Tuesday’s Lincoln Parish Police Jury Meeting

It was stormy outside but peace and tranquility reigned inside as the LPPJ concluded its monthly business by 7:20 PM tonight.
During three committee meetings before the regularly-scheduled meeting at 7:00 PM, jurors recommended these items of business to the full jury:

Skip Russell led the Public Works committee in approving preliminary plats for two subdivisions: Plantation Hills Unit 2 and Stable Road; Chairman Russell then presented an overview of discussions the Exhibition Center commissioners have been having regarding the need for additional permanent horse stalls and a cover for the warm-up area. The Commission proposal is very preliminary but would ask jurors to approve a bond issue to finance construction of the needed additions, with increased business made possible by the new equipment paying the bills. “Let me be clear: there will be no need for any additional taxes and no expenditure from the Police Jury. We anticipating only asking the Jury to support the Exhibition Center in financing this additional facility and equipment. These in turn will make it possible for the facility to attract larger and more profitable events than we are able to accommodate with our existing equipment.” Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser has expressed support for the endeavor and further participation by the state via the capital outlay process is possible as well.

Juror Joe Henderson forgot he had been replaced as chair by Theresa Wyatt, so he opened business for the Personnel and Benefits Committee and got as far as approval of the agenda before his mistake was realized: Chair Wyatt restarted the meeting which consisted entirely of dealing with appointments to various boards and commissions: Mr. Randy Snow and Mr. Ralph McVay will be considered for reappointment to the board of Waterworks District 3 at the April meeting; Ms. Paula Griswold will be considered to fill a vacancy on the Greater Ward 1 Waterworks district board; Mr. Kip Franklin for the LP Fire Training Center board; and Ms. Sandra Dupree (incumbent) and Dr. David Guerin will be considered for two positions on the Library board. A vacancy on the Northeast Delta Human Services Authority board was about to go begging, when Juror Walter Pullin volunteered to serve in at least a temporary capacity until someone else might come forward. “As you know I have an autistic son so I have a special interest in the work of this group and I will be happy to serve for the time being.” Jurors approved Mr. Pullin’s request.

Chairman Pullin opened the Solid Waste and Recycling Committee with invocation and three items of business were considered:
(1) the committee approved purchase of a parcel of 0.409 acre east of Ruston on Hwy 80, for construction of a dumpster mega-site. “We have been pursuing this property for a while now, and we have agreed to purchase the site for $10,000, which is significantly less than the appraised value of this property.” Juror Sharon Mayfield thought the price seemed a little high, but Pullin pointed out that this is a corner lot with considerable area already concreted, both situations adding to the appraised value. It is also near one of the worst areas for dumpster abuse and overflow In the parish, so the new megasite is expected to greatly improve the situation.
(2) Darrell Caraway stood in for Mayor Ronnie Walker in presenting to Jurors a preliminary outline of Ruston’s plan to begin a recycling effort. The City will ask Jurors to approve construction and operation at City expense of a single-bay transfer station at the Jury’s solid waste facility. The City is working with a recycling contractor from Shreveport who will provide trucking for recyclables and will purchase them. The City also anticipates offering door-to-door pickup to parish residents living in a three mile radius outside the City, at a cost to be determined. This would be strictly on a voluntary basis for residents who want the service. No action was requested at this time, as plans will need to be more complete before a detailed proposal is ready for Jury consideration.
(3) The committee agreed unanimously to begin the process of acquiring some adjudicated property located on LA 507 south of Simsboro. If this process bears fruit, this will become a mega-site, replacing an existing site within less than a mile of the property. this side is heavily used and is often messy due to overflow of dumpsters.

In closing comments Chairman Pullin praised recent efforts by Sheriff Mkle Stone and DA John Belton to police dumpster sites in an attempt to control littering and abuse of the sites. “At least 15 citations were issued last week for various instances of abuse and misuse of the dumpsters, and two felony arrests for drug possession were even made,” said Pullin. Administrator Courtney Hall agreed this represented a major step forward in policing the sites and controlling litter, as well as dumping by residents of adjacent parishes. “A contractor from Ouachita parish was ticketed for dumping old carpeting at one site.” Hall stated. Dumping by non-residents has become a problem on the east side of the parish, as it is so convenient to Ouachita parish residents. Dumpsters are for use of Lincoln parish residents only.

The full Jury approved all three committee reports, plus completed these business items, all in near-record time:
Appointed Mr Tremell Turner, GSU appointee, to a 4-year term on the Lincoln Parish Communications district board;
Approved an ordinance and public hearing for sale of adjudicated property in the Town of Dubach;
Accepted bids for asphalt materials and an asphalt recycler machine fro the LP Highway department;
Approved the annual Systems Survey And Compliance Questionaires for the LPPJ and HELP agencies, both of which are required as part of the annual audit process.

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