Old Issues Resurface in Jonesboro Audit

The Town of Jonesboro’s latest audit for the fiscal year ended 6/30/15 reveals that some of the financial and bookkeeping issues that plagued the town several years ago are still not completely resolved.

2015-1 Improper Treatment of Town Vehicles
This finding was first reported in 2012. Town employees who drive Town vehicles are not maintaining activity logs
as required by the Town’s Ordinance. Logs were available for only two of the Town’s approximately twenty vehicles
that are not public safety vehicles.
Town Ordinance Number 574 prohibits personal usage of Town vehicles and requires employees to log mileage for
each vehicle into a daily log book. If the vehicle is used for any personal purpose, the employees are required to notate that and submit that information to the City Clerk within five days of the end of the preceding month.

2015-3 Police Tickets Not Adequately Tracked
Records for police tickets do not provide a sufficient audit trail to ensure that all ticket numbers are accounted for and receipts for fines are deposited and properly posted.
1. There was no log available to indicate how many ticket books were last purchased and who received each book.
2. The books were not numbered.
3. For many of the used books, the log in the back of the book was not maintained or was not properly maintained.
4. The Town utilizes computer software designed to track citations. We obtained reports from that system that
indicated that several ticket numbers were not posted. It appeared that approximately 102 ticket numbers were
missing from a report run from January 1, 2014 through February 1, 2016.
5. We attempted to trace a sample of tickets per the report to either collection or an issued warrant. Tickets are paid at Town Hall. The clerks write a receipt when tickets are paid. If the payer does not bring a citation, the clerk asks the payer what the charges were and takes payment based on a fines schedule. If the citation is not available, the citation number is not written on the receipt. This condition, and the fact that the receipts were not issued in order, made it very difficult to trace tickets to payment.
6. Using the information available to us, we estimate that there were approximately 210 tickets issued during the
fiscal year. Revenue for the year was $7,730 making the average ticket amount $37. This amount seems low
because fines range from $25 to $314.

2015-4 Cash Receipt Books Not Properly Maintained
Prenumbered cash receipts were not used in order. We were unable to complete a routine test of cash receipts because
it was nearly impossible to determine how many receipts were issued during the fiscal year. There was no
reconciliation between the receipt books and deposits.
Common procedures include:
1. Using a prenumbered receipt book in order.
2. Notating in the books which receipt numbers were included in which deposit.
3. Retaining all copies of any voided receipts.

M2015-1 Purchase Orders Issued After Invoices
Out of twenty-five disbursements tested, two disbursements did not require a purchase order and eight disbursements were supported by purchase orders that were issued after the invoice date. The purpose of purchase orders is to authorize before an expense is incurred by the Town. The employee tasked with authorizing purchase orders should consider whether each purchase is allowable, necessary and reasonable, and included in the budget.
We recommend that employees be educated as to the objectives and purposes of purchasing procedures. A supervisor should periodically review purchases to ensure that procedures are being followed.

See here the complete audit.


30 Responses to “Old Issues Resurface in Jonesboro Audit”

  1. Oldman Says:

    Some things never change. We did not have that problem when Mayor Zuber and miss Bea Rice were there. Boy you messed up and they came down on you with both feet,or worse. Mayor Bradford has his hands full,the mayor before him left the town in such a bad shape it’s going to take awhile. Mayor Bradford is problemly the only one that can and will straighten the town out, at least he’s trying.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Not a bad reply from a Klem Kiddlehopper hick from the backwoods. Does Mayor Bradford know that you are a dyed in the wool racist who doesn’t believe it’s right for the people of different colors to mix in marriage? You ought to sit down and talk to him about that.

    Our little chat on the telephone the other day brought no satisfaction, You did not relate any lies that I have told; you gave two dead people as references to the bad things you have on me but failed to list any of the, You certainly gave no names for the people that I bullied in school. In fact, all you did was maintain the lies that you have been telling on me. The worms are done with Lamonte Massey and they are getting a good start on Bobby Culpepper. Haven’t seen Lamonte since May of 1958 and didn’t know that he was dead until someone told me. As for Culpepper, he represented my former brother in law against my now deceased mother in law over the time land she owned. Culpepper lost. Klem, I don’t think you have the balls to be honest in an answer and give information instead of dodging the topic. You are a worthless piece of dry snot attached to a pile of fresh cow manure. I’ve never met you in my life (my great fortune) but when you started talking the other day, I knew without a doubt that I had a hick hillbilly on the other end. Your voice gives away your stupidity.

    Notice below your post about my speaking to the LGBT meeting in New Orleans. ITS A GD LIE AS IS JUST ABOUT EVERY WORD THAT YOU UTTER.

    You are one sorry assed individual who is afraid of the truth and runs from it. I read one of your posts today in which you wrote that your health was failing (not fast enough for me) and that you were dropping of the forum. Apparently you have recovered enough to come back on line with your lies and BS.

    Oldman Says:

    02/12/2016 at 7:58 pm

    dmf when was the last time you heard from your good buddie,the one that invited you to speak at the lgbt convention? I’m scared to ask but when or how did you get to be good buddies with the lgbt bunch? Sounded like you were on good terms with them. Boy you do get around. I’m nosey how much do you get for one of your speaking engagements at the lgbt convention, I imagine it pays pretty good.
    Good nite
    Make America great again

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I thought Folden was there overseeing the financial aspect.

    • Oldman Says:

      I don’t know that K. Folden is still there after Bradford came into office. Bradford will get control of the town’s money,it’s going to take awhile. The town was in such a bad shape after Leslie that it’s going to take awhile. Keeping up with the town vehicles mileage always has been a hard thing to keep up with. There’s a new police chief who also will make things right after this report. On the purchase order thing I can see were that could or would happen. It could have been on the weekend or city hall were closed,after hours,but it should have been turned in the following business day and back dated. At this point I don’t think we should be too hard on Bradford,he’s doing a good job so far. I believe the last public works director also left a mess when he was let go. When Bradford came into office there was a high tank that had to be repaired,either two or three lift stations down, I know of two wells that were down,personal problems to deal with and a host of other things to deal with. All of this takes money,lots of money and time. Give Bradford time,he’ll do good.

      • Bob Sherunkel Says:

        Anonymous, enough with the profanity already. I can only assume that one of two things are the cause. 1. You have no class so you profane God’s name, or 2. You have no education.

        I don’t for a minute excuse Oldman for his antagonism of you but that does not excuse your potty mouth.

        Please quit assuming the role of creator by Damning the very God who created you. It is offensive to all that exists.

        • The ghost of Fowler's past and present Says:

          Sherunkel, educate yourself on the first amendment. I have a master’s degree in American History and am very smart. I have not issue with your posts except the 9:06 one. Are you God for you do a lot of judging of others?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    My name is Donald M. Fowler and I feel that I have been slandered
    by DONALD BILLIE DAVIS (HE POSTS AS OLDMAN AND MANY OTHER NAMES) who allegdes that (1) I have had sex with my granddaughter and that (2)I am a member of the LGBT community. He persists in his accusations as if they are true. The are out and out lies. If there is a way that I can get him removed from this forum I would appreciate it.

    • William Says:

      03/07/16@9:50 pm
      By Mr.Donald Marxist Fowler

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        Apparently the administrator doesn’t like my description of you. By putting that Marxist name with my name you are defaming me and ten dollars to a doughnut hole, William is none other than Oldman the vile and vulgar racist snot nosed SOB who posts under the name of Oldman, among many other names. He is a shit head who accused me of having sex with my granddaughter and that I accepted an invitation to speak at an LGBT meeting the past two years in New Orleans. Oldman is a nut who spouts off about any subject whether or not he has proof. Why does he continue have posting privileges when he so blatantly violates the good order of this forum? I posted a note above asking that he be barred from this forum. Is there a proper way to ask to have someone banned from this forum? If so, tell me and I will do it immediately. The little bastard is ruining my good name with his out and out lies and needs another hobby other than playing with his computer. With all that he has said about me,, why is he still on this forum? You better believe that my answers to him have been in colorful language which, in response to his accusations is appropriate.

  5. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    This is just one of the many comments made by Donald Billie Davis about me. The accusation contained therein is false, in gutter talk one huge GD lie. Why does he still have privileges on this forum? One would think that such a lie (slander) would be cause for his dismissal from the forum.

    Oldman Says:

    02/12/2016 at 7:58 pm

    dmf when was the last time you heard from your good buddie,the one that invited you to speak at the lgbt convention? I’m scared to ask but when or how did you get to be good buddies with the lgbt bunch? Sounded like you were on good terms with them. Boy you do get around. I’m nosey how much do you get for one of your speaking engagements at the lgbt convention, I imagine it pays pretty good.
    Good nite
    Make America great again

  6. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Here is what Donald Billie Davis said about me and my granddaughter. As with the above pose, Donald Billie denies that he ever said such a thing although his very own words call him a liar.

    Oldman Says:

    03/11/2014 at 6:40 pm | Reply

    Mr.dmf go back and check I never said you had sex with your grand daughter ,I read were somebody said that about you and I asked you the question that I had heard and wanted an answer one way or another. But you blew it all out of shape and said that I was the one that said it in the first place.I did not.With all the other crazy things you said and believe in I would not put it past you.You like to turn things around that you say and try to put the blame on someone else by saying they said it. I have more to say but it will wait.

    The idiot had the nerve to say “You like to turn things around that you say and try to put the blame on someone else by saying they said . HOW DUMB CAN ONE BE?

  7. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    I am 75-years-old and have certain things that I have to do each night. To night that includes watching the Spurs game either or TV or at the AT&T center (if my daughter will let me use her tickets). I wonder what they watch where oh Donald Billie Davis lives? The grass growing? Lightning bug? or just count the cars that go past on Highway 167?

    Sweet dreams of slander, Donald Billie Davis. And may the god of misfortune be your constant companion and that black cloud of woe follow you wherever you go. You are one sorry individual. I might call again so please answer the telephone on the first or second ring. My number is 210 232 8259 if you have the balls to call.

    • Anonymous Says:

      DMF, please go silently into the dark night. Please.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        When I get an acknowledgement from Oldman the vile and vulgar racist SOB that he actually accused me of having sex with my granddaughter and that he accused me of speaking to the LGBT meeting in New Orleans the past two years, then I will stop getting on him. He is so stupid that when shown his own words he denies saying them. How stupid can one be? Actually, I believe that you are the one and only Donald Billie Davis posting under anonymous. You ain’t very smart, little girlie. Isn’t 10:48 really latte for an old man to be up especially one that is suffering from an unknown illness.

  8. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    Anonymous(s) and Donald(s)
    Please take your personal fights somewhere else, this is not the place for you to demonstrate your lack of class or your stunning smallness.

    I think MySpace or Facebook may be be a more appropriate place for your chromosomally deficient ranting.

  9. cdstock Says:

    Hear, hear!!

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      And we hear from another DDA SFB.

    • Bob Sherunkel Says:

      Wow, CdStock, we have been called checking accounts and apparently from the San Francisco Bay area or maybe a south Florida beach.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        My last reply to an idiot. You seem mighty familiar with San Francisco and South Beach. Remember, it is ill mannered to speak with someone in your mouth. No more replies to this dumb assed idiot.

        • Bob Sherunkel Says:

          Fools names and fools faces…
          Are apparently seen in pubic places.
          Whether you are actually someone named Donald or Ann (onymous) your failure to grasp that this site is for the distribution of news as an alternative to the print media. It is clear that you (and others) are under the false assumption that this is the place for your profanity and personal attacks. I feel sorry for you.

          • Oldman Says:

            Bob,I’m sorry if I offended anyone,I will post only in reply to news worthy posts.i might argue in a good way so if I get out of line feel free to call me down. Again I’m sorry if I offended anyone

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Donald Marion Fowler and Dan M. Burson are the same person.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Oldman the vile and vulgar racist snot nosed SOB, in your mind the sky and ground are the same thing, You should keep the fact that you are a 9th grade dropout idiot a secret from the intelligent of the world.

    • anonymous Says:

      Anonymous@03/16/2016 5:43pm
      I believe you are right

      • Bob Sherunkel Says:

        And I believe that he has nothing to add to the NEWS but merely accesses this site to rant off topic. You know there is a place for that, its called MySpace or high school.

        I’d be willing to wager that this will evoke some name calling blather from him. Just like the Dems, when you have nothing of substance to add, call people names.

        • Oldman Says:

          Bob,I see were the dem-ocrats are trying to gang up on trump,this is fixing to get (funny) before the year is out. I don’t know if (funny) is the right word.

  11. Oldman Says:

    It might help the public understand what’s going on in the town if Mayor Bradford would put a summary of what’s going on in the town paper every week. That way they would know what’s going on and what the town is doing to get everything under control. It would be
    a benifit to both the town,the mayor and the citizens. Mayor Bradford has done a mighty fine job so far and will continue to do so,with a little help from the public we can have the best small town in north Louisiana.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Mayor Bradford, is messing up left and right ,time for him to go back to his garden.

    • Oldman Says:

      What is the Mayor doing that you would do different? You have to realize what the mayor had to work with when he came into office. It takes time to turn around bad decisions that were made before, the lack of money to work with,and personnel problems. The lack of a water operator is the main reason for the bad water results. There are very few water operators in north La. and most are employed with the other towns. There is a very big demand for a water operator,with all the education and test you have to take you cannot just pick someone off the street to be one. I think there are maybe 3 or 4 in the whole parish and one of those has 4 or 5 systems he looks after. With being a Mayor,I don’t think he has time for a garden.

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