Ouachita Court Case Coverup Update – 2/24/16

Palowsky wants sanctions hearing delayed in case against court officials

By Johnny Gunter

Facing sanctions and contempt of court charges, a Monroe businessman and his attorneys asked the Second Circuit Court of Appeal in Shreveport last week to postpone an early March hearing until a final judgment is reached on whether they can present evidence in court to counter the allegations.

Stanley R. Palowsky III and his attorneys, Sedric Banks of Monroe and Joe Ward of Covington, stated in a Feb. 18 petition to the Second Circuit that ad hoc Judge Jerome J. Barbera III erred by forbidding them from presenting evidence when the sanctions and contempt of court charges are taken up in court on March 4.

Banks and Ward claim Barbera scheduled the March 4 hearing before appeals were heard on other aspects of the litigation, a move that could hamper Palowsky from presenting evidence in court to defend himself.

2 Responses to “Ouachita Court Case Coverup Update – 2/24/16”

  1. H CLinton Says:

    KNOE Poll Results: Who would you like to see as mayor of Monroe? Feb 24, 2016

    Jamie Mayo
    Ray Armstrong
    Tremaine Gordon
    Holly Dixon

  2. Oldman Says:

    Ray Armstrong,no doubt the best one running. Maybe he will get something done. Anything will beat the one in office now.

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