Ouachita Parish Court Coverup Update

Law clerk, Crawford stall for time in Marchman lawsuit

By Zach Parker zach@ouachitacitizen.com

Law clerk Allyson Campbell and Monroe attorney Brian Crawford both asked the U.S. District Court on Tuesday for more time to respond to Fourth Judicial District Court Judge Sharon Marchman’s lawsuit against them and other court officials.

Campbell and Crawford are two of several defendants in Marchman’s lawsuit, which claims some Fourth Judicial District Court officials and their attorneys threatened, harassed, ridiculed and alienated her when she tried to uncover their alleged efforts to cover up wrongdoing at the court. Campbell is accused — in Marchman’s lawsuit, as well as in a Fourth Judicial District Court lawsuit pursued by Monroe businessman Stanley R. Palowsky III — of committing payroll fraud and destroying or concealing documents filed with the court.

The other judges that Marchman claimed mistreated her are Carl Sharp, Fred Amman, Wilson Rambo and former Judge Ben Jones, who now serves as the court’s administrator. Those four judges also tried to cover up Campbell’s activities, Marchman said.


3 Responses to “Ouachita Parish Court Coverup Update”

  1. Holt Curry Says:

    It is a sad day knowing our judicial system is corrupt as it is. Please Feds take over our court system and give the citizens of Ouachita Parish justice.

  2. Oldman Says:

    Will the Feds be any better?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Why is it so hard to attract the attention of Stephanie A. Finley, the
    USA for the WDLa?

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