about you parking cars,speaking for LBGT,teacher,army,what else have you done? Boy you sure get around. With your back ground you ought to be helping hillery get elected.what else have you done?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Anything for a dollar

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        Oldman the vulgar, while we are at it, why don’t you become a man and answer the four questions that I have been trying to get you to address for almost three years. You residual smell of a fart, I HAVE NEVER BEEN A SPEAKER FOR THE LBGT. Apparently you make these accusations because you secretly wish t come out of the closet and join that group. You need to learn how to spell Hillary’s name and you need to VOTE FOR HER FOR PRESIDENT. You are plain white trash and a loser and will be for the rest of your sorry life. I think that I will stop responding to your sophomoric attempts to portray me as something that I am not. I served 20 years in the army; served 20 years as a teacher. Those are the only full-time jobs I ever had. I worked as a campground host at Guadalupe Mountains National Park and worked as a campground host at the Corus Christi Naval Air Station and along the way I worked for the San Antonio Missions professional baseball team as PARKING SUPERVISOR and I did the same job for the City of San Antonio at the Alamodome. NOT ONCE HAVE I PARKED A CAR. I had 20+ people working for me and all I had to do was assign them to their positions and check on them during the night. Your mind (which is very small) is stuck on lies. You ought to tell the truth more often and see If you can get it unstuck. I hope that the LGBT will accept you as a member. The don’t care that you are white trash and a loser. They just want to be able to brag that Donald Billie Davis is a member in their organization. Good day, white trash loser. TA TA auf weidershen. (JUST A NOTE Unless you have moved to Ruston you ought to get off their blog and go back to Jonesboro.)

  39. Oldmanisunderfowlersskin Says:

    I’m getting under your skin if not you would be so upset about what you said I said.Ha,Ha I’m getting under your skin. Everybody listen ” lmgetting under fowlers skin.” A little old 9 th grader is getting under fowler so skin.

  40. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Just in case, white trash, that you have forgotten, here are the questions that I want you to answer. Of course I don’t expect a white trash coward to man up and answer them. Because of your inability to do the right thing, I guess that you have been sniffing to many dog farts and don’t know honor when it bits you in the tail.

    He claims that I bullied people in school but won’t say who.

    He claims that I lie all of the time but will not give any examples.

    He claims that he has “bad” things on me but won’t say what.

    He says that I had sex with my granddaughter

    • Oldmanisunderfowlersskin Says:

      Getting under your skin. I have gotten under this educated fools skin.fowler let this 9 th grader get under his skin.’

    • Oldmanisunderfowlersskin Says:

      Fowler the same old questions over and over. You caint get me out of your mine can you? Be a good little boy and don’t get your panties in a wad. Don’t fret too much about a 9 th grader getting under your skin. Calm down it will get better but you will never fotget the day the ninth grade wizard got under your skin.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        It’s the same old “I’ll say something stupid that isn’t true and I will just ignore any requests to answer them.” You are a lying yellow-bellied coward who lacks the guts to answer the questions because you know that they are something that you just made up. You haven’t gotten under my skin; you only think that you have. You haven’t the courage to face up to the fact that you are lying and want to look “brave” by not answering what I ask. I keep telling you that all you are is a white trash coward whose entire family fits that description. When you accused me of having sex with my granddaughter, that was about as low as a person (even a white trash person) could go. Give me proof that I had sex with my granddaughter or shut the **** up. Tell me what lies that I have told. Who did I bully (you have to remember that you weren’t in school very long) And pray tell what “bad” things do you have on me. The day a white trash loser like you gets under my skin . . . . TA TA little girlie boy. Go play with your dolls and follow your mammy around. WHITE TRASH LOSER. ARF ARF your wife is calling you to the old fire hydrant – I think that there is a new dog for the two of you to sniff. LESSON ONE: caint is spelled can’t; mine should be mind. 9 th grader should be 9th grader. fotget should be forget. wizard, when applied to you is misused for all you are is dumb little girlie white trash nobody and a fool to boot. ARF ARF ARF you had better hurry for you wife seems to be in a fight over the fire hydrant. TA TA and auf weidershen. I wonder if you would have had the courage to stand up, face to face, with someone that is trying to kill you and get your shots off first. I just wonder for courage doesn’t seem to be part of your make up. I can hear you crying “I want my mommy” instead of taking the NVA out. Burrrp went my AR15 and I was still standing. I truly feel sorry for your stupidity. In Louisiana books are free and all a student has too do Is attend class and listen. Are your ears defective? I guess that you wanted to get to the fire hydrant first. So be it.

  41. Oldmanisunderfowlersskin Says:

    This has went on far too long,time to quit playing and say good bye Mr. Fowler it’s been nice knowing you.Find someone else to play with. Bye,Bye

  42. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Idiot, the correct expression is “This has GONE on . . . .You are a white trash loser and coward and when you start to lose (which you are doing in this case) you start to whine and then you take your ball and go home. Can’t stand to be wrong in anything. Well, all that you have said about me is a lie and you are definitely wrong about all of that. YOU HAVEN’T THE GUTS TO ANSWER MY QUESTIONS BECAUSE YOU KNOW THAT THEY ARE ALL LIES. IS THAT A TRAIT OF YOUR FAMILY? Lie lie lie lie. I think that it is and I have caught you in four lies. Does anyone in your family lie more than you do? All of you are white trash losers and I don’t think there will ever be a change. TA TA white trash losers and AUF WEIDERSHEN. Oh, maybe you can get some encouragement from Lamnte Massey and Bobby Culppepper, two people that I never associated with and am a better person for that. It has not and never will be nice knowing you because I like to keep my distance from lying white trash COWARDS.

  43. Oldmanknowsbest Says:

    give him hell,Fowler

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Hi, there Oldman (using one of his many names but all of the stink of white trash and losers).

  44. Oldmanisunderfowlersskin Says:


    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      259 9292 127 Lindely Lane Jonesboro Louisiana. Ain’t I right?

    • Fowleismarterthanoldmanwilleverbe Says:

      Fowler. you ought quick picking on Oldman. Your comments are like taking candy from a baby. As a matter of fact, Oldman is a 72 year-old baby. Leave him alone and just let him think he is smart.

      • The ghost of Fowler's past and present Says:

        I think that you are right. He is just a big baby and there is no reason to upset him. Dimwits are dime a dozem just like lying white trash losers. I’ll leave him alone for a while and then I will zing him good.

  45. Fowleismarterthanoldmanwilleverbe Says:

    The alcohol bill passed the Ruston government so let’s get on to another subject. Perhaps we can all go to Oldman’s home turf- the Jonesboro blog. Never could figure out why he went and messed up the Ruston blog. He knows little about his home town and even less about Ruston. ARF ARF ARF it’s sniffing time at the old fire hydrant. Go get them Oldman but clean your nose first – we dpn’t want you to be passing any STDs now do we. TA TA stupid one and auf weidershen.

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