88.5′ Flood Stage Predicted for D’Arbonne Lake

Lake D’Arbonne in Union Parish is predicted to crest at 88.5, some 8 1/2 feet above pool stage, according to the U. S. Geological Service (USGS) website this morning. That crest is expected to arrive early Saturday morning, March 12.

See here the USGS forecast

That stage is 2.3 feet lower than the historic April, 1991 flood crest of 90.8 feet

As of 10:45 AM today, the lake stood at 82.45 feet.

See here the USGS gauge located at the dam.

Other historic crests on the lake are:

86.11 ft on 04/30/1958
85.83 ft on 06/11/1974
85.60 ft on 10/16/2009
85.50 ft on 03/04/2001
85.28 ft on 02/01/1999

Lake Claiborne in Claiborne Parish is also significantly above its pool stage of 185.0 feet.

As of 11:00 AM this morning, the lake level was at 191.1 feet, a little over six feet above pool.

See here the USGS gauge.

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