LA Lege Considering New Tax on Health Insurance Providers

A new tax on health care providers (Blue Cross, Vantage, etc) is under consideration by the Louisiana Legislature, according to LaPolitics Publisher Jeremy Alford. Without doubt, the cost will be passed on to those who actually pay the premiums.

The Legislature is currently in special session considering a myriad of new taxes on people who work for a living, so that government employees won’t have to do without.

Wrote Alford:

Lawmakers could likewise get cover from a health care provider fee that has been floated. Those involved aren’t talking specifics yet, but it could potentially generate a significant amount of money if the provider community gets onboard. More details are expected soon if the plan comes together.

14 Responses to “LA Lege Considering New Tax on Health Insurance Providers”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Deadheads on the state payroll.

  2. Oldman Says:

    Never cut waste,just add more tax. Hurts everybody but the rich.

    • Bob Sherunkel Says:

      Pablum Oldman. Why your arrogant assumption that the wealthy are immune to tax burdens.

  3. BOHICASansGreece Says:

    People pay ALL taxes. Politicians love to put a tax on a business, because the tax is hidden from the people who have to pay it.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    not sure which GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES not doing w/o Alford is making reference to but be VERY CLEAR our rank/file everyday civil servants have not had any COLA in over 8 years and have had only 1 merit increase in the past 7.5 years…their insurances benefits have been cut, cost have increased every one of these past 8 years and they pay the same taxes everyone else does. and most departments are now trying to perform all the duties they had 8 years ago with 1/3 of the former staff due to layoffs Why do people continue to blame our neighbors for getting up every day and going to a mostly thankless job serving the citizens of this state. I cant wait till they privitize every state job and send them all to Pakistan, China, and India…we still will not have enough money to meet the debts but at least state employees will not longer be the whipping boys and then they can begin to draw some of the state assistance that, evidently, only hard working private sector employees pay.

    • Oldermann Says:

      “The more corn you pour in the trough, the more he’s gonna eat, and you try to beat one out of that trough after you start pouring that corn in there. Boy, you talk about a fight.”

      – Rep. Steve Pylant (R-Winnsboro)

    • Vee Says:

      What about this , “Dirty Little Secrets Government Retired dont’ pay “fair share” either??

    • Bob Sherunkel Says:

      No COLA increase? No merit increase? Less healthcare at a more costly rate? Really? Try running a business. All of the aforementioned items included with the view that greedy business is the problem while it sits back and rakes in the scrim.

      Could you beat your current salary in the private sector?

      • Anonymous Says:

        bob sherunkel:
        yep I could…I was making more in pvt sector and took a cut in pay when I moved to public sector; I did that for the ability to move across the state to a small rural locale to care for a elderly parent (so they would not have to be placed in NH at taxpayer cost). State jobs were about the only thing available within an hours drive in any direction (other than fast food or Wal Mart) from my new home. Now my family had died but at my age it is now too late to try and reenter the public sector for my final 5 years of employment.
        And I dont beleive I made any comment about greedy business owners

        • Bob Sherunkel Says:

          But I’m too old….
          always an excuse. If you can breathe, you can work. And why your final 5 years? Oh yeah, another arbitrary time line promoted by the government. Unless you have a time limit on your own life, there is no stopping point for work.

          • Oldman Says:

            That’s what my daddy taught me. That’s very true.

            • Bob Sherunkel Says:

              Yep, and I will work until I die so that (apparently) state employees can retire and just enjoy. There is no promise of retirement and I have never found the slightest allusion to in scripture.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    well ole BOB work till they move u straight from the time clock to the casket…I am certain many find that a comforting idea. Since most in my family died LONG before retirement age (and yes our system in teh USA says we can retire by 67) I plan to enjoy my retirement years Have you tired to find jobs (that pay a living wage) after age 60…I dont blame anom 6:27 for staying with his current job till he reaches that reward of retirement…it is his reward for years of providing services to ungrateful mo###ns

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