Ouachita Parish Police Jury

It was as routine a Ouachita Parish Police Jury (OPPJ) meeting as we have ever covered last night. Routine resolutions were passed, and there was but one visitor who told the jury of road and culvert issues in his neighborhood, which the Public Works Department promised to correct in February, weather permitting.

However, it seems the jury is proud owner of a residential property on Raymond Drive.

The property was acquired twelve years ago when the jury bought up some right-of-way, in anticipation of Phase III of the Fink’s Hideaway Road project. Of course, with the ownership of a house comes all the responsibilities of renting – upkeep, rent collections, etc.

Upon hearing all this discussion, new District B juror Jack Clampit asked, “Let me understand why we’re in the rental business on this house?”

It was explained that once a governing body buys right-of-way, it made sense to hold on to it until the project is completed.

Said Walt Caldwell (District C), “It’s right-of-way preservation. You don’t want to get rid of right-of-way once you acquire it.”

All the jurors lamented that the project’s completion might be many years in the future.

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