Jackson Parish Tax Admin Raise Plan Tabled

A plan for for a multi-year salary schedule with yearly incremental raises was tabled at yesterday’s meeting of the Jackson Parish Sales and Use Tax Commission, after board member Todd Culpepper suggested that performance evaluations needed to be a part of any pay raise plan. Culpepper is the Jackson Parish Police Jury (JPPJ) President, and the jury’s representative on the five-member commission.

Culpepper’s motion to table the issue until May was seconded by Jackson Parish School Board (JPSB) Business Manager James Odom. He is one of two school board representatives on the body.

During the discussion, Culpepper explained his action: “I have spoken with an expert personnel attorney to look at something to be fair. I think that what I would like to see happen, is for the protection of this office, for the protection of the administrator, over the years, for whatever reason, we did not give the courtesy to (former administrator) Debra (Jackson) for evaluation at the end of the year.” He added, “I think this board can take away some of the questions by at the end to the year us sitting down with Miss Nia (Edwards) and Maria (Bryant), going over things and doing what’s fair.”

Edwards was hired in January to replace Jackson. Bryant was hired in March.

The tabled salary schedule would have been effective July 1, with the administrator’s initial base salary of $43 thousand/year increased by $500 every year. The assistant administrator’s initial base salary of $27 thousand/year had a $300 yearly increase.

See here the document.

Commission Chair James Bradford appointed a three person committee to come back with another proposal in May, consisting of himself, Culpepper, and Edwards.


One Response to “Jackson Parish Tax Admin Raise Plan Tabled”

  1. Caney Says:

    I would like to know what the Judge said about the new school zones for the parish !!!!!!!!! No body around here wants to talk about it and acting like it’s a big secret . One more thing ! What is the ” FORM” page for on the Jackson Parish School Board site that you have to have a password for and no where to sign up for ? One more question . Why is the AGG department at Weston building P Blocks for the mill and the AGG department at Quitman getting a $22,000 PLASMA cutter .

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