Expansion Plans Afoot @ Detention Center

There are preliminary plans for a new building that would house 50 more prisoners than the present 240 person capacity, Warden Jim Tuten told last Thursday’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish Detention Center Commission.

“Ballpark” cost estimates are about $750 thousand, Tuten said. The project would be spread over two budget years, 2016 and 2017.

Cost savings realized from not having to house prisoners at other area jails would pay for the new construction, Tuten claimed.

Said Tuten, “Based upon what looking at as far as having to house inmates at other facilities, we should be able to pay for it in less that two years with money that we would save by farming out.”

He added, “As we farm people out, remember we have to pay almost $25 a day for somebody to house our inmates. So, if you’re looking at right now around 30 that are out there, and we’ve had as high as 45 this month, housed at other facilities, it runs into a pretty good expense to do that.”

In other business, the commission approved a new four-year contract with the Sheriff’s Office for operation of the facility.

See here the document.

One Response to “Expansion Plans Afoot @ Detention Center”

  1. Oldman Says:

    This business is one that there will always be room for expansion. A good money maker as we have raised a generation of crooks the democrat way,all have the give me mentality.

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