Former DeSoto DA Gets a Pass

Former DeSoto DA suspended, not disbarred from future law practice

By Vickie Welborn

Former DeSoto District Attorney Richard Johnson, who is serving a federal prison sentence for lying about his income taxes, will not have to give up his law license.

The Louisiana Supreme Court instead suspended the former prosecutor for three years, retroactive to Dec. 4, the date of his interim suspension.

Johnson faced disbarment and said he expected as much when he pleaded guilty in September for falsifying his 2011 tax return. At least one on the court’s panel agreed. Associate Justice Jeannette Theriot Knoll dissented from the majority opinion and said she would disbar Johnson.

Prior to the filing of formal charges against Johnson, he and the Office of Disciplinary Counsel submitted a joint petition for consent discipline. The court agreed to accept the petition after review.

Johnson is inmate No. 18090-035 in a Marion, Ill., prison. He reported to the medium security federal prison in April. His release date is Feb. 15.


3 Responses to “Former DeSoto DA Gets a Pass”

  1. Oldman Says:

    We are out numbered,more crooks than good folks,o’well.

    • Anonymous Says:

      You seem to be in all discussions whether you are knowledgeable or not. Just an idiot spouting off!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I am totally against the income tax, but if this had been a poor man he’d be in jail for 10 years. No justice. May the Lord judge accordingly to those that pervert judgment.

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