Another North Louisiana Mayor in Trouble

St. Joseph mayor target of criminal investigation

Katie Moore, WWL-TV

ST JOSEPH, La.– Mayor Ed Brown of St. Joseph, La. is the target of a criminal investigation by Louisiana State Police after a legislative audit earlier this year accused him of mismanaging the town’s finances and outlined several possible crimes Brown may have committed.

Wednesday a spokesman for Louisiana State Police confirmed that detectives had converged on the Town Hall in the small Northeast Louisiana town Tuesday to begin their investigation in earnest.

Witnesses said investigators seized documents as part of the criminal probe, but Brown has not been arrested.


15 Responses to “Another North Louisiana Mayor in Trouble”

  1. Oldman Says:

    Without being racist,let me guess what race this man was.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      I read a comment from you that said that you were not racist. Sounds like a lie to me.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Oldman, you are the biggest racist that I know. Remember writing on this post that you were against mixing the races because you wanted to keep the white race pure? That sounds like a David Duke supporter to me. Are you a verified skin-head or are you just following along because someone told you to? You are so stupid that you can’t think for yourself. ARF ARF ARF you are being called by your wife because there is an opening at the fire hydrant. I wish you good sniffing.

  2. sunrisesunset Says:

    I think we all know the answer, Oldman.

  3. youngman Says:

    Maybe he can get Thompson to come help him out , seeing that Thompson is out of jail before his time was up !

  4. Donald M. Fowler Says:

    Oldman speaks out of both sides of his mouth. “I ain’t prejudice but I can guess what race this man is.” I wish that someone would sign Oldman up for “ABC Mouse” so that he could enjoy his computer. Bogger Boy, you have a lot of my questions to answer so why don’t you man up and start. Gonna be in Quitman soon if you would like to meet and discuss your lying ways. TA TA mother of a dog.

  5. Any Mouse Says:

    I ain’t dan (whoever that is) and I certainly am not mr. fowler. Oldman gets it wrong again,

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Has there been any more news coverage about this mayor? Certainly, Walter has dropped the ball on this story. Most of the replies above fancy Mr. Brown to be African-American and that, according to those know it all who commented above is the reason for any crime he may have committed. Whatever happened to the innocent until proven guilty? My our esteemed Walter will do a follow up on the story. “Without being racist, let me guess what race this man is.” That’s a racist statement in and of itself. Oldman is a racist. Can’t you people understand that? His views are mostly worthless unless you lean toward the David Duke idea of race.

  7. checkitout Says:

    Walter might need to check into the Mayor of North Hodge situation. There is a page on Facebook called “North Hodge Accountability”, Looks like they are having some problems.

  8. You Don't Need to Know Says:

    Was in Quitman/Hodge/Jonesboro last Saturday thru Wednesday and never ran into Oldman the vile and vulgar. I ate breakfast at McDonald’s each morning, shopped each day at Wal Mart, bought some chicken at Southern Classic, used the dump station at the service station on the left of Highway 167, ate one meal at the Catfish Inn, and bought some Junior Whoppers at Burger King. Sure wish I could have run into the snot-nosed bugger after all he has said about me and my granddaughter. I sold the RV to a dealer in Shreveport and as soon as few minor things are repaired I will be back in Quitman to visit my son and his wife – just won’t have an RV to sleep in, but they have an extra bedroom so that is no problem. Don’t know the dates that I will be back up there but will post it on this forum. The debate will be on in an hour or so, so I will sign off – ARF ARF ARF and TA TA.

  9. Olderman the Magnificient Says:

    Can’t help but feel sorry for Trumpie. He got asked “unfair questions” (the same ones that Hillary was asked FIRST each time) and his microphone was defective (I heard him clearly as did the audience). He interrupted Hillary 28 time; Hillary interrupted him zero times. He sniffled like a cocaine user and drank more water than you can imagine (probably had to rush to the bathroom at the end of the debate or else he had a urine bottle stashed beneath the podium). Some of his answers were incoherent and completely off subject. One of his advisor said on a talk show this AM that if he were asked by Trumpie, he would tell him to skip the last two debates. That person was Rudy TWIN TOWERS Gulianni (sp), a loser if there were ever one. But, true to form, Trumpi proclaimed victory. I just wonder where he gets off thinking that he won. That alternate universe in which he resides must really be something. ARF ARF ARF and TA TA

  10. Olderman the Magnificient Says:

    When I was in Quitman recently, I never saw an article in any newspaper (and this blog also) that spoke of trouble with any mayor in any town in Louisiana. I guess that reporters (including Walter Abbott) are satisfied with the status quo. I did read and reread Blanche Bishops extremely biased article and am still trying to find the point she was trying to make. She is a tea bagger so I guess what she has printed is of no consequence to the editor of the Jackson Independent (which now costs an embarrassingly high one dollar). (The cost of the Monroe paper was also raised). The only news that I could get was Faux News on 94.1. Trumpie is gathering steam and now relates how all polls show him winning the first debate, polls that were not done scientifically. The only scientific poll (which was done by CNN) shows that Trumpie was the loser by more than thirty points, but that one doesn’t count for it is part of the lame stream media that is against Trumpie. Today I listened to Trumpie, Jr. urge his dad to start whipping up on Clinton by bringing up Bill’s sexual exploits with Paula, Jennifer, and the White House intern. I guess that Jr. is giving his dad a pass on cheating with his mother while he was still married to her and the affair that he had while still married to his second wife. Trumpie did all of this out in the open, flaunting the affairs in front of whichever woman he wasmarried to at the time. His alternate universe allows such conduct, I suppose. No one responds to my notes but I know that Oldman the vile and vulgar reads them so I will keep them coming for his benefit and pleasure. ARF ARF ARF and TA TA.

  11. Olderman the Magnificient Says:

    With no reposts of mayoral shenanigans I guess Walter can just sit back relax. Even Oldman the vile and vulgar 9th-grade dropout has been quite on this the Jonesboro blog. He has, however, mothed off on several ot the other blogs, especially the one about payroll fraud. I have also found him on the Ruston blog and several others. The man is a real know-it-all evidenced by his comments on subjects of which he has no knowledge. Even his candidate for president is imploding. His comments on women are out and out sexual harassment and some of them border on sexual assault (the bit about just grabbing a woman’s crotch). And then he tried to explain away his behavior by saying that Bill Clinton used to say worse things on the golf course (but no tape or video of Bill saying anything exists that I know of). Trumpie says that there is no way that he will quit the race but he should. Even the leaders of the republican party in Congress are beginning to see that Trumpie was a terrible choice.

  12. Olderman the Magnificient Says:

    I plan on watching the debate this evening, My hope is that Trumpie makes a fool of himself and that more people begin to realize that he isn’t a good choice to be president. The man is a 275-lb 70-year-old slob who is playing the nation for a fool. He has no agenda. His stated tax cuts will benefit only the super wealthy and his plan to defeat ISIS is still a secret that he keeps hidden in the dark caverns of his mind. Now there is gossip that Mike Pence is about to jump ship and leave Trumpie all alone. The republican party is going down the toilet and doesn’t realize what that flushing sound is. And still his main base is the uneducated who would believe him if he told them that the sky was falling. ARF ARF ARF oh stupid one.

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