Civil War Breaks out in Ouachita Courts

From the Ouachita Citizen:

Judge Sharon Marchman sues other judges, law clerk in federal court

By Zach Parker

The ongoing saga surrounding Stanley Palowsky III’s conflict with Fourth Judicial District Court officials took a turn Tuesday when Judge Sharon Marchman sued four of her colleagues on the bench and law clerk Allyson Campbell among others in U.S. District Court in Monroe.

Marchman’s lawsuit arises from the allegations that Campbell committed payroll fraud and destroyed or concealed court filings submitted by Palowsky in a lawsuit against a former business partner as well as allegations that district court judges covered up Campbell’s activities.

Defendants in Marchman’s lawsuit include Campbell, former state Attorney General Buddy Caldwell, Shreveport attorney Lawrence Pettiette (Campbell’s attorney), Monroe attorney Brian Crawford (Campbell’s attorney), attorney Jon Guice (judges’ attorney), Judges Carl Sharp, Fred Amman, Wilson Rambo and former Judge Ben Jones, who now serves as the court’s administrator.

Marchman said her efforts to “do the right thing and stop the cover-up of Campbell’s payroll fraud and document destruction” led to the defendants’ actions turning her into a “virtual pariah at the courthouse.”

See here the lawsuit.


3 Responses to “Civil War Breaks out in Ouachita Courts”

  1. Oldman Says:

    As a kid I was led to believe that judges among other law enforcement officers were to be obeyed and that were they were the good of the good. But now they have brought themselves down to the level of a petty crook,what a shame. Now the people enforcing the law are no better and sometimes worst than the lowest criminal. No wonder the jails are full, the young people have no one to mold their lives after. Our judges have the power of life or death over the little people,they need to be without doubt the best of the best. Louisiana has always had the best money could buy. The last state wide election shows that this trend will continue until we decide to do better,but it seems that day is far off. An elected official that breaks the law should have the max jail time,be forced to serve that time without any time off and never be able to run for office or work for the public again.
    Remember we can do better.

  2. I.P. Freely Says:

    thanks oldman

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