$600K Surplus for 2015 @ Lincoln Detention Center

There was a $600 thousand surplus at the end of the 2015 budget year for the Lincoln Parish Detention Center, Warden Jim Tuten told yesterday’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish Detention Center Commission (DCC).

Said Tuten, “It looks like that for 2015, after everything is paid, we going to have about a $616 thousand surplus for the year.”

That number compares to the original 2015 proposed budget that projected a $48 thousand surplus, and an amended 2015 budget that projected $376 thousand surplus.

For 2016, the proposed budget calls for a $478 thousand surplus.

At the 12/10/15 meeting of the DCC, Sheriff Mike Stone had said that if the surplus conditions continue, the DCC may repay the $1 million plus that the Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ) provided to the DC for capital repairs when the DCC was short of money.

The LPPJ monies were appropriated from funds that would normally be used for courthouse maintenance.

Stone again cautioned yesterday that the per diem rates on prisoners housed on behalf of the Louisiana Department of Corrections may be reduced from $23/day to $16/day. If that happens, it would reduce revenues about $270 thousand over a six month period, it was noted.

5 Responses to “$600K Surplus for 2015 @ Lincoln Detention Center”

  1. D'arbonne Says:

    I’m not sure if “may repay” was the term Mike meant to use.
    The money is coming back to the PJ, but I’d feel better if we had a certain timeframe in place. When I borrow money, Bk of Ruston generally wants to know when I’m gonna give it back.

  2. Vee Says:

    It would be very beneficial to the taxpayers, their families, and the overall economy if they would reduce taxes collected from the working people and struggling retired persons living on a small fixed income.
    If families had more of their income to control, more to spend for their needs, local businesses would see their business grow as the taxpayers could buy more goods.
    Taxes collected from increased business could be distributed among other agencies that we pay taxes to support instead of so much tax being hoarded by on entity.
    The tax that was passed ..that has no expiration date, that goes on forever was a bad , bad thing. Any law can be repealed, but who would even consider such a thing? One entity keeps piling up our money in their coffers. Oh, it will be spent, of course, probably in greater retirement benefits , health care, and salaries for that one government body.
    That will cause all other government bodies to want the same perks for themselves and more taxes will be required. How soon will it be before we are asked to pay more taxes?

  3. cdstock Says:

    Are these related?
    Sheriff Decries Threatened Budget Cuts https://lincolnparishnewsonline.wordpress.com/2016/02/27/sheriff-decries-threatened-budget-cuts/

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Of course they have a surplus. They pay their guards a whopping $11/hr.

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