Rob Shadoin Thinks We Don’t Pay Enough Taxes

By one single vote, a bill authored by Ruston State Representative Rob Shadoin was defeated this week in the House Ways & Means Committee in Baton Rouge. The bill would have reduced “excess federal itemized personal deductions” and resulted in over $100 million more money taken from Louisiana’s taxpayers to feed the government beast.

See here House Bill 11.

The vote took place Wednesday.


14 Responses to “Rob Shadoin Thinks We Don’t Pay Enough Taxes”

  1. Oldman Says:

    For some reason tar,feathered and run out of town comes to mind. Maybe the old people knew what they were doing after all.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe there is a kinder interpretation. Maybe he thinks the health of our institutions – like Tech – are common goods in which people want to invest.

  3. NeverAgain Says:

    If the state wants to “invest in our institutions” they should stop “investing” in every toilet hole they can find to throw money down. There is no rational reason a state of 4.5 million people should have a budget of $25 Billion and be broke all the time.
    caption should have been “Another State Representative in Trouble”

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Gummint hates for us to have our portion of the paycheck each month.

  5. jackson 2 Says:

    drunk on power not strong drink as before. BIG MOUTH NO BRAIN

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Jackson2,explain your self a little better

  7. jackson 2 Says:

    DUI several years ago. Has impressive speech (big mouth) Has drank the cool aide of John Alerio.

  8. ThrowMeSomethin'Mr Says:

    also besties with JBE

  9. Oldman Says:

    Why do we keep electing these clowns?

  10. Shady Bill Says:

    Louisiana public service employees does not pay Louisiana income tax on their retirement income. So old Rob should author a bill repealing that law if he really wants to get the state out of the red. Do not hold your breath. It will never happen.

  11. Oldman Says:

    I thought there would be more posts on this matter. By not posting it shows that most think we are not taxed enough. No wonder we are in the shape we are in,nobody cares. At what point do we say no to more taxes,it’s almost as if we the tax payer think the government always knows best. Do you? Do you want more taxes,it seems so. “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”
    Ronald Reagan ( the last great president we had )

  12. customer service Says:

    Full service

    Rob Shadoin Thinks We Don

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