Evidence Ties Mays to Crime Scene

Testimony this morning in Third Judicial (Lincoln, Union Parishes) District Court in Ruston from Ruston Police Department (RPD) investigator Clint Williams tied accused rapist Cameron Mays to a residence where a Louisiana Tech Coed testified yesterday that she was sexually assaulted.

A set of keys was recovered at the crime scene that fit the locks on a trailer house on West Alabama Avenue where Mays lived.

Also recovered at the scene was an empty condom wrapper, a cigarette butt, and a fingerprint on the vehicle in which the victim said she was abducted and forced at gunpoint to withdraw money from an ATM. There has been no testimony yet identifying the fingerprints or the DNA on the cigarette butt as that of the accused, but it seems likely that testimony will be forthcoming shortly.

Mays’ cellphone contained a text message to Brandon Bonton at about 4 AM, 6/4/12, graphically describing what he had done. Another text told Bonton that he had a flat-screen TV for sale that matched the description of one the items listed as stolen.

Other items listed as stolen were recovered, Williams said, including a DVD player.

Bonton is also accused as an accessory to various crimes related to this case. His trial is set for September.

Testimony will resume this afternoon.


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