Jackson Parish Tax Commission Issues Emerge

A Friday (1/29/16) Noon meeting of the Jackson Parish Sales & Use Tax Commission called to hire a new Administrator may not have followed proper procedure, Lincoln Parish News Online has learned.

The board hired Mia Evans to replace long-time administrator Debra Jackson.

However, the board failed to allow public comment prior to a vote to go into executive session, or prior to the actual vote on the hire, sources have told LPNO.

The board is comprised of Town of Jonesboro Mayor James Bradford, Village of Hodge Mayor Gerald Palmer, Jackson Parish Police Jury President Todd Culpepper, Jackson Parish School Board President Melissa Perry, and school board Treasurer James Odom.

Nominating Evans was Culpepper, and seconding was Palmer. No other applicants were nominated.

It is also unclear whether the position was properly advertised prior to the selection, and whether any interviews were conducted with the several other people who did apply for the job.

6 Responses to “Jackson Parish Tax Commission Issues Emerge”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Is there anything that Jonesboro and Jackson Parish can do legally without screwing up?

    • Anonymous Says:

      No! The follow-up question is this: Does Jackson Parish purposefully neglect the law? Does Jackson Parish lack the intelligence to understand the law?

  2. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Going to Wilford Hall Medical Facility on Wednesday to have 46 stitches removed from my arm. Certainly glad that it’s not Jackson Parish Hospital for I doubt if they could find my arm. Haven’t read about the resolution of the problems they had last year. Did anyone go to jail?

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