Alleged Rape Victim, Roommate Testify in Mays Trial

The alleged victim of Cameron Mays, along with her roommate, took the stand this afternoon, and testified to the events of early Monday, 6/4/2012, the date Mays is accused of sexually assaulting the then Louisiana Tech student. The testimony took place in Third Judicial (Lincoln, Union Parishes) District Court in Ruston.

Both testified that they had traveled to Bastrop on Sunday afternoon, and returned to their house located west of the Tech campus around 6 PM. The roommate said she left about 10 PM to spend the night with her sister, leaving the victim asleep on the sofa.

Around 3 or 4 AM, the victim said she awoke to voices in the house. Thinking it was her returning roommate, she got up and went into the kitchen, whereupon she was attacked, tied up, and placed on the sofa where she was assaulted.

Her attacker was armed, she said. She never got a good look at his face because it was covered.

Asked if she tried to fight the assault, she said she didn’t because, “I was afraid he would kill me.”

The attacker then rummaged through her purse and found an ATM card, she testified. She was then abducted and forced to drive to an ATM machine, where several hundred dollars was withdrawn. Taken to an abandoned house for a time, the attacker and victim went to a second location. She recalls driving over railroad tracks, but couldn’t see where, because her attacker covered her with a blanket.

They then returned the house, whereupon her attacker left, and she was able to untie herself. She recalls him telling her, “If you call the police, we’ll find you and kill you.”

Unable to find her cellphone, the victim contacted her roommate via Facebook. The roommate came to the house about 6 AM, whereupon she found the house ransacked, the victim traumatized, and concerned that the perpetrators might still be nearby. TVs, laptop computers, and other electronic equipment were missing, the roommate said.

After traveling to the roommate’s parents home, they contacted the Ruston Police Department.

During cross examination, Mays’ attorney James Buckley focused on the poor visibility at that time of night.

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Stephanie Gullette testified that she observed abrasions and bruising on the victim’s arms, chest, and elbows, and that a pelvic exam revealed symptoms consistent with those commonly observed after a sexual assault.

Testimony will resume tomorrow morning at 9 AM.


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