New Jackson Parish School Zones Proposed

New school attendance zones will be proposed for the Jackson Parish School District (JPSB) at a 6:00 PM, Thursday, March 17, public meeting in the Jonesboro-Hodge High School (JHHS) Auditorium, 225 Pershing Hwy. The meeting will also serve as a meeting of the school board.

Among the changes from the present school attendance zones:

(A) The attendance zone for Quitman High School would be expanded toward Jonesboro- Hodge to pick up some students living north and east of the railroad track in Hodge and north of La. Hwy 813. Quitman High School would remain a PK-12 school at its current site.

(B) The attendance zone for Jonesboro-Hodge High School, Jonesboro-Hodge Junior High School, and Southside Elementary would be expanded toward Quitman to pick up some students living on Merrigan Road and would be expanded to the south and east to pick up some students living south of Walker Road and Blankenship Road. Each of the Jonesboro-Hodge schools would retain their present grade configurations and would be at their current sites.

(C) The attendance zone for Weston High School would be expanded toward Jonesboro- Hodge to pick up some students living east of Moffett Drive and Leon Drive. Weston High School would remain a PK-12 school at its current location.

See here the proposed zone map.
See here the summary memo.

Also notable:

Student Discipline

(1) The proposed consent order calls for the District to contract with the IDRA to provide training for teachers and administrators regarding cultural competency and implicit bias in the discipline process.

(2) In the consent order proposed by the United States, the District would also utilize the IDRA to review the student code of conduct and, if necessary, to recommend to the District revisions of it.


36 Responses to “New Jackson Parish School Zones Proposed”

  1. Oldman Says:

    More of the federal government interfering with our lives. Something has to give and soon. All this does is bring down the good schools and does nothing for the poor schools. Until we say no and mean it,the federal government will keep on telling parents how to raise our children. This needs to stop,no this has to stop. More parents need to send their children to private schools.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Abolish the federal Department of Education. It only exists as a jobs program for Democrats.

  3. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    Private is an option but will often be downplayed as it presents an affordability problem for some. Home school and co-op schooling is an excellent option for those who feel they cannot afford private school and yet actually care about the well-being of their child.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Good point about school choice. There are other options as well. Parents, either intentionally or unintentionally, evaluate the quality of schools, and they want their children to attend what they perceive to be the best schools. Parents want their children to be safe at school. Parents want their children to learn so that they will be prepared and motivated for education beyond high school. Parents want schools to have high behavioral expectations. Parents want schools to provide some direction such that their children will be aware of societal behavioral norms and society’s legal norms.

      The problem arises when the expectations and effectiveness of schools are not consistent. Thus, parents begin to find alternatives such that their children can have the educational experiences that parents want for their children. Parents move to areas where they can send their children to schools that meet their expectations from the school. All parents want their children to have the best educational opportunities that are available. Thus, as a school, school system, school district, educators and citizens should expect all schools to be highly effective schools. There is no excuse to provide mediocre schooling experiences to some children and exceptional schooling experiences to other children. ALL SCHOOLS MUST PROVIDE AN EXCEPTIONAL SCHOOLING EXPERIENCE. Otherwise, some students are disadvantaged when they pursue higher education.

      The irony is that we all pay for schools through the taxes that we pay. We should want and expect all schools to perform to a level that offers all children with an exceptional education, not a mediocre education. As a community and as a society, we should concern ourselves with the quality of education that all children receive. We should demand that the taxes we pay are used to provide this education and WE SHOULD EXCEPT NO EXCUSES. OUR CHILDREN AND OUR FUTURE DESERVED BETTER FROM US!

      • Anonymous Says:


        I am a proud graduate of Jonesboro-Hodge High School. I can’t spell, but I guarantee you that my poor spelling skills do not reflect on the quality of the education that I received from J-H.

  4. Oldman Says:

    Will more minority students fare better by going to Weston or Quitman? If the minority students overall do better by the moving of the school zones,why. Is it because of better teachers? Is it because of a better atmosphere were all the students mix together? There are a lot of questions and not no good answers. I don’t believe it’s the different schools,I believe it’s more the students not wanting to learn and not having a whole family upbringing. If you want to learn and to better yourself you will make a good student I don’t care we’re you go. Its more the teachers fault than the schools fault,if a school cannot teach then it must be the teachers fault. Not some building and parking lot,or some location that might be different,not some material things,it has to be the teacher. It’s the socialist ideas of the fed government and nothing else.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Spoken just like a true 9th-grade drop out. You aren’t a republican at all. You spew the crap that the Tea Baggers believe. A 9th-grader who is guided by the last words that he heard. Good evening, little girlie.

  5. Bob Says:

    They are heading for a class action law suit , people are fed up with this mess .

  6. David Says:

    Close them all & build one school for the parish. That will solve the problem.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Sensible reply which the population of Jackson Parish will not accept. (1) have a teacher evaluation done by someone outside of the parish (that eliminates the old I’ll scratch your back if you will scratch mine). (2) cut loose (fire) the first year teachers who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground and are hurting the students with their lack of knowledge. (3) Get new principals at all schools and clean out the school board (get rid of them all) and make those positions elective (4 years is a good tour) and continued service dependent upon evaluations by an outside agency. (4) provide the students with the latest textbooks available and all classes with computers. (5) up-date all libraries throughout the parish. This will cost money (lots of it) and Jackson Parish isn’t willing to go the extra mile for its students. There are too many administrators and teachers in positions right now because the hiring system is “it’s who you know, not what you know.”

      That’s my two cents worth (based on 20 years experience in the classroom in Winn Parish and Bexar County, Texas.) Can’t wait for the response of a certain illiterate 9th-grade dropout. Notice I did not use Donald Billie Davis’ name.

      Constructive criticism welcomed; lame-brained idiots need not reply.

  7. Bob Says:

    How they going to build one big school when they don’t have any money ?

    • Anonymous2 Says:

      . Let the Feds pay for it,they are down here telling us what we can or not do. The state should have control of our schools and not the Feds telling us what we can do. They need to go back were they came from,Washington has too much power,kind of like a communist country. I bet our grandparents would have not let it get this far before they did something. But we have let them get control,by sitting on our butts and doing nothing. It’s the people’s fault for letting it happen.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        Oldman the vile and vulgar racist snot nosed SOB. It’s easy to tell when you post. The word is WHERE not WERE. You are so obvious in your writings – they are illiterate just like you.

      • Anonymous Says:

        One option is for the school system to deny any funds from the Federal Government. When you accept and spend funds from the federal government, then you are subject to legislation and statutes imposed by the federal government. We should discriminate against any group of people, but block grant funding or any other type of funding from the Federal Government can be denied. Then, the orders from the Federal Government are a mute point. The question is: Can the parish fund its educational programs if the parish denies Federal Funds?

  8. anonymous Says:

    Donald Marion Burson and Dan M. Burson are the same person.

  9. Oldman. Says:

    I’m sorry if I offended anyone on this forum. I will only post to newsworthy posts. I might argue and not agree with a post but I will do so without calling names or using bad words to do it. Again I’m sorry if I offended anyone

  10. Oldman Says:

    the kid from Jonesboro is going to find Quitman has new rules that he has to go by. Quitman is not going to put up with fighting,disrupting class,and all the other things that are allowed at JHHS,what’s going to happened then? Are we going to dumb down Quitman to allow the minority kid to catch up? Is everybody going to play by the same rules or will the rules be lowered for the minority kid? If you do all you will have is a JHHS at Quitman. Are we going to allow that? I hope not for the kids sake.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      You got that right. You are sorry.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Dear Oldman,
      Those children at Quitman will be better served if their school community is diverse with regard to ethnic composition. We live in a very diverse world and children who attend Quitman school will benefit if they are taught how to appreciate diversity during their formal school years. It is not necessary to “dumb down” a curriculum or expectations under any circumstances. You provide the resources that all children need to help them be successful. Open your mind Oldman and stop thinking so narrowly.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Diversity is code for: You will have substandard goods and services and you will like it, comrade.

  11. Student of the 70s Says:

    I think one school for the parish would be a fair and equal thing to do. Not only would it be fair to the students but it would also equal out the property values of the parish. All kids would have a chance to play football or any other sports a larger school has. The students will learn to get along but we must remember that learning starts at home. We do have really good teachers in Jackson Parish all of whom could contribute certain student skills to a parish wide school.

  12. The Jet Says:

    Soooooooo…. how’d the meeting go last night?

  13. Anonymous Says:

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I woke up this morning and thought to myself, “Isn’t it a shame that Trump wasn’t at the airport in Brussels?”

    • Oldman Says:

      You ought not talk about our next president like that. He’s the last chance America has of turning our country around and being great again. Do you think obuma has been a good president? If so you will get the same thing with hillary. Cruz should not be able to run,by our constitution he’s not qualified ,so that leaves Trump. I think we can do better than Trump but he’s the best that’s running and he will do good.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Politico put all of Donald J. Trump’s speeches together and found out that every 5:43 minutes, Trump tells a lie. That’s very presidential. I beg of you to quote that part of our Constitution that says Cruz can’t be president. That particular question was answered when John McCain ran for president. He was born in Panama.

      • Anonymous Says:

        To proclaim Turnip as our next president may be just a bit premature. He doesn’t have [nor does it look as though he will get them] the prerequisite number of delegate yet and there is a grand chance he will come to the convention on the short side. A brokered convention could send him packing for a trip to Turnip Towers with his tail between his legs. He is suing the Louisiana Republican party over ten delegates he says should be his [Rubio had 5 delegates and passed them on to Cruz and there were 5 delegates that just sort of materialized and they pledged for Cruz]. The only verb in Turnip’s vocabulary is “sue” and is usually used over sour grapes when he doesn’t get his way. If Turnip turns out to be our next president he is going to get an education in politics, like carpet bombing is against the Hague Convention; torture of any kind is against all that we [United States] stand for; he can’t build any wall without the approval of the House of Representatives [they hold the money strings]; and many other things that he goes around the country bragging that he will do. Thank God for the Senate, House of Representatives, and the Supreme Court. Unless he fires them all [like on his reality(?) show, he has more restraints on him than a chastity belt. I’m voting for @$#&*#$%^ and that person will do a great job without having to learn democracy on the job. Oh by the way! That nude picture of Turnip’s wife was a lulu. It showed all of her ASSets.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Good morning Mr. Donald Marion Fowler

          • Anonymous Says:

            I repeat what I said in a previous post – I ain’t him. Some people say that he was kicked off this site because of his bad language. Sorry.

            • Oldman Says:

              Morning Mr. Fowler,been awhile.

              • Anonymous Says:

                Like I said above, I ain’t nobody but me and that ain’t Fowler. But, if you want to believe that I am, that’s your concern not mine.

  15. Cecily Zagrodnik Says:

    Hey, sometimes I get a 404 site error when I browse your site. Just a heads up, regards

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