New Jackson Parish Tax Administrator has Dual Officeholding Conflict

The just-hired administrator for the Jackson Parish Sales & Use Tax Commission apparently has a conflict with Louisiana’s “Dual Officeholding” Statutes.

Nia Evans, hired by the board last Friday, also serves on the Town of Jonesboro’s Board of Aldermen as Alderman-at-large.

According to LA RS 42:63:

D. No person holding an elective office in a political subdivision of this state shall at the same time hold another elective office or full-time appointive office in the government of this state or in the government of a political subdivision thereof. No such person shall hold at the same time employment in the government of this state, or in the same political subdivision in which he holds an elective office.

It appears Evans will either have to resign her council seat, or find another job.

The law’s Declaration of Policy (LA RS 42:61) states:

A. It is essential to the maintenance of a democratic society that public officials and employees perform the public business in a manner which serves to promote and maintain in the general citizenry a high level of confidence and trust in public officials, public employees, and governmental decisions. The attainment of this end is impaired when a public official or employee holds two or more public offices or public jobs which by their particular nature conflict with the duties and interests of each other. The attainment of a high level of confidence and trust by the general citizenry in public officials, employees, and governmental decisions is further impaired by the excessive accumulation of governmental power which may result from public officials or employees holding two or more public offices or public jobs.


2 Responses to “New Jackson Parish Tax Administrator has Dual Officeholding Conflict”

  1. Sick and Tired Says:

    Thanks for making the public aware of what continues to go on in Jackson Parish. Without this forum, it would never be widely known. After the last Jonesboro mayor’s trouble, one would think that the new mayors of Hodge and Jonesboro and the president of the police jury would be trying to specifically follow all laws related to public meetings, proper advertising of jobs, and proper selection. Even if no laws were broken, the highest ethical standards seemed to have been abandoned for the lowest denominator. But the norm for Jackson Parish is to hire who those in control want and make legal settlements with those who were most qualified. I applaud the two school board members that voted no due to legal, ethical, and procedural concerns.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    maybe the school board members didn’t like mrs.evans

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