4-3 Vote to Adopt New Jackson Parish School Zones

The Jackson Parish School Board (JPSB) last night voted 4-3 at a special called meeting to adopt new school zones for the district beginning with the 2016-2017 school year. The result will be to shift about 375 students among the district’s five schools – Quitman, Weston, Jonesboro-Hodge High School, Southside Elementary, and Jonesboro Middle School.

Voting yes were:

Mary Saulters – District 1
Calvin Waggoner – District 2
Melissa Perry – District 3
Dennis Clary – District 7

Voting no were:

Gerry Mims – District 4
Gloria Davis – District 5
Wade McBride – District 6

Clary made the motion to adopt the plan, with Saulters seconding. There was no discussion among the board members prior to the vote.

See here a map of the new school zones.

The vote followed 2 1/2 hours of public comment from at least thirty area citizens, who, to a person, were opposed to the plan. Several hundred people filled the J-HHS auditorium to near capacity.

Fielding questions from the crowd was contract board attorney Robert Hammonds, who negotiated the plan with the plaintiff, the U. S. Department of Justice (DOJ). On hand with Hammonds was Mike Hefner of Geographic Planning & Demographic Services, who compiled the data and mapping.

Hammonds reviewed the data that led to the new zones, saying that the racial imbalance at all the schools were outside the guidelines deemed acceptable to the DOJ. Hammonds said that if the board did not accept the plan as proposed, likely Judge Robert James would impose a plan with more drastic changes.

Hammond added that if the proposed plan were adopted, the district could move in December, 2017 to have the 51 year-old lawsuit dismissed. A dismissal would allow the district to get out from under federal control, Hammonds said.

See here the summary memo.

Many of the comments were unhappy that the plan was a surprise, and no opportunity for citizen input was given.

Typical of the comments:

Ricky McBride, “We should be able to go to our schools, and our board members come and present this information to us in smaller groups where we can understand it. We had no idea, other than the fact that y’all were fixing to take kids out of every school district and move them, we had no idea what’s going on. And that’s not fair and that’s not right.”

Shoentae Mims, “These are our children, they’re not numbers. School board members, my suggestion to you is that you table this vote tonight until you get some feedback from all your constituents in your districts, because this is not right. We weren’t informed. Give us a chance to come up with a better solution.”

Former State Senator Rick Gallot, “The people who you represent – those who have elected you – feel like they’ve not had sufficient time to absorb what it is that you all are having to decide on. I would suggest to you having been in a similar situation that you sit in right now, that these folks would like to have a little more time to interact with you, so that they can talk about their special needs children, or about their children who are in art, or how it may impact them based upon where they live.”

One citizen said that that he had heard that board members were told by Magistrate Judge Karen Hayes, who was overseeing the negotiations, that the matter was not to be discussed with anyone outside of the mediation sessions.

District 3’s Melissa Perry confirmed to Lincoln Parish News Online that was indeed the case.

Said Perry, “This was not to be briefed until there was a plan in Bob’s (Hammond) hand that he could show to the public. It was not to be talked, at all.”

See here Hayes’ order for a settlement conference.

A few of the speaker suggested that consolidation of the district into a single school could be a solution.

51 Responses to “4-3 Vote to Adopt New Jackson Parish School Zones”

  1. Oldman Says:

    Now that’s real funny,the Feds done it again. You don’t own your children,the Feds do. The Feds know how to raise your children better than you do. Now what?

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      A 9th-grade dropout idiot speaks. Golly gee! His comments are so far off the wall that people throughout Louisiana are wondering, “Is he a representative voice of the people or just a nut case mouthing off.

      • Anonymous Says:

        You are” just a nut case mouthing off.”

        • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

          Oldman, take a look in any mirror and coming back to you will be the reflection of someone who quit school in the 9th grade and ever since has been a part of the stupid brigade.

          • Anonymous Says:

            Sounds like you are about to run out of someone to talk to.

            • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

              If you mean someone like the Oldman vile and vulgar racist SOB, that’s not a loss but a gain. That particular individual has said some slanderous things about me that he denies although I show him the post that he made saying those things. I am not the least bit interested in talking to anyone on this forum but from time to time I will add a comment or two. I would guess that you are the one and only Donald Billie Davis from the tone of your post.

  2. FDR Says:

    You know something Mr. Flower , some people go to school for years and get all kind of book smarts and little pieces of paper that states they can do this or that . Some don’t and go on to do other things that make this Country of ours run as smooth as it does for the most part . So for that being said just because you consider yourself to have a lot of book smarts doesn’t mean you have common sense !

    • Anonymous Says:

      How true

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Fowler. The name is Fowler. At least get that part correct. The rest of your railing is pure BS. I admit that idiots like DBD do their part in building the country, but they work for intelligent people who tell them what to do and how to do it. Otherwise, the idiots would sit around with their thumbs ups their poopy chute saying “duh.” Really and truly the post has that Donald Billie ring to it.

      • FDR Says:

        Nope I like calling you FLOWER because you remind me of a flower weed that pops up in a compost pile . I think you are the educated idiot of all the idiots !!!! Tell me one more thing , do you have to wait for the local internet hub to open up to do your crappy best to talk about someone or do you have to wait around until you have permission for your wife to get on the computer and play !!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you to the three school board members who were brave enough to represent the will of the people. You spent, $17,950 (to the Geographic Planning & Mapping Services according to the school board minutes) and an undisclosed amount to the lawyer to turn our children into just dots on a map. The DOJ tells you to keep this a secret from the very people you represent. The people you represent deserve a voice but it was a done deal before the people showed up. Can the mapping folk at least give us two maps. One showing the new districts, leave off the bold pink line of the old district and also keeping the one up now?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    These restructuring of school attendance zones is a temporary response to the Desegregation Order. Those families who are capable will move to the school zone that they want their children to attend. This changing of the school zones will eventually change the value of property in the respective zones. Property can sell at a higher price in zones that have better schools. Thus, this response by the school board has ramifications beyond the determination as to where you send your children to school. This response will eventually determine the value of your property.

    Those families who are capable of purchasing property in the zones where they perceive the best schools to be will purchase that property to send their children to those schools. And those families who are not capable will continue to live in zones where the schools are of less quality and continue to send their children to schools where they perceive the quality of education to be inferior. The school zones will continue to cause desegregation of the parish population. This desegregation is based on income status and not minority status.

    Thus, these new zones may provide a temporary solution to a desegregation order that arose from the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but it will not satisfy desegregation based on income.

    • Anonymous Says:

      When you make judgements and decisions based on political influences, the results are not in the best interest of all peoples and especially all of the children of Jackson Parish. This is the year of 2016 and we still live in a parish where there are three schools and there is no racial diversity in any of the schools. Ask yourself: What is the problem? It is not the children and all of the children deserve better!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you Gerry Mims-district 4 ,Gloria Davis-district 5,and Wade McBride-district 6,you voted for the people,thank you.

  6. I.P. Freely Says:

    the UN-Civil Rights Act of 1964 has brought education down to the level that it is today. Dumded down. Common Core continues that trend.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Apparently it “dumbed” you down for the United Nations did not pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It was passed by the United States Congress and signed into law by President LBJ. Talk about “dumbed” down, you are a shining example of SFB DDA. I am glad that you “pee freely” for that helps to prevent pee pee problems. Go back to your faded comic book and look at the pictures for I am almost certain the multi-syllable words cause you difficulty.

    • cdstock Says:

      I read that as the prefix ‘un’ as in not. I didn’t read it as the acronym U.N.

  7. Oldman Says:

    I looked on the Internet last nite at a 1912 test designed to tell if a child could pass from grade school on to high school. I would be willing to bet that a four year college student could not pass it today. We have dumbed down our schools with one reason or another to where our country is in bad shape. We lowered test scores to let minority’s students catch up,unqualified teachers,common core to a point where just about every country is ahead of us in education. Our children are not able to complete in the world marketplace,it’s a shame but I don’t see it getting any better as long as the Feds are calling the shots. It’s our children we need to be calling the shots not the fed government,they need to butt out and let us have control of our schools,again.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Butt out so that you can get everyone to quit after the 9th grade? Talk about dumbing down the population. Wait! That would be good for you for then you will be the equal of everyone instead of a joke.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Did you attempt to answer any of the questions on that 1912 Kentucky test? I copied it and when I have the time I am going to see how my 12th grade education stands up to it. I’m guessing that I will score around 70 to 75 and I am stating that few moving from the 7th grade to the 8th grade today could score in the 40 to 50 range. Did you take it? I see in the post of 03/20/2016 @8:25 that you quit in the 9th grade. Did you ever go after the completion of your education or go after a GED?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Stop taking money from the fed govt.

  8. PhillipDruAdministrator Says:

    Welcome to Big Government tyranny.
    You are too stupid to decide for yourself, you will do what We your betters say.
    After all, it’s for your own good…

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Ignorance may be a problem you have but not I. And as far as being better than “we the people” you must have a stick up your ass that some how or other has short circuited your brain. Wait! I don’t think you have a brain just an empty space that takes all of the excess fecal matter your do do machine creates.

  9. I.P. Freely Says:

    the amazing brilliance of DMF always shines thru. Hillary Clinton and George Soros must be very proud of you.

  10. Anonymous Says:


  11. Oldman Says:

    How could Judge Karen Hayes even tell the board members not to discuss this with any body? No wonder people are upset and worried. The government needs to learn that it works for us not the other way around. In my feeble mind it seems wrong,I know a judge is a powerful person but should not be that powerful. I think she stepped out of bonds on that one,what do you think?

    • Bob Sherunkel Says:

      Her intent was likely because she wanted to keep this from becoming a political issue upon which everyone assumes they can have input and change what the courts have mandated. The decision was made in court and is not really up for discussion. The time for that discussion has passed.

      Whether I agree or not is moot; that is what rule of law is all about.

  12. Oldman Says:

    Bob I think I understand it all now,you are right it would have been a worst mess if everyone had tried to have a say. But it seems the little man is always left out when rules are made,we are always told about it later and expected to obey.

    • Bob Sherunkel Says:

      Your point is more scalding than you may believe. The very fact that these things are not in the public eye until it is virtually a done deal falls squarely at the feet of the lackadaisical media. At it’s core, our constitution elevates the role of the media to keep the public informed. Partly because of the media’s laziness, partly because they prefer to entertain, add to that an abysmal desire to be entertained (on the part of the citizen) we have a result as seen here.
      The little man doesn’t know because he is watching American Idol on his 50″ Wal-Mart TV. In short, he has no vision of a future. He is inexorably tied to the opiate of his own present tense.

  13. I.P. Freely Says:

    the law has become UNruly. Time for change but times will get much worse before that change comes about. Oh there is that UN again.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Those who advocate for a single school for the parish aren’t taking in to consideration (1) the cost to construct a new facility or to upgrade an existing one will cost more than the citizens are willing to spend; (2) the distance that some students will have to travel to get to school on time [take daylight savings time – some students will be leaving in the dark and arriving back home in the daylight or leaving home in the daylight and arriving back home in the dark; three schools fill fight for the new school to be at their present location – Weston, JHHS, and Quitman,, which will divide the citizens of the parish. There have been some dumb, and I mean dumb suggestions made on this site so I will add mine – at birth award the newborn a high school diploma and he/she has 12 years to prepare for entrance into college.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Good morning Mr. Donald Marion Fowler

      • Anonymous Says:

        Sorry to disappoint but I am not the fellow that you name. I know him and he told me that he had dropped Facebook, E-mail. and this site because he had become bored with all of them. Sorry.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    There is an old Southern saying that if S*** were gold, poor people would be born without A**H****. In other words. them that wants gets; those that won’t are stuck in their situation and very few will escape the WON’T.

    • Oldman Says:

      Fowler, I see were you are back to the shameful use of words. Can you even post without using cuss words, I bet not. You need to shut up if that’s all you are going to post. For an educated man to talk as you do makes me wonder what kind of man you really are. You sound like a book smart dummy,are you proud of the way you act?

      • Anonymous Says:

        First of all, lame brain, this will be my first post in more than a week and there are no “cuss” words in. As for what type of man I am, MUCH BETTER THAN YOU, YOU SNIVELING LYING PIECE OF SNOT. For a piece of dried snot like you to tell an educated person to shut up is farce itself. By the way, idiot face, the word is WHERE not WERE in your first line. WERE is a verb, you lack of smarts piece of dried snot. If you can count, tell me how many CUSS words I used. If you have to, you can take off your shoes so that you will have extra “counters. For your information, I have quit this site except to read some of the remarks; I have no e-mail; and Facebook lost my interest in it and I cancelled my account.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    I see that old man and fowler are at it again. can’t old man see that he is out classed. hurray for fowler for stopping his posts; now if old man would just do the same. in fact, old man ought to use a pick ax on his computer to take away any urge to display his stupidity.

    • Oldman Says:

      Dmf you are not fooling anyone with post@ 11:46. You cannot get rid of that smell of yours. You are up to your stupid tricks again. You need to shut up people already what kind of man you are? I guess stupid cannot be fixed. Please. Do not post on this good forum again.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I have no knowledge of whom you speak but it is apparent you are blinded by some sort of light. The only smell that I can detect is coming from you and your family. White trash has an odor that is ten time worse than that mill in Hodge. Now I am going to say it again, white trash – I ain’t dmf or fowler. I am just me, a much, much, much better person than you or any member of your stinking family. You seem to be a shinning example of not being able to fix stupid. I bet you failed sandbox in the first grade. PHEW!!!!!!!

        • Anonymous Says:

          Thanks, anonymous. Oldman is a lying piece of fecal matter who has slandered me and my granddaughter and is so dumb that when presented with the note he posted, he says that it ain’t his. I like that about white trash. That one never occurred to me but it fits. Just stinking low life is what they are.

        • Oldman Says:

          dmf,I stand by what I said in the above post. Education did not help you one bit”you can not fix stupid”,yes I am talking about you,dmf. Get back on subject or get off this forum,nobody wants o hear anything you say. You are book smart but everyday dumb.

          • Anonymous Says:

            So says the white trash. PHEW!!!! What’s that smell? Seems to be coming from 167 down toward Wyatt. Isn’t that where the sniveling piece of dried snot lives?

            For being on subject, check the post at 03/28/2016 @2:51. I had a good laugh at your (1) make all schools private and (2) close all schools. Your brain is like a chicken fried steak without the gravy. White trash, why don’t you shut up before you run out of stupidity. PHEW!!!!! You are going to need some of that stupidity at the Pearly Gates to explain why you chose to slander me and then LIED about it. PHEW!!!!! You are one dumb Gomer. PHEW!!!!

            • Oldman Says:

              Fowler with my 9 th grade education I am better than you by a long shot. Your attitude stinks,your language stinks,you always braging about how smart you are,face it you are a nothing. You are a nothing that likes to run his mouth. There’s nothing about you that’s decent,just a sorry human being. My dog has better manners and has more likely a little smarter , so shut up and quit all this mess. Better yet you need to crawl back into the hole you call home and shut up.

              • Anonymous Says:

                WOW!!!! What a Christian response! And all of this comes from a bugger eating piece of white trash. You are not better than I nor will you ever be. I don’t live in a hole; my home is on one acre of land in the middle of San Antonio and my last tax [which I don’t have to pay because I am 100% disabled] bill listed the value of my property at just over $300,000.00. What is the value of your SMALL piece of property? I am glad that your dog has such good manners for he needs them when he eats at the table with the rest of the white trash, That is a strong observation that there is nothing decent about me, coming from a man who lies with every breath [and probably goes to church on Sundays] and chooses to slander me and my granddaughter and denies ever saying it altthogh I have copies of your posts, dip stick. When you go to church, do you ask for forgiveness for all olf the lies that you have told? I doubt it for you have neither the guts nor moraql decency to do so. You probably sit in the middle of the congregation and smile because in your warped mind, you have done no wrong. The day is coming when you are going to have to answer to a Higher Authority than I and there is a chance the Pearly Gates will be closed for you, you worthless piece pf stinking white trash.

  17. Oldman Says:

    You are big and good in your own eye,wonder what the other fellow thinks about you. You have shown to the other person what kind of idiot you really are by your posts on this forum. You try to show that you have a better education, more money, and that you are better than the next person and all the while you are posting this crap all the time. You are judged by what you say and not what you want people to believe. By your own actions you show to be an idiot plus being a sorry person. In all my 73 years I don’t think I have ever run into someone as sorry as you and I have seen some sorry people. I don’t see how you can go to church on Sunday and act like you do the rest of the week and still expect to be on a good footing with your God. Fowler you are a sorry two faced excuse of a human being,I think you are the first person I have said that to in 73 years. How many true friends do you have,very few I’m sure. I hope you were a better person when you taught school for the children’s sake. Remember people read what you print and then form an opinion and you have caused people to form an bad opinion wether you like it or not. You can do better than what you are doing.

    • D. M. Fowler Says:

      When it comes to sorry, you are in a class by yourself. Answer some of the questions that I have asked of you. I am not better than anyone but you. You’re just a puddle by the fire hydrant. I’ll be in Quitman later this month to pick up my rv from Clay’s. I am having about 20,000 dollars in repairs done to it, That’s more than that shack you call come. I have to fill up the propane tank so maybe I’ll just call 259 9292 to set up a meeting. TA TA

  18. Ashley Smith Says:

    weston high school has racists members. lana cartwright who drives bus 17 has harrased for no reason and has even attempted to run me over while on the clock working for weston while on her bus. ive sent decoy audio recorders to school with my kids and about 4 staff member that I j ow of tell lies . when black kids move in whites move out or else the teachers will contact the parent if the kid does something as small as a sneeze someone needs to investigate this

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