Dubach “Grade Configuration” to Change

An agenda item for next Tuesday’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish School Board (LPSB) indicates that further consolidation of Dubach School is likely for the 2016-2017 school year.

According to unconfirmed rumors, several of the upper grades will move to the Ruston School District. Currently, Dubach serves grades K-8.

The move comes three years after the closure of Hico Elementary and the relocation of those students to Dubach, and the reassignment of Dubach’s grades 9-12 to Ruston High School.

Recently, approximately $1.5 million was spent at Dubach for a new library and additional classrooms.

The board meeting is set for 6:00 PM, Tuesday, April 4, Central Office, 410 South Farmerville Street.

Here is the agenda.


3 Responses to “Dubach “Grade Configuration” to Change”

  1. YouGottaBeKidding Says:

    Taxpayer money spends so smoooooth…
    Hey! it’s for the kids!

  2. rememberthattime Says:

    Tuesday is April 5. Just saying.

  3. D'Arbonne Says:

    I guess I was never convinced it made sense to shutter Dubach High. I understood Hico: it was remote and sparsely populated. But, Dubach’s population is actually climbing.
    I’ll admit I don’t follow the school board: no dog in the fight, but closing DHS just didn’t ring right.

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