D’Arbonne Crest Revised to 90′

Forecast now says 90.0 feet, Midnight Friday.

USGS Forecast

3 Responses to “D’Arbonne Crest Revised to 90′”

  1. Oldman Says:

    What are the roads like this morning? The southern part of Jackson Parish south of Jonesboro is draining off fast. Hwy167 is open to the Winn parish line. I bet Winn caught the worst of it.

    • D'arbonne Says:

      167 southbound just north of Winnfield totally flooded last night at about 4pm. Troopers and Dodson police were sending everyone back north to “get a hotel” but sneaky folks like yours truly backtracked to Dodson, went east and caught 84 south into Winnfield to carry on southward.

  2. Oldman Says:

    Just what we need more rain this morning,not. We getting most of our yearly rain in just a couple days. I wonder how long the hodge paper mill can run,the woods are so wet I think a boat would get stuck now. I bet if you had a high dry hill with timber now you could almost name your price. Look at it this way”tomorrow will be better,maybe”

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