Arcadia Housing Authority Bookkeeping Woes

The Town of Arcadia’s Housing Authority has very poor recordkeeping habits, according to a just-released audit for the year ended 6/30/15.

Among the findings:

a) The authority could not locate and did not publish recorded minutes for 4 board meetings during the fiscal year.
b) One board members spouse contracted to perform services for the authority.
c) The authority did not execute a contract with the Executive Director.
d) Incorrect calculation of employee leave balances.
e) Failure to submit 1099 reports to the IRS.
f) Failure to make pension plan payments for 6 months of the fiscal year.
g) No support for credit card transactions totaling $2,129.
h) Inadequate support for travel reimbursements made to one employee.

See here the complete report.


4 Responses to “Arcadia Housing Authority Bookkeeping Woes”

  1. Paul Johnson Says:

    Of course….would not expect anything different from these agencies. This is SOP for these groups all over the state.

  2. ThrowMeSomethin'Mr Says:

    Hey, it’s just old money, what’s the big deal?

  3. Oldman Says:

    How many have lost their job or went to jail for this if ever?

    • Bob Sherunkel Says:

      It ism as Paul Johnson stated, SOP to the extent that without a proficiency of the scam at this level, you will never advance.

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