Mays Trial Delayed Until April 25

A February 22 trial for accused rapist and murderer Cameron Mays was delayed this morning until April 25, because, in the words of Assistant Attorney General Mike Ruddick, a critical witness for the prosecution “has dropped off the face of the earth.”

The witness, who now lives in California, had been in touch with his office until about ten days ago, Ruddick said. Then, as the trial date neared, and transportation arrangements were being made, he disappeared. Ruddick said he will need some time to have him subpoenaed, located, and brought back to Louisiana.

Mays is accused of second degree murder, aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping, and aggravated burglary that allegedly occurred in the Cypress Springs neighborhood where retired Grambling State University Professor Dr. Sue Hashway was found slain in June of 2012. The alleged victim in the rape and kidnapping case was a Louisiana Tech student.

The action came at a hearing this morning in a Ruston courtroom after Third Judicial (Lincoln, Union Parishes) District Court Division B Judge Tommy Rogers denied defense motions to dismiss the charges because of delays in the case.

Ruddick said that 80% of the motions for delays in the case had been asked for by the defense.

Defending Mays is James Buckley.

8 Responses to “Mays Trial Delayed Until April 25”

  1. Out to Pasture Says:

    That’s what happens when a case gets to be four years old. Witnesses disappear or just forget details of the crime. This case will never go to trial.

  2. Oldman Says:

    The big question is why has it been four years??? There’s is something or someone that is causing the delay. I bet he will plea to a lesser sentence and be out in a few years.

    • Donald M. Fowler (the San Antonio Amigo) Says:

      Oldman the vile and vulgar racist, your first sentence if very good. The first two words at the beginning of the second sentence leave me speechless – what in the world is “There’s is something , , , ,”? “there’s” is saying “there is” and there is no need for the extra “is”. You are giving the world an example of your stupidity, which I have proclaimed for the last three or four years. The error that you made was taught in the first grade so I really can’t blame anything of you quitting in 9th grade. You’re just dirt dumb and stupid.

      • Donald M. Fowler (the San Antonio Amigo) Says:

        “if” in my first sentence should be “is”. Oldman’s dumb seems to be rubbing off on me.

  3. I.P. Freely Says:

    white lives don’t matter. Obumanites in control only black lives matter.

    • Donald M. Fowler (the San Antonio Amigo) Says:

      I. P. Freely, does the word “stupid” ring a bell for you? I think that it most definitely should. While you “P: freely, do you ever drink of the flow? I bet that you do!

  4. Oldman Says:

    White or black do the crime,do the time,simple.

  5. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    This case started under the prosecution of John Belton as an ADA (who has, to date, never tried a felon successfully) where it languished until his election.

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