RHS Construction Bids Approved

$2 1/2 million in new construction at Ruston High School (RHS) was approved at last night’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish School Board (LPSB).

Traxler Construction was the low bidder at $2.54 million for construction of a pep squad practice facility and a freshman locker room addition to the Jimmy “Chick” Childress Field House. The bid was significantly greater than the $1.92 million originally budgeted.

See here the memo.

However, according to Building & Grounds Committee Chair Trott Hunt (Dist 7), there is sufficient contingency funding in the overall construction budget to cover the overage, and then some.

Said Hunt, “When you look at the total program, we’re still over $300 thousand left in our contingency, and I think there’s right at a million five left to bid, per our original budget.”

The board also approved the advertising for bids for New Tech classrooms, soccer facilities, gym floor, and auditorium roof at RHS. The 2016-2017 school calendar was adopted (pg 9).

George Murphy’s report on February sales tax collections revealed a significant slowdown in collections over the past several months. Likely, the cause is a decline in gas drilling in Lincoln Parish since peaking in late 2014.


3 Responses to “RHS Construction Bids Approved”

  1. YouGottaBeKidding Says:

    Hey! It’s for the kids…

  2. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    Where is the rugby dressing room?
    Where is the Curling facility?
    Are we going to deny access to LaCrosse aficionados?
    Competitive Eaters are being ignored!!!
    This is an outrage to be sure and the discrimination suits will soon follow.

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