Baton Rouge Newspaper: “Goofy” Monroe DA

James Gill: In case of Alabama ‘stoners’ Cam Robinson, Hootie Jones, ‘goofy’ Monroe DA creates ‘blatant perversion of justice’

by James Gill

The press has moved on from that goofy district attorney who refused to file charges against two stoners found with guns in their car. Cam Robinson and Hootie Jones were deemed worthy of a pass because they play for the Crimson Tide.

This blatant perversion of justice got so many laughs that nobody seems to have noticed quite how serious it was. This was not, as some reports suggested, just a couple of kids given a break over a run-of-the-mill offense. Possessing drugs and a weapon at the same time means a mandatory five years in prison under Louisiana law. Robinson and Jones probably don’t know how lucky they are.

Robinson and Jones are from Monroe, where the local district attorney, Jerry Jones, achieved fleeting national attention a few weeks ago by announcing he was letting them off the hook because they had been sweating at football practice while the rest of us were taking it easy in the A/C. Jones presumably figured the voters of Ouachita Parish would agree with that reasoning, although it is possible that roofers or farm workers, say, did not find it persuasive.

It left Robinson and Hootie Jones to face the wrath of coach Nick Saban. Only a cynic would doubt that character is a prime consideration for college football coaches and that they always will take appropriate disciplinary measures.

Except, perhaps, if that would hurt their chance of winning. Saban’s wrath may not be enough to keep Robinson and Hootie Jones off the field for the season opener against USC.

4 Responses to “Baton Rouge Newspaper: “Goofy” Monroe DA”

  1. Jethro Gentry Says:

    Goofy no. Criminal yes.

  2. Jim Turner Says:

    Who is the best example for our children the Alabama stoners or the DA? No morals. True geto bottom dwellers like “Escape from New York.”

  3. Axel Blade Says:

    Al Capone would make a better DA than what’s there. Where oh where is Sinyle Morrison?

  4. pointe shoes Says:

    pointe shoes

    Baton Rouge Newspaper: “Goofy” Monroe DA | Lincoln Parish News Online

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