Jackson Parish Tax Commission Settles with Nabors

The Jackson Parish Sales & Use Tax Commission unanimously approved a settlement with Nabors Industries over disputed sales tax collections at its Noon meeting today in Jonesboro.

According to Administrator Nia Evans, the net of the settlement that will be divided among Jackson Parish governmental agencies is about $1.1 million.

The agency also unanimously approved hiring Maria Bryant as an assistant in the office. Evans said there were about ten applications for the position. She said most of the applicants did not have sufficient accounting or clerical experience for the position, and as Bryant had previously worked for the commission, Evans recommended Bryant’s hiring.

Chairman James Bradford said he had not received a reply to his request for the Attorney General’s opinion regarding whether Edwards’ hiring is a violation of the state’s Dual Officeholding Law.

The agency had no findings in a recently released audit for the year ended 6/30/15.

Members of the commission are James Bradford, Town of Jonesboro, Melissa Perry, Jackson Parish School Board, James Odom, Jackson Parish School Board, Gerald Palmer, Village of Hodge, and Todd Culpepper, Jackson Parish Police Jury. Culpepper was absent from today’s meeting.


45 Responses to “Jackson Parish Tax Commission Settles with Nabors”

  1. D. M. Fowler Says:

    This might be a tad off subject but several weeks ago I read something on KNOE TV8’s site about some financial irregularities at the Jackson Parish school board. I was just wondering if this (and it seems like it was $6,000.00) had been resolved. I live in Texas and don’t get the Independent.

  2. Sick of Jackson Parish Says:

    It’s so sad that Walter Abbott only reports MESS! Strange that he didn’t report the negative audit finding for the Jackson Parish School Board. I guess that wasn’t important enough. He would rather spread the mess that Dewanna Pipes tells him. Get a real job!

    • Bob Sherunkel Says:

      Who peed in your Wheaties? If you want to read something else, then either find another place to read or start your own blog.

      • sick of jackson parish Says:

        Bob…I’m sure you have no life so this mess excites you! Try getting real news instead of patch work news…Messy Messy Messy…..kmsl

        • Bob Sherunkel Says:

          Having news sources that range widely may actually stun you. Did you know there are other states? Why there are even whole other countries. And oddly enough, people from all over can write!

          I never said that I read every tidbit that Walter produces but bitching about what you want is juvenile. You know that w-w-w part of the site address? well it stand for world wide web and that implies correctly that information from all around the world can be found.

          For someone who is “sick of Jackson Parish,” why do you give a crap about what happens there. I guess “as a dog returns to his vomit…”

          • sick of jackson parish Says:

            Going back and forth with you is such as waste of time. You are clearly as ignorant as that dog that returns to the vomit your spoke about but hey. If the mess on this site was actually news, it would be different but the stuff on here is nothing more than partial wanna be news. I care about what happens because i have family there and because it’s AMERICA and I can care about whatever and whereever I want too! Did you forget that part Bob. Who’s bitching? I merely stated i was sick of the bs of Jackson Parish and I am but guess what…I have that right! Strange that you returned back to this post…guess you’re kinda like that dog and vomit huh?!!!!! Bye Bob go play in 12 noon traffic in Houston Texas!

    • Vee Says:

      How can you, Sick of Jackson Parish”, consider reporting a meeting of Jackson Parish Tax commission as, mess”?
      Thank you, Mr. Abbott for your honest reporting.

      • D. M. Fowler Says:

        Where are Abbott’s comments about the school board financial mess?

        • Sick of Jackson Parish Says:

          There aren’t any. Seems these days he’s only concerned about the Tax Commision.

      • Sick of Jackson Parish Says:

        Yes it’s mess when what you are so called reporting is far from the real story! Get up and come to a meeting and stop relying of Mr. Abbott to run the mess back to you! He spot reports. Now since you’re talking about honesty reporting Vee ask him why he hasn’t reported one thing about that negative audit report at the School Board office. Oh you probably don’t want to know about that right! Worried about the one office in Jackson Parish that has a clean audit report! Get a life Vee.

        • Bob Sherunkel Says:

          “Sick if Jackson Parish” oddly doesn’t seem sick of it at all. Since there seems to be a lack of testicular fortitude to use a name, perhaps you should change your moniker to “Obsessed with Jackson Parish”

  3. Carol Hutchinson Says:

    How did I know that whenever I read this article (especially because it’s about Joneboro) that somehow Dewana Pipes named would be somewhere in this mix. What is that lady’s job title? Isn’t she old? Is she the same lady that gives the swimming lessons? I ask all of this because her intentions seem a bit malicious, and I know she has to know that she can’t have many more years on this earth. She should be spending the remainder of her time promoting positivity and focusing on getting right with the Lord. As a matter of fact, her and the writer of this unnecessary blog seem to be full of mess. Maybe if they reported ALL the craziness going on in Lincoln Parish, maybe being in Jonesboro’s business might make sense. Other than that, they need to sit their old asses in a rocking chair and rock til their thoughts put them to sleep!! And that Dewana woman is crippled! Seems like her health should be her main concern. Goodness!!

    • D. M. Fowler Says:

      Don’t knock Dewana because we all get old but I don’t think that is the problem you have with her. Did she step on your toes or say something you found objectionable? I have known her since 1957 and her mother taught me (and a lot of others) in the 7th grade at Hodge Elementary. My wife and I think the world of Dewana and any influence she has on Abbott is incidental. There is a lot of “mess” going on in Jonesboro that should be reported, especially the financial ills at the school board. Abbott may have the same malady that affects Chris Smith – print only good things about the “elite” of town. Never, never anything unfavorable about them. Gossiping ninnies like yourself should get right with your neighbors and the Lord.

      • Carol Hutchinson Says:

        Actually, I have no personal problem with Dewana (although I’m sure she was a much better person in 1957, and she must be more like her father than her mother if her mother was indeed a good person). Nevertheless, I just find it odd that her name is tied to many of these articles pertaining to Jonesboro. You’re also right to assume that her influence may have been incidental, but she has yet to try to discredit Mr. Abbott and make her affiliation known. As for Mr. Abbott, it’s obvious that he has some ill intentions when he puts his pen to paper and writes about Jonesboro. He is a rather negative creature. His work is biased and some of it is even questionable. Why hasn’t he answered your question about the negative audit at the school board? Maybe they paid him to keep quiet, or maybe he is just like I’m thinking–misinformed, misguided, likely prejudice and healing from an abusive past. It’s a possibility. What do you think?

        • D. M. Fowler Says:

          I wonder how you can say negative things about Dewana when you have never had a problem with her. To me, it’s sounding like you are making things up that don’t exist strictly out of jealousy of Dewana. Does her success in life piss you off to the extent that you have to down grade her? To say that Mr. Abbott may be on the take borders on slander and if I were he, I’d nail a lawsuit to your ass right now. To suggest that Mr. Abbott is misinformed, misguided, likely prejudice and suffering from an abusive past goes beyond the pale and indicates that you are suffering from stupidity. That’s what I think and to add to that, they should tape your fingers with duct tape so that you can’t access this medium. Signed ME

          • Jackson Parish Teacher Says:

            Mr. Fowler, what success has Dewanna had? Please inform me because you’re the only one that know about it. She is a school teacher that has kept up more mess within the system than anyone. Maybe you should get facts before you bring your uninformed ass on here trying to defend someone that you knew 100 years ago. 1st of all Dewanna slandered the former Tax Commission Administrator name while on school time. She spreaded lies of theft when the audits clearly proved that the office was being ran properly. People change over time. But the nerve of you to get on here and call someone out of their name (gossiping ninnie). You are the one that should be loving your neighbor. Get the facts before you type a response ! You have no clue about the bs your beloved Dewanna has been involed in. Signed Don’t Be Fooled!

            • D. M. Fowler Says:

              Not much of a teacher do I see in your railings. I quote you: . . . . “clearly proved that the office was being RAN properly.” Should have used RUN, coach (that’s what you are isn’t it.) My advice to you is, sit in on a few English classes instead of breathing the air of the jock strap all day long. Signed ME

          • Carol Hutchinson Says:

            Oh my!! It sounds like we’ve gone too far past the original discussion. I understand that you mean well when you try to take up for Dewana, but that still does not change the fact that she’s apparently messier than thou. Nonetheless, we all entered this comment section with inquisitive minds (mind you I asked you nothing about why you were being so nosey about the meanderings at the school board office). It is a blog without credible references, and I have to wonder why no one has slapped a lawsuit on the author’s desk about his slandering and deformation of so many characters. Let me add this too, since we are talking about if if was a fifth…If you were alive in ’57, that means you qualify for medicaid /medicare, AARP, probably the Senior discount at McDonald’s, and therefore should have no time to address anything other than what you originally showed up for. Dewana has already taken her geriatrics medication and gone to bed. You should do the same, and mind your business please. Goodnight Irene.
            Me Too

            • D. M. Fowler Says:

              Not only do I draw money from all the sources you listed, but I draw 100% disability from the military; a retirement check from the military; social security; and a retirement check from the Judson Independent School District from which I retired in 1982. Adds up to just under $80,000 a year. My wife and I do not eat at McDonald’s; there are much, much better places to eat in San Antonio. I see that there must be a shortage of duct tape at your residence. Need to put that on the shopping list.

              Oh, by the way. I am a former resident of both Hodge and Jonesboro and I try to keep up with what is going on back there. Until recently, I owned over 400 acres of timber land in Jackson Parish (which I sold to Hunt for a nice, nice price) and that was another reason for my interest. Define slander, oh wise one.

              Dewanna is and always will be a friend and I will always be in her corner. If you don’t like her, fine but I would suggest proof of allegations before defaming her. One last thing: NEVER TELL ME TO MIND MY OWN BUSINESS. DID YOU EVER HEAR OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT TO OUR CONSTITUTION? You’re voting for Trump so I have nothing else to say.

              • D. M. Fowler Says:

                That 1982 should read 2002. 75-year-old fingers tend to roam at times. Sorry. In one of your rants you alluded to the fact that her father was to blame for Dewanna’s behavior if her mother was so good. Do you have any good comments for anyone or are you just a frustrated housewife/teacher/nosey old biddy? I wasn’t around (I was living in Germany or Vietnam or Thailand or Texas or Arkansas or Georgia or New Jersey) when Mr. Gimber was mayor so I can say absolutely nothing good or bad about him. I will opine that he was not as good of a mayor as Zuber. Zuber beats all, even my uncle who was mayor way back when. I am still waiting for an example of Dewanna’s messy ways at school. You can provide something, can’t you? No gossip please. Just straight up cold hard facts backed by truth. Still waiting for your definition of slander. General information: after obtaining my degree I felt (for the family’s sake) I had to make an effort to get hired at JHHS [I had two relatives working there – Shirley Black and Gary Black]. I made a poor impression on purpose for I did not want to work for the fools that were running the school board at that time. You have to realize that I lived on Charles Street behind the football field, I went to Winn Parish and was hired on the spot after my successful interview. When I moved to Texas it was another hiring on the spot after a good interview. When I was attending JHHS we were in the same district as Ruston, Neville, Minden, Bastrop, Springhill, all with about the same enrollment. Today JHHS has about the same number of students it did in 1958 while the others that I mentioned have several thousand students. They have grown while JHHS (and Jonesboro) remained stagnate. Enough of my editorializing. Dewanna is my friend and I will defend her against character assassination! TA TA

              • Carol Hutchinson Says:

                Oh yea, you’ll reply because you can’t help yourself. You’re a stinking little fart too, you Ole devil you!! After reading some other blogs on this very site, it seems that you may have been in an illegitimate relationship, or maybe that was another foul Fowler. I don’t know. Anyway, let me be clear when I say this. I don’t care what type of relationship you have with Dewana. I’m sure that if you were still dating her, the two of you would surpass the 8-figure mark in benefits. Nothing changes the fact that her name rings in mess. You think she’s a good person, and other evidence shows her to be full of shit. Now, what I will not do is go back and forth with you over this blog. However, I do frequent San Antonio from time to time, and maybe one day you and I can sit down and have a discussion about topics that really matter. As a matter of fact, I’ll let you use some of that bad back money you get to pay for my meal. How’s that? The next time your wife rubs that Ben Gay on your knee, maybe you should think about my blonde hair and green eyes. My boobs still sit up. I’m just saying…. Hell, sounds like you can use some excitement in your life. *wink* Other than that, let it go Buddy Roethlisberger. And I thought about voting for Cruz, but I can’t get over that nasty white bubble he had on his lip during the debate. Did you see it? I love you DM Fowler. See ya’ at The Alamo!!

                Giving You Your Life Back

                • D. M. Fowler Says:

                  If I were you (and I am more than glad that I am not), I’d be very careful when talking about me and illegitimate relationships when you haven’t clue about anything. I have it all figured out now – you are just a nosey old biddy and a frustrated housewife (I assume that you are married) who gets off on gossiping about people who have it better than you do. You haven’t a clue as to what you are talking about. You talk about evidence but present none (the modus operandi of an old biddy who just likes to run her mouth) Listen closely, Dewanna is my friend and we never dated (apparently she has better taste than that). As for us ever meeting to have a talk or dinner or whatever, that will never happen for I don’t associate with such as you. I am a cancer patient and have no use for ben gay or big boobs. I have never used the services of a brothel so I doubt that you can provide any type of “service” (wink, wink) that I don’t get from my wife of 55 years, Give me some good hard, honest news about what Dewanna does and I might start believing you. From your words in you latest post, you seem more concerned with your boobs that don’t sag, I certainly don’t love you or have any favorable thoughts about you. What is bad money? I earned every penny that I draw with three tours of duty in Vietnam and my wife and I have established accounts for each of our three great grandchildren ($10,000 in each of their accounts that can’t be touched until they are 18 years old and it is drawing a great interest). If you come to San Antonio frequently, then you will understand when I say that I am an “09er”

  4. Mrs.at the hodge airport Says:

    Can not wait for your answer Mr. Fowler

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Carol,I believe you have caused his pacemaker to over load.

    • D. M. Fowler Says:

      Way too many of the lame-brained idiots of Jonesboro feel that I get offended by their comments. Not so, turd brain. I get a lot of laughs from their stupidity and encourage them to keep the post coming.

      Never had a heart attack although I have had five open heart surgeries to (remove four blockages; and one aortic valve replacement) and I thank you citizens of the USA for paying for all of that. On, yeh. I spent ten days in the hospital undergoing a stem cell transplant. The transplant occurred on the first day and the rest of the time was basically rehab.

      I would suggest that you continue to read the comics so that you can keep up with unreal world events. TA TA Sucker

  6. Chipmunk Says:

    You drama people need to get back on subject and stop this mess you are talking,you sound like a bunch of small kids. Walter needs to cull a bunch of you troublemakers from his site. What is this Nabors settlement about,nobody seems to know. Was this a lawsuit?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Anyone that goes by “Chipmunk” to hide his real identity should be culled. You appear to be missing an essential part of your manhood, so I would suggest shutting up. Don’t go making foolish remarks while hiding you real name. I am not a troublemaker and I possess the right to express my opinions under a guarantee granted by the first amendment to our Constitution. You probably have access to that paragon of information [The Jackson Idiot] and surely they covered this subject with their usual dedication [or lack thereof].

  7. Mrsatthehodgeairport Says:

    Sir excuse me you are a troublemaker first class. A smart mouth troublemaker. What happened to the Oldman,he has not been on here in 3 or4 days. Somebody said that you might have had him kicked off Lincolnparishnewsonline,I hope not.

    • Anonymous Says:

      First off, I answer posts honestly and if that makes me a troublemaker in your eyes, that’s your problem not mine. Most, if not all, of my anger has been directed toward the subhuman that accused me of having sex with my granddaughter without an iota of evidence to back up his claim. To answer the quest you are mulling in your addled mind, NO! I HAVE NEVER HAD SEX WITH MY GRANDDAUGHTER AND IF SOMEONE SHOULD MAKE THAT CLAIM AGAIN, KATEY BAR THE DOOR ON MY RESPONSES.

      Secondly, the man you mentioned is the scumbag piece of dried snot that made the accusation and I don’t care where he might be or what he is doing. NO! I DID NOT HAVE HIM KICKED OFF THIS FORUM [I WOULDN’T KNOW WHERE TO START]. If he is not posting anything, then the level of intelligence of this forum rises a few points.

      A smart mouth I just might be for I have to put my Master’s Degree in American history to some use. I will admit to you two things (1) I have my lawyer looking into a slander suit against the sniveling little girlie and he says it looks like a good case (2) I enjoyed jerking his chain with the comments that I made [although he is of the opinion that he was winning the verbal exchanges].

      If you read my post on this particular site, you will see that I was defending a very good and long time friend from the accusations being made against her without the first bit of evidence. Also in one of them the unschooled writer accused Walter Abbott of taking bribes and having mental issues which I pointed out was dang near slander and she just might get a slander suit tacked to her ass. She also had a “boob” complex, pointing out how they still pointed straight out.

      I will never tell you not to post to me for that is your right. You may not get a response for I detest those who use stupid ass names or anonymous to tell their story. My motto is, “if you can’t own the post with your real name, why don’t you just shut up.”

      I am very lazy tonight and have not used spell check. I want to get back out to the fire in our outdoor fire place. It’s supposed to rain for the next week which puts the kibosh on outdoor fires.

      I am signing this “anonymous” just to see how it feels.

      • William Says:

        Seems as if no one will take up for the Oldman,I will. Mr. Fowler did you not forgive the Oldman for what he supposedly said about you more than once? When you forgive someone on an open forum like you did I believe you give up all legal options you have,am I not right? I think this is a big game to you and you enjoy doing what you do,but sometimes you carry it to far. Walter does a good job putting the news out for his readers,so let’s stop all this “messy” stuff and let everybody get along. I have been following for awhile,and let me tell you are not easy to get along with. You need to stop bragging so much and quit calling people names. I don’t like it and I’m sure you don’t want people calling you names either. You are not the only one,Oldman is to blame also among others that do so also. Let everybody get along and let Walter do his job and everyone will benefit.
        Lincolnparishnewsonline is good at local news,let’s keep it that way.

        • Anonymous Says:

          William, defender of the vile and vulgar racist SOB piece of sniveling dried snot, you are correct that I tried to end the feud with the piece of dried snot by forgiving him so that we could go on with our comments about the subject matter. But if you will take the time to read all of his comments afterwards you will discover that he continued to bring up the subject (“I never said . . . . ) so I informed him that all of my forgiveness was rescinded and started to defend myself and my family. I have no idea if you have a daughter or granddaughter but would you stand by and let some foul-mouth illiterate tell lie after lie about you having sex with her when you have the proof that he said it and posts comments that he made about it? Taking his side in this argument shows a real lack of understanding what the feud was all about. One of my old time baseball favorites [Dizzy Dean] once said “It’s bragging when you can’t do it but if you do it, it ain’t bragging.” All that I have said about myself is the truth – where I live in San Antonio [I am an 09er); my educational level; my IQ; the amount of money that I draw annually; As you can see I don’t even mention the SFB’s name but if he starts up again with allegations against me, I will let him have it at a pace never seen before on this forum. Defend him if you wish but in my humble opinion you have made a huge mistake. He lies about my having a membership in an LGBT organization and that I was invited to speak at one of their meetings; he lies when he says that he has all sorts of bad stuff on me from my youth; the claims that I (all 125 pounds) I was a bully in school; he claims that I have told lie after lie [this was before he started calling my going back on my forgiveness of him]; his claim that I said that I had sex with my granddaughter was picked up from someone going by anonymous but he has repeatedly said “that I wouldn’t put it past him” and he has repeatedly said that he has nothing to apology for that he has forgiven me for all the bad names that I called him. If you choose to defend him I will not hold that against you but take time to read what I have said here and go back to around February of 2014 and read all of his posts to get a better understanding of his limited intelligence. As for me I do a lot of my posting to just upset him, you hit it on the head of the nail. I find his answers so amusing that I get upset when he doesn’t post anything. I am 75-years-old and I need my daily does of stupidity from that guy that lives along the four-lane south of Jonesboro. I wonder if I could convince him to play in the middle of the road during rush hour traffic. Oh, wait. Jonesboro and Jackson Parish don’t have rush hour traffic like we do here in dear old San Antonio.

          No where in this post did I say the bastards name.

          • Donald Marxist Fowler Says:

            Donald, Just to clarify , You were invited to speak at the Annual LGBT Convention in New Orleans from yours truly ! You declined ! I was so disappointed. I thought you were a true Progressive. But I honestly don’t know what you are. After blasting me the way you did, You’re a homophobic racist individual .

            • Carol Says:

              Thank you so much for coming forward Mr. Donald Marxist Fowler,now we have the scoop on the Donald Marion Fowler. He has been denying this for a long time. No wonder he turned down the offer I made him,he can just have that old L.G.B.T. I don’t care. I’ll say this he does not know what he’s been missing. The question is does his wife know that he was offered to speak at the convention or not,I’ll bet she does not. I knew there was something funny about him,now I know,he cannot hide this anymore. Bye Bye Sugar,I did love you

              • Oldman Says:

                Finally the truth is known and Mr. Donald Marxist Fowler said it all. All doubt has been removed,now what???

                • Anonymous Says:

                  Ass-face you so are gullible that you still believe in the Easter Bunny, Tooth Dairy, Santa Claus, and you think SpongeBob Squarepants is a real person. I pity SFB idiots like you. You live in a Never Never Land and find amusement in casting aspersions on others that are much better off than you (like me and my family). My guess is that you post as Donald Marxist Fowler because you think it’s cute. Cute is me taking my hard drive out this afternoon and tracing back all of the posts that I feel are coming from you. Won’t take long, ass-face. All you are is sorry assed GD liar that refusing to own up to all that you have said. A man (which you aren’t) would quickly own his words but you, the GD coward who hid behind his mammy’s apron to avoid military service, refuses to do so because it would prove that you are a GD liar. A sorry excuse of a human being. Are your parents alive? Just asking; I am not the hopeless, brainless turd ball that makes false accusations against people without having the first bit of evidence. I am not wishing any bad luck on you but if they are deceased, then they are being spared the stupid actions of their brainless twit of a son. One sorry SOB. Am I better than you – HELL YES! Am I better off than you – HELL YES! Do I regret anything that I have said about you? – HELL NO! You are one sorry assed individual.

              • Anonymous Says:

                Listen closely, bitch. You are one dumb ass broad to believe all the blabberings of Oldman the vile and vulgar racist SOB piece of dried snot. He is about as dumb as road kill and twice as irritating. I wouldn’t dork you if I were Adam and you were Eve and the continuation of the world were at stake and it is not because I am queer or a member of the LGBT. You are just too freaking dumb for me to mess with. The contents of your post indicate that you are just pure white trash and I don’t think that it’s your boobs that stick straight out, it’s your pointed useless head.

              • Anonymous Says:

                Carol, I forgot to put this in my last post to you _ SHUT UP YOU DUMB ASS BITCH AND GET OFF THIS POST.

            • Anonymous Says:


    • Anonymous Says:

      Have you found that sniveling piece of cow manure yet? He has used many, many “handles” as he calls them so he might even be you. If I were you I wouldn’t lose too much sleep based on the fact that he isn’t posting. The forum is better off without him. (that last sentence is a lure for him to bite at; his ego won’t let such a comment pass without a response)

  8. William Says:

    Any idea how much money that will be passed on to Jonesboro and other small villages in the parish. I’m sure that the Jackson parish police jury will get the bulk of it. This money being a one time money thing should be put back for a rainy day,but I bet it’s already been spent.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Oldman the vile and vulgar SOB racist piece of dried snot. You are the dumb ass that opened this all up again and SFB DDA and I will be on your case like stink (Oldman)You have lied and lied and lied about me and about me and my granddaughter and it is time that we had a meeting. I will, if the good Lord is willing, be in Jonesboro for five or six days. You are a ball less coward who hides behind the keys of his computer to tell the lies, and yor little bastard you have told lie after lie after lie. I just can’t say that enough – your are a freaking GD liar, a GD liar! Did you get that? You are a sorry ass piece of shit posing as a human being but all you are is a GD liar a sorry ass dropout that hasn’t a brain cell that is working. I will be posting all of the trash that you said about me and my granddaughter but I never expect for you to man up and answer the questions that I have asked.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Oldman the vile and vulgar lying piece of dried cow shit, said these words about me and my granddaughter:

    Oldman Says:

    03/11/2014 at 6:40 pm | Reply

    Mr.dmf go back and check I never said you had sex with your grand daughter ,I read were somebody said that about you and I asked you the question that I had heard and wanted an answer one way or another. But you blew it all out of shape and said that I was the one that said it in the first place.I did not.With all the other crazy things you said and believe in I would not put it past you.You like to turn things around that you say and try to put the blame on someone else by saying they said it. I have more to say but it will wait.

    Turd lips, where do you get off thinking that you have a right to ask me a question about me and my granddaughter? You wanted an answer to something that was none of your business and here is that answer FU, you scumbag piece of dried snot who disgraces the human race each time he goes out in public. Do you have any idea what post-birth abortion is?

    This post will appear each time Oldman the vile and vulgar racist SOB says something even remotely mentioning my name.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Fowler I did not post as Donald Marxist Fowler,check back all you want it was not me. But I will have to add this,you always said I did not get you riled up but you are now. I think this old 9th grader got your goat this time,if it gets too rough maybe you can get your sugar tit and go to bed. Also you told Carol to shut up and get off this post,were is that constitution you always talk about? Donald Marxist Fowler is the one you need to be mad at not me,he was the one that invited you. I will tell you this and I mean it, you come to Jonesboro you need to stay away from me and do not call. This is not a threat and I’m not threating you in any way,I just don’t want your kind around. I have not lied about anything I believe your problem is in your head. Your word is no good [ you forgive me and then you bring it back up when someone gets the best of you,you think your poo poo don’t stink and that you are better than everyone else.] you need to take a long hard look at yourself. The best thing you can do is to take your own advice and shut up and get off this forum. One other thing I’m going to call you out on is please quit talking this bad talk there may be younger kids on here. Donald grow a pair and be a man who is supposed to be educated and quit all this. All this is just my opinion as I’m sure other people have all ready formed their opinion already. Does your priest know you call your Gods name in vain? Don’t tell me you are good with your God and talk like that . A long time ago I tried to be friends with you but you choose not that’s okay,You have more money,more education,more travels and more of almost everything,but I bet you I’m more happy with life and all the good things that matter.
    A 9th grader

    Make America great again

    • Anonymous Says:

      Listen turd brain, an unintelligent person like yourself can never get under my skin. As I have said before, your stupidity amuses me and I can’t wait for you to post something like the crap above. I want you to read this carefully – IDIOTS HAVE MADE UP THE BIT ABOUT THE LGBT AND I WANT YOU, YOU WORTHLESS BASTARD TO QUIT BRINGING IT UP. IT IS A FALSE ACCUSATION AGAINST ME AND AS MUCH AS YOU TALK ABOUT IT, I GET THE FEELING DEEP IN MY GUT THAT YOU ARE QUEER AS A THREE DOLLAR BILL. That’s just my feeling and you can take it any way you wish. Don’t tell me to stay away from you for I have to come to your house at least once to serve the slander suit papers. Ass face that is the reason that I am coming to Jonesboro to consult with my lawyer and if everything goes according to plan, I’ll drop the papers off at your home on my way back to San Antonio. I have been dialing your number for the past thirty minutes and get nothing but a busy signal. I will get through and you will see that I don’t listen to threats from insignificant little balls of snot like you. Ass face you have lied about everything. The only lies that you can come up with involve recent events; in your wildest dreams you can’t name one person that I bullied in school; using your vivid imagination you can not name a single bad thing that I did in school; and only in your fertile (that’s from the shit on your brain) imagination can you produce ANY DOCUMENTATION that I have ever been a member of the LGBT or RECEIVED AND INVITATION TO SPEAK AT ONE OF THEIR EVENTS. All of the above is why I can call you a lying bastard and be correct in my assessment. You are nothing but a GD LYING WORTHLESS PERSON. There are many people better than I but you, little girlie, are not one of them. I can’t fight you, although if I could get in one good punch, an ass whipping would be worth it. Take my word for it my strength has been sapped by the cancer. A few years ago, when I had all of my strength and weighed in at 245, I would have taken you with no problem and then I would have done it again just for kicks. If you don’t like my language, close your eyes when you come to those words that seem to offend you. I do not wish to be any type of friend with you and if you have forgotten, I will refresh your memory: if you pass before I do, I am going to find out where you are buried and go piss on your grave. You are worthless. Why don’t you try and get me put off this forum. Just remember the posts of yours that I have that accuse me of having sex with my granddaughter and I don’t think that will go over too well. Just tried calling again and still getting the busy signal. Why don’t you hang up and wait for my call or is my call something that you dread? It’s not going to be mean-spirited; I am just going let you know who you are dealing with and let you know what I really think of you, butt face.

      I really don’t think that his number is 318 259 9292 for I have been calling it for almost an hour and get nothing but a busy signal.

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