Ouachita Court Coverup Update

District Attorney Jerry Jones’ actions cripple court probe

By Zach Parker and Johnny Gunter

Inquiries by The Ouachita Citizen into Fourth Judicial District Attorney Jerry Jones’ involvement in an investigation of Fourth Judicial District Court show the district attorney offered a false account of his communications with investigators, filed misleading court documents and did not refer this newspaper’s criminal complaint against the court to authorities involved in the investigation.

Those activities formed part of Jones’ efforts to downplay the investigation into possible wrongdoing at the court as well as his involvement in the probe.

The investigation stemmed from allegations that law clerk Allyson Campbell committed payroll fraud and destroyed or concealed court records. Those accusations also are the focus of separate lawsuits, one filed in district court by Monroe businessman Stanley R. Palowsky III and the other in federal court filed by Fourth Judicial District Court Judge Sharon Marchman.


4 Responses to “Ouachita Court Coverup Update”

  1. John Simms Says:

    Just another part of the judicial process gone aerie. No one can get a fair shake in Ouachita Parish. If you want fair well it comes to town once a year.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    “But I will say this to you. I know Jerry Jones and I am convinced that any investigation that he initiates will be one done with integrity. I absolutely believe that to be the case. He will go wherever the findings take him. That’s how he is, and that’s a good thing. It is our expectation that he will show us no special privileges or special deference. I expect him to respond to the request that he investigate with integrity, and I don’t fear that at all.” — Ben Jones


  3. Anonymous Says:

    More sunlight.


  4. Herman Lowe Says:

    This court case explains many of the unusual actions of the court system over the years. What will happen to our judiciary as a result of this court case? An enema can’t be all bad if you are stopped up.

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