Ouachita Court Coverup Update

Defendants: Marchman has no ‘direct proof’

By Zach Parker zach@ouachitacitizen.com

A number of defendants sued by Fourth Judicial District Court Judge Sharon Marchman in federal court filed motions last week to dismiss her lawsuit, arguing Marchman has given no proof to support her “bizarre” and “sensational” allegations.

Marchman’s allegations that law clerk Allyson Campbell committed payroll fraud and concealed or destroyed court filings form the center of her lawsuit before U.S. District Court Judge Maurice Hicks. In her lawsuit, Marchman claims nine defendants — including Campbell, four district court judges and their attorneys — conspired to cover up Campbell’s activities and retaliated against Marchman for trying to uncover their efforts.

A number of the accusations levied and defendants named in Marchman’s lawsuit also are at the heart of litigation pursued in Fourth Judicial District Court by Monroe businessman Stanley R. Palowsky III. It was in Palowsky’s lawsuit against his former business partner, Brandon Cork, that the accusations of payroll fraud and document destruction against Campbell first surfaced. Later those accusations were the basis of Palowsky’s July 2015 lawsuit, also filed in Fourth Judicial District Court, against the law clerk and five district court judges.


2 Responses to “Ouachita Court Coverup Update”

  1. Oldman Says:

    Being a judge puts you above the law, they write their own rules.its sad real sad. What do we do now? Who judges the judge ?

  2. Sammuel Hamm Says:

    From the earliest civilizations had corrupt judges. The successful civilizations overcame corrupt judges. Put the judges where they need to be.

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