Judges, Former DA Have Issues

Former St. Charles Parish DA charged with obstruction

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) – Former St. Charles Parish District Attorney Harry Morel has been charged in federal bill of information with one count of obstruction of justice.

Morel served for 33 years and stepped down in 2012 amid allegations that he offered lenient plea deals in exchange for sexual favors.

A first appearance has been set for Monday before Judge Kurt Englehardt.

Suspensions recommended for two 18th JDC judges; Louisiana Supreme Court to hear cases in May

by Terry L. Jones| tjones@theadvocate.com

Two state judges in the 18th Judicial District are facing possible sanctions by the Louisiana Supreme Court on allegations they mishandled cases involving criminal defendants appearing before them.

The Judiciary Commission has recommended District Judge J. Robin Free be removed from the bench for a year without pay and pay the commission $11,098 in fines. The Commission has also asked that the Louisiana Supreme Court suspend District Judge James Best for 30 days and order he pay the Judiciary Commission $1,610 in fines.

Both Free and Best are set to appear before the state’s Supreme Court May 3, according to the court’s docket. They preside over cases in the 18th Judicial District, which covers the parishes of West Baton Rouge, Iberville and Pointe Coupee.


One Response to “Judges, Former DA Have Issues”

  1. Oldman Says:

    Our country is in a very bad shape when the judges themselves do not follow the law. This makes the little man think he does not have to follow the law himself. We the people need to take charge and get this country back to what it used to be. We had a great country at one time but we are letting it slip into being a third world country a little every day. The Government is supposed to work for the people.

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