Dubach School Grades 6, 7, 8 Moving to Ruston

Dubach School grades 6, 7, and 8 will be moved to the Ruston School District for the 2016-2017 school year, it was revealed at last night’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish School Board (LPSB). Currently, Dubach serves grades K through 8.

Lincoln Parish Schools Superintendent Mike Milstead said the move makes financial sense.

Said Milstead, “Our plan is to bring those six graders to I. A. Lewis. We’ll bring the other fifty kids, approximately, to Ruston Junior High.

The move will involve about 75 children, and about 10 teachers.

Milstead added, “All the faculty members at Dubach will have positions otherwise. It will diminish the number of employees we have in the district by approximately ten, saving us about $600 thousand a year.”

Plans are to add pre-K at Dubach, Milstead said.

Asked to clarify the money savings, it was said that even though no personnel would be laid off, the savings would come from retirements and other normal attrition, and then replacing those positions with the Dubach personnel.

Milstead also was asked if plans to completely close Dubach have been discussed, to which he said they had not.

“I have had none of those discussions. We have viable numbers at Dubach,” Milstead said.

Enrollment at Dubach should be about 125 to 150 pupils next year, he noted.


5 Responses to “Dubach School Grades 6, 7, 8 Moving to Ruston”

  1. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Says:

    We are watching the horrible spectacle of yet another Louisiana town dying before our very eyes due to a lack of economic diversity. It won’t be too many more years before Dubach looks exactly like the boarded up town of Wisner where the only activity is at the local grain elevator. Dwindling numbers of students mean young people are moving away to find the economic opportunities lacking in Louisiana and starting their families elsewhere leaving their aging parents behind to manage the town’s (and the state’s) decline.

    Lloyd Hanna’s cotton gin long ago ceased operations as cotton farming dried up, and the timber industry upon which Dubach was founded saw it’s last hurrah with the closing of the woodyard built up by Harris Green and kept alive by Hays Colvin until he finally passed away. Maxwell Green even managed to run a large Ponzi scheme out of the woodyard back in the ’80s, but now it’s nothing more than another empty lot. The new Dollar Store thrives now because it allows the people of Dubach to save a little money by not having to go all the way to Ruston to shop for basic necessities, but it too will face trouble in the years ahead as the population continues its inevitable decline.

    Meanwhile, our Democrat governor continues raising the most regressive of taxes falling squarely upon the poorest citizens as he pointedly ignores the trial lawyers feasting upon Louisiana’s decline. Tenacious tort reform akin to that of our thriving neighbor Texas would muzzle the jackals of the bar and begin to establish the trust businesses need in order to feel that their investments in Louisiana aren’t going to be wasted because they suddenly become deep pocketed targets to be sued into submission for poor people looking for an easy payday.

    These taxes are supposed to pay for the hubris of our just ousted former Republican governor who ran the state into the ground in the inane pursuit of his own national political ambitions. He too avoided offending the trial lawyer jackals while we the citizens continued to suffer. Supposed to, but John Kennedy’s demands that lucrative and unnecessary state consulting contracts rewarding the politically connected be canceled to save money go unheeded.

    Louisiana has a number of fine colleges turning out well educated graduates able to compete with the best colleges elsewhere as evidenced in their ability to find good jobs outside of Louisiana. You don’t see graduates of Ivy League schools rushing to Louisiana, but we do see far too many U-Hauls leaving Louisiana with our graduates. They are headed to Dallas and other parts to begin their careers and families. They may remember fondly their upbringing in Louisiana, but their kids will never know anymore about the state than what they see on their yearly visit to the grandparents at Christmas. Meanwhile, the rest of us have to suffer watching our state decline past the point of third-world status knowing that the politicians couldn’t care less about us than getting our vote in the next election so they can retain their cushy jobs.

    So, we watch the decline of another once proud and thriving school as the leading indicator of economic decline that it is. We watch the Democrat and Republicans continue to merge together in the Big Government Party at our expense. How else to explain why Republican consultants helped Democrat John Bel Edwards defeat Republican David Vitter for governor? State Republicans even claimed that “Vitter was not their kind of Republican” despite being staunchly conservative and a constant thorn in Obama’s side at the national level. Vitter could have helped Louisiana, but instead we got another Big Government hack dedicated to the pursuit of his own political ambitions with the help of the GOP. Pretty much what we had under the last governor. You suppose anything’s going to change under this one? Probably, but that change is going to be for the worse.

  2. Vee Says:

    Said Milstead, “Our plan is to bring those six graders to I. A. Lewis. We’ll bring the other fifty kids, approximately, to Ruston Junior High.

    The move will involve about 75 children, and about 10 teachers.

    ……….., saving us about $600 thousand a year.

    How much more is it going to cost to run school buses twice daily to transport those students? There will be more maintenance, repairs, and fuel for those buses. Insurance will probably go up as mileage increases for the routes, also. What about those parents that prefer to transport their own children? How much more in time and money is it going to cost them? How much more expense for the parents when they have to make a trip to Ruston to pick up a sick child at school? Seems government don’t care how much more parents have to pay. Are the dress codes the same for both schools, or will Dubach parents be forced to buy different clothing because a sibling’s clothing can’t be handed down?

  3. Oldman Says:

    But ,it’s for the children.

  4. On the Outside Looking In Says:

    So does the average Lincoln Parish school board employee make $60,000 per year? You know there will not be any reduction in central office employees, so that leaves teachers, aides, custodians, food prep workers, school bus drivers, etc.

    • Hillary for Prison Says:

      Yes, You can bet they will save those jobs that were “created” in the central office that consist of former Principals that were unsuccessful at being Principal ! Got to keep the friends of the “powers that be ” in a cushy tax payer funded job ! I think they need to clean out about 50 of the created positions in the central office starting with some of the administrators that have been there for years, Especially if they are eligible to retire. And the next thing is, In the near future, All of these small towns will eventually fold. That has been the plan of our Government for years. The ultimate plan is for all of us to live in highly populated citys where you can walk or ride a bicycle to work, Or wherever you need to go. Its called “sustainable development” and is being implemented all across the country. Got to stop that man made global warming ! Eventually private ownership of property and home will be “gone with the wind”. The destruction of small business is underway, and every time one closes shop, The tax burden is put upon the backs of the those that are left. Its all gonna implode one day , And I think it is closer than we think!

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