Former St. Tammany DA Going to Jail

Former St. Tammany Parish DA Walter Reed found guilty on 18 counts of corruption charges

WWL TV4 NEW ORLEANS — Former St. Tammany District Attorney Walter Reed was found guilty on 18 corruption-related counts.

Reed was only found not guilty on one count of money laundering. The verdict comes after little more than four hours of deliberations.

“As the jury found, the defendants’ actions were not innocent ‘mistakes,’ as Walter Reed claimed during his testimony. They were crimes,” U.S. Attorney Kenneth Polite tweeted following the verdict.

“As a community, we are tired of hearing, and accepting, excuses from public officials who violate the public trust to enrich themselves.”

For the past two weeks, Reed has been in a federal courtroom, facing multiple counts of criminal accusations, along with his oldest son Stephen Reed.

The government lodged against the pair allegations of mail and wire fraud, conspiracy, money laundering and making false statements on tax documents.

Evidence presented included campaign fund purchases of large group dinners, gift cards and flowers, as well as checks to a church and his son for campaign events and public service announcements.


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