KKK Flier Used in 2001 Monroe Mayor Election

Ray Klan

A political flier with Monroe Mayoral candidate Ray Armstrong photoshopped into a KKK hood was used in the 2001 Monroe Mayor’s race with candidate Guy Barr’s likeness instead of Armstrong, according to a KNOE-TV8 news story.

Dirty politics plaguing Monroe Mayor’s race

“These flyers have been going out from Jamie Mayo when he did the same kind of thing to Guy Barr,” said Armstrong.

He’s referring to Guy Barr. He ran for mayor against Mayo in 2001. He told us over the phone tonight he got similar treatment.


4 Responses to “KKK Flier Used in 2001 Monroe Mayor Election”

  1. Holt Curry Says:

    It’s real simple, Mayo is a racist!!!! He is making Monroe into a chocolate city. It is real sad for the dumb whites and blacks who are helping Mayo do this. The future for Monroe is a few rich white whites in River Oaks and the rest of the population in extreme poverty. I say hold the Mayo.

  2. Lady Godiva Says:

    I agree hold the mayo…do not buy any mayo tricks and scare tactics he use every time a white person run against him…he lie, cheat, scam/con any and everything…he’s the anti Christ.

  3. Chipmunk Says:

    Well the mayor kept them out of the fields again. What a good man,not.

  4. YouGottaBeKidding Says:

    Can you imagine trying to make money by hiring anyone to hand-pick cotton today?
    This is about the most ignorant thing I have heard of in a while. And this at a time when ignorance has run amok.

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